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Perusing the News

In Griot, Music, News, Politics, Science, TV Shows on August 31, 2011 at 9:52 am

So Irene came and went – and didn’t harm NY too much,
she did bless New Jersey with a nice lake-like flood.
The people did heed the warnings and all did hunker down.
Resulting in the bustling Times Square dubbing as a ghost town.
Give Science, Wisdom, Intellect and SELF PRESERVATION a pound.

Beyonce and Jay Z have productive news about their lovin,
Beyonce hit the red carpet (Sun. night) with baby in oven.
A little mini-her or a little mini-him is soon to come.
It’s B’s first child and Jay’s second child in sum.

I’m so glad B has decided to bare child now
And not be like Janet: stingy w/ovaries & waiting it out.

At one point America wanted so badly for Janet to have a biological kid
That tabloids sewed seeds of a child that Chico and she HAD & apparently hid.
Reebie was reported to be raising the child, when suddenly the story went cold.
Now Janet’s back on the tabloids racks with new fiance talking dna mold.

I wish her well. A prosperous career is what most skilled women want.
I’m just not sure that pregnancy is for me during my lusty 40’s flaunt.
Trust –> If I didn’t have kids by now – I’d strive to be the bestest aunt. 🙂

I understand procreating is going to always be in hot fashion.
I just wish MJ was here to encourage Janet to ‘gone & spawn a little more Jackson.
I wonder what happen between she and Dupree –
that there was no child bearing action from he?

This Texas heat is finally calming down. Today we woke up to welcomed cloud cover,
I’m sure glad, because degrees have been hellishly bad – I’m officially a new Fall lover.

School is back in session and dirty talk shows are back on the air
You know the ones filled with trailer park fun? Jerry Springer – if you dare.

My a.m. writes I am duly copping
while CW dirt talk show chopping.

9 a.m. & 10 a.m. are always good to go
First Jerry Springer – then Steve Wilkos.

Today 2 (dna) sisters are fighting over a dike’ish girl.
Yes! Jerry’s show is quite reflective of our colorful world.

CW’s dirt break is at 11 and waiting 30 more minutes is the test.
For at 11:30 it’s me and Y&R getting filthy on legacy CBS.

Speaking of dirt 2011 is on the latter with less than 4.1 more months to go
and running up close will be political debate shows leading up to the 2012 vote.

Dirty. Dirty. Dirty.
Republican runners are thirsty – thirsty – thirsty.

Will there be one who’s knowledgeable base
can step up & beat Obama in political debates?
Ooo Wee — I can’t wait.

In the meantime, I will be duly hunkered down in my filming and writes,
I’m Qui
Divvying a News Peruse complete with birth-to-dirt insight.
I didn’t make it up. I just write…. lol!