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An intimate throwback, because The Birthday Girl has your back:

I ain't never cared | Qui Entertainment Magazine

About Life…


I ain’t never cared what you think about me,
or how you’ve always been free

or about your ethnic background –
if you’re of gentile or jewish crown.

I have not cared one bit
whether Governor Christi is fat or fit,

or if Hillary Clinton still looks good in daisy dukes
or who the Repubs will poll as their next “leading suit.”

I have absolutely given it no thought – because I do not care,
tho I am interested in what is just and what is fair.

The Dream Act, the removal of the confederate flag, racism and marriage rights for the LGBT
are definitely issues that get my attention and concern me.

I am into all people feeling good. Inclusivity is generally best.
Thank God we don’t HAVE TO judge – so we can wear the nonjudgmental vest.

Yes! Marriage equality is LAW and the Supreme Court said so.
It no longer matters the way your heart pitter-patters – to the alter, you’ve the option to go.

I don’t reckon there’ll be too much of an influx to and fro – but if it is don’t make the subject HOT.
Think not about it, (if you morally doubt it), remain cordial and just give it to GOD.

qui_i-aint-never-cared.gifLOVE is the most of the things that God has instructed us to do.
So to my Christian fam – the good book is now talking to me and you.
Oooo. You’ve gotta embrace the truth.

Personally I don’t care who marries whom. I’m happy and wish all others to be,
I’m Qui
and I ain’t never cared about much beyond what’s fair, love, equality, and good deeds.

Thank God we’ve got a major civil issue out of the entanglement of our hair.
Just respect your brother and remember: An act of kindness shows God that you care.
THIS I care for.

I ain’t never cared

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what you think about me
or how you’ve always been free
or about your ethnic background –
if you’re of gentile or jewish crown.

I have not cared one bit
wether Governor Christi is fat or fit.

I have absolutely not cared
tho I am interested in what is fair.


Minnesotans signed a bill that’s pending in tarry
that will allow our same sex folk to finally get married.

You may not agree, that marriage is for all,
but it’s a human condition when in love we fall.

No need to continue to stall what you don’t understand.
It’s really not about the certificate or the wedding band,

but about being recognized by the law and receiving supportive benefits.
It used to be taboo, but things are changing quick.

And I ain’t never cared or called someone crazy
for watching the night skies and or being star gaze’y.

So here’s a toast to all that will
ever talk about ‘the lights in Stephenville.’Stephenvilles UFO newspaper clip

2008 is the year that still baffles many
when a UFO docked  and was seen by plenty.

I’ve not ever seen a UFO, but I really do believe,
my God reigns over all life forms and that’s okay with me.

I’m a no nonsense girl – I don’t get goose bumps a lot
but I’m concerned anytime our space is held hostage across 2-city blocks.

You know what I’m saying?  
Life is mainly for loving and playing
but with no ABSOLUTES – I just keep praying.

Which brings me back to… 

I ain’t never cared about cliques, but I do care about humanity,
I’m Qui 
And as long as you’re pushing positive – I feel comfortable calling you family.