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Reel Talk

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ReelTalk1SNL is short for Saturday Night Live and the abbreviation could easily dub as  Saturday Night Legend when you consider their longevity in the game (network television). Other sketch comedy shows have come and gone, but SNL remains the staple.

The Carol Burnett Show was on air for 11 years. Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In was on for 5 years, Mad TV for 14 years and In Living Color ran for a strong 4 years. However, SNL has been on for 38 years and still going.

Several years back I had a sketch comedy itch that I just could not scratch, (or find a reason to put one on), suddenly I hear that the annual family reunion was having a “talent show” category and well, if you’ve ever seen Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, then you know just how eager I was to spring into action and show my stuff. With a camcorder, a zany sense of humor and willing on-the-spot cast, I was able to put together a comedy sketch show that Mad TV would have (especially) loved. I was inspired by the comedic renderings of Orlando Jones, Debra Wilson and Nicole Sullivan. They made up the original 1995 cast of Mad TV and they were awesome. Silliness could get no better on a Saturday night and my comedic vibe was shaped in the shadows. I also took home the family reunion talent show crown.

SNL and Mad TV were both on the air at the same time and life was fine. Today, sketch comedy show choices are slim, yet the demand is still growing. I turned the subject over to a couple of our teen producers to see what kind of shows they were into and I off the top one yelled out, “So Random!” So Random! was a music comedy sketch show that ran on Disney and wikipedia states that it was only on the air for 1 season, (2011-2012). 1 season? I’m impressed with it’s lingering popularity. Much like Nickelodeons All That show or The Amanda Bynes Show.

All That started broadcast in 1995 starring Kenan and Kel, among other zany-witted adolescents. All That ran for 10 seasons (from 1995-2005) and THAT – my friend, is success! Amanda Bynes gained stardom from her cast work in All That and shortly thereafter she got her own show.

I’m not sure if a comedy sketch show will be born out of my new ventures, but the possibility and encouragement is certainly on deck. #ConsiderationIsKey

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SNL is a great cup of joe – though I am focused on brewing tea,
and a teen comedy release is a great spend of creativity.

I’m a few years past my teens, though I’m surrounded by them daily.
History shows a good straight-man resides in the mouths of the babies.

So I’ve given the comedic pen to a few teen friends accompanying me –
they’re goofy and open beyond reel focused and ready to sketch comedy.

Nothing is funnier than life, so we will pull from it and insert silly drama.
We’ll laugh at it all, the big and the small – Scandal, Glee and Obama.

I thank SNL for the fantastic design.
I also thank Carol Burnett for sharing her comedic mind.

I am grateful to the writers that give of themselves to produce side-splitting scripts.
Show’s don’t just happen, so get-to clappin’ – writing sketch comedy is quite the quip.

Excited – I am indeed. I’ve got my work cut out today,
I’m Qui
And Monday’s are great days to research, script and play!

It can’t be work – its so much fun!

School is back in session

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School is back in session
and what a blessin’

it is to have my DAY TIME hours back.
Time to myself, is a huge summer lack.

My kid is the best; Yes! The “mini me” is doing great. 🙂
She couldn’t wait for the week to start that would deliver her to grade 8.

I didn’t @ all sleep in late – I couldn’t see letting her catch the bus
When I could just rise a little earlier and chauffeur her with no fuss.
Anything for the kid…and so I did.

I’m a MONDAY LOVER & Productive Mother – who works at home with ease
Though today I opted for a PINK LADY jacket & celebrated like I was on GREASE:

I started taping AUDITIONS this morning at about 10;
I met alot of interesting characters – what a great days begin.

The PAC project is devoloping nicely – the actual script invokes ‘laughter histeria’.
Who knew Dallas was hoarding so many young “IN LIVING COLOR” fans in the area.

“MEN ON FILMS” is a gas and a lose parody of inspiration,
I’m Qui
Glad School is back in session – WORK & “me time” is my favorite vacation.

Keeping it REEL with Qui Films

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CASTING CALL for TALENT to star in an online streaming web ad: and that will be shot in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Are you ready for your close up?

Recently I was contacted by a forming PAC (Political Action Committee) to film a comedy byte that would stream online on their website. The producer was a goodlooking YALE brother with a zany sense of humor. The script is short, funny and is strongly reminiscent of Blaine and Antwon in “Men On Films”:

Do you remember IN LIVING COLOR? It was long before MAD TV and it introduced us to comedic uknowns (then) who are now GREATS, like Jim Carrey, David Alan Grier, Damon Wayans, Tommy Davidson, Jamie Foxx and T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh as well as the former FLY GIRL [dancer]: Jennifer Lopez.

Naturally, being a fan of the Wayans and having lived through the reign of IN LIVING COLOR we accepted the gig. Casting Calls for 2 lead males with the ability to bring comedy to reel life. We’re looking for the next Jamie Foxx, Daman Wayans, David Alan Grier…. Is that you?

AUDTIONS: 8/18/10 – 9/03/10
Contact information can be found HERE.

They’re doing what?

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Sure Halle Berry is looking good and feeling single while doing so – but make no mistake her black book is filled with projects pending and papparazzi snoops who are relentless & neverending.

Vivica Fox has not ever been one to sit idle. I recently saw her in a film with Jean Claude Van Damm in it: “The HARD CORPS“. It was great. It reminded me that there’s more room than a little bit to showcase ones talent. The silver screen is nice, but Vivica also has a love for cable and dvd. Meow! and Look out!

Samuel L. Jackson will be holding it down in Iron Man’s 2012 “AVENGERS” – He’s also working on a few other projects so …production don’t stop per his Imdb listing. Check him out.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston are expecting a new baby! Yeaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Or so recent headlines have printed. Personally, I hope it’s true. Babies yield such radiant joy -by default. Who couldn’t use more of that in an already successful life?

Alfre Woodard is doing pretty good – she’s rarely ever far from “the heat”. In fact as we speak, she’s shooting for the TV Series “Memphis Heat“. Life is sweet!

Prince is all up in the news these days, but not “the artist formerly known as”. 🙂 It’s PRINCE – GS BOYZ & Yung JUICE from Dallas; the producers of “BUBBLE GUM”that southern party music that K104 keeps playing in decent rotation. There’s no moral message to the track, but it certainly is celebratory in delivery. A party jam.

Master P can’t be forgotten…every now and then he comes to mind when I think about Louisiana music and how he opened up ‘the grind’. He’s still in the lime light — still pioneering positive eruptions. Percy Miller is still on the hunt to own his own tv network/production.

Monica has a new CD out: “STILL STANDING” and it is completely jamming. Besides being timeless in her looks her voice hasn’t aged either. Feel young again and jam Monica where she stands.

Jamie Foxx of Terrell, TX is one brother I can rarely get enough of. He sings, he acts, he cracks me up… He’s a winner! His film resume is crazy these days and to think the camera fell in love with him during his stint on the Wayan Bros.IN LIVING COLOR

Vanessa Williams is still a hot talent to me. I hate the industry ever took “the camera” off of her, but she’s a sister full of SOUL FOOD and substance, so I’m sure we’ll see her again.

I just thought I’d run down a few things you may not have known,
I’m Qui
and the updated 411 is now a seed that has been sewn