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Shame on SHAME

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Shame has quite the fame
even and especially when you don’t recognize its pain.

Many walk around carrying him on their back
because of a shortcoming; a moment of lack.

People hang their head for the hurt that they’ve caused,
like apologizing isn’t enough or that shame is the law.

It’s not true.
Plus no one can render shame upon you but you.

You, alone hold the torch for that.
If shame accompanies a gift — give it back.
You really don’t want that.

Shame mostly lives in your mind
and reflects onto others a hue not so kind.

That hue belongs to you and you alone.
When you exhibit shame you hang your dome.

I am here to say “leave shame alone.”
Ain’t nobody got time for those dry bones.


Proactive measures beat shame.

Craniums hanging low isn’t fashionable or word.
Shame is an emotion; beat it with a verb.

Stand erect and walk to the mirror,
clear your throat so that you’re clearer

and say, “that thing that exists – I own it complete.
Shame: You’re too lame to paint my life weak.”

Say it as often as necessary, especially before facing the crew
that is known in the past to laugh and shame you.

Most people do not seek to convey or invoke shame.
Shame is an easy bi-product of the lower integrity lane.

I imagine that you probably already knew that.
Now use wisdom as a rod; put shame to a bat.

Shame on shame. I tell you, it is not ‘what’s up’ or word.
I’m Qui
Shame is an emotion; beat it with a verb.

Ya’ heard?

no one is perfect.jpg

And so

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Mick gave us his word, before his word was dead.
That’s when I stood up to clarify the moment and said:


But he did. He took back what he said 5-hours prior
when the press corp was in the room and he had the floor.

Weird moments in time have been popping back up
since the media started rewinding “honesty cuts.”

You know, “honesty cuts?” That’s when someone has a moment of clarity
and blurts out the whole-hearted truth then pretends it was all parody.

You gotta be kidding me! And so I just thought I’d mention
what is constant reality in this era’s indention.

It’s an integrity issue and it keeps on happening —
“honesty cuts” show up before faux-talking-point dampening.

What does it cost you to live a big lie?

I wouldn’t know.
The “lie-laden route” is one I don’t go.

And so today my integrity is in check but not my Vertigo.
I woke up yesterday morning thinking I was on a boat.
Do you know Vertigo?

It’s a relative to TMJ so here I go.
I got this though.

It will not keep me from chatting it up with you.
It will not delay me from honesty and spilling the truth.

As sure as my beloved Aunt’s name is Ruth,
honesty and integrity should rank out-the-roof.

Put no ceiling on that, kinfolk.
And pray for those who lack its show.

Leadership qualities are the bombs and so
I’m eating up the course that’s on my degreed to-and-fro.
It’s a must, yo.’

Good morning kinfolk. What-it-look-like outside?
Are you up for the challenge? Are you down to ride?

If so, I’ll step off of this boat that dubs as Vertigo,
I’m Qui
accepting nothing in my way that keeps me from play, and so


Don’t be ON THE FENCE about it.


Not The Same without John McCain

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RichardPryor-MilitarySaluteYesterday Arizona’s beloved John McCain left Cindy, Meghan, six other children, and crossed over. I cried. I suppose I’ve always been a bit sensitive about energy, life, and death and it’s not unlikely that I’ve become even more sensitive to the feelings of others in mourning since the passing of my own Dad, just over a year ago. All the same, I cried. Not just at hearing the news in my Arizona residence, but especially when reading Meghan McCain’s tweet shortly after her father took his final bow:


divider blk_south

She and I have our differences; we party on different terms. It’s true.
But I’ve always respected her POV, even long before THE VIEW.

I knew she was the child of The Maverick; she’s looks a lot like her Dad.
I was able to understand her ‘right, wrong or indifferent’ stance
because of the DNA that she shares.
There’s no rule stating that you have to agree with any human being to truly and genuinely care.

I really do care.
Things won’t be the same now that JM III isn’t here.

He lived a life without fear; one of honesty, integrity and patriotic intent.
He stood his ground in the face of foreign and domestic dog pounds;
resisting bullying from the president.
And his NO vote to repeal healthcare was Heaven sent.

I am going to miss the beloved John McCain, the third.
I never once saw him live in Phoenix, tho his voice was always heard.

A man of honor has exited the scene and has ceased his life role.
I am doleful but understand he wanted to catch that caravan
with Aretha, the Queen of Soul.

Things will not be the same
without Senator John McCain

on the hill or at Cindy’s house.
I’m Qui
and I’m missing him already. With honor and respect I utter his name from my mouth:

Do you know what his life was really about?


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one-lie-is-enough-to-question-all-truths.pngBATW is an acronym for Back Against The Wall. I could have easily used the term “between a rock and a hard place” to describe the point of desperation one might reach when they have no plan but have been given the microphone, a platform, and suspect of colluding with a foreign government.


In the event that you encounter a situation in life where you’re in a self-inflicted bind,
man-up to what you’ve done then utilize integrity & morale — but don’t lie.

Perhaps when you’re in a BATW moment and you have realized that you are wrong,
take a second to recap and reflect — then recall the words of this song:

Teach it to your wife, your kids, your neighbors on the right, and the left;
let integrity lead your conscience and know that honesty is always best.

It’s mid-week already and I’m eager to hump onto something with more integrity and overview.
I’m Qui
Suggesting a new song for those crucial moments when our BATW.

I got mine

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Amy DuBois Barnett,(Ebony Magazine Editor-in-Chief) published a book five years ago, Get Yours! How to Have Everything You Dreamed of and More. Amy is amazing woman, mom and editor in chief who has been through a lot, and I’m thrilled that she was moved to bind a book that would spread the wisdom that she’s gained along her lifes journey. This month in Ebony Magazine Amy decided to run an editorial feature specifically for Black woman on 100 ways to live your dreams. Here are seven rules (Amy lives by) for getting yours that she wrote about:

Embrace fear as growth. The more you challenge yourself and reach outside of your comfort zone the more you are growing as a person and becoming who you are meant to be. Open your mind to new ideas and your eyes to new sights. Believe that you can do anything.

Be true to yourself. Never let anyone else tell you what to do, with whom to hang out, what to wear, how to think. You know yourself best; this is your life. Identify your passions, embrace who you are and get comfortable in your own skin.

Realize your value and demand the best. No one will treat you properly or give you the opportunities you seek unless he or she feels your confidence. Expect your dreams to become reality and they will!

“Be true to yourself.
Never let anyone else tell you what to do,
with whom to hang out, what to wear, how to think.


Put into the universe what you want to get back.  Make people feel your positive energy. Be generous and loving. Try to help others be all they can be. Contribute to your community. Obnoxious, petty, greedy people will never feel as fulfilled as people who strive to make the world a better place.

Have integrity. Do what you say you’re going to do. It’s as simple as that. Whether it’s your friend, your brother, your boss or your neighbor, make good on your commitments. Most important, keep your promises to yourself. Identify your dreams and list what steps you take today, this year and forever to make them a reality. Then do it!

Stay independent. This is your life; no one can live it for you. Be your won person — even as a spouse, parent, significant other, daughter, son or friend. When you create the life you want, love and protect it as your most valuable asset. Don’t let anyone — under the guise of “taking care of you” — convince you to give up something that make you feel good. Take care of yourself.

Do something meaningful everyday. Your life is happening right now, as you read this. Yes, I want you to dream big and work toward your goals. But please remember that nothing is worth more than today. And this day will never happen again. Make it count!

By following these rules, I have managed to carve out a wonderful life for myself, even through the inevitable ups and downs — and, like so many of us, I have had a lot: I’ve been through divorce, relocation, illness in the family and more. But I also have an incredible job I’m passionate about; I have awesome friends and an amazing son; and I prioritize new and exciting experiences so my life is filled with adventure. What else could I ask for? Check out our 100 ways list, then e-mail me or hit me on Twitter to let me know how you’re going to get yours! @AmydBarnett


While Amy’s going for hers, I had to get mine.
Affirming the seven rules, has me feeling just fine.

Stella isn’t the only one whose got her groove,
it’s important we keep productive agendas then stick and move.

Today is Monday and I’m up for renewing,
so a 60 minute boot camp – is what I’ll be doing.

I’m mindful that I’m a mom, a daughter and a loving partner too.
I can’t be consumed by the lives of others; to me – I must stay true.

You must do same. Think of self, every now and then,
I’m Qui
Happy Monday to thee – let’s follow the seven rules and WIN!

Look out for thyself. Anytime is a good time.
And always go for yours — because I’m sho’ going for mine!