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Take the challenge and find a WIN!

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thank-youI’m a girl who loves and often hails fantastic television advertisement via commercials like Geico, or the Dad and Daughter commercial. It’s not often that you find good laughter or bold encouragement done for the good of the whole with deeper intentions to better your soul. The latter of the two driving forces inspired this piece. I was so encouraged after seeing this commercial today that my heart was warmed and I smiled broadly at the prospects of tomorrow.  It was about… well, never mind my paraphrasing it, let me show it to you:

Are you down?

happy divider

What do you think? Care to Take the challenge and find a WIN!
Just who produced this awesome commercial fringe? would be the people to applaud in length
for yielding the view of sharpening up our countrys strenghts.

A winning corporation is built by incorporating the best talent.
Though being accross-the-board in fairness has long beeen a move that remains too valient.

It is not so much of a noble move as it is genius; an awesome use of professional wisdom.
How can you win – steadying yesterdays spin when NEW talent is at an all time #Yum?

Dare you step outside of the box if you are in the position to make such a move?
Genius isn’t ‘Doing the same thing,’ genius would be succeeding with a new groove.

Apple learned first hand
and post their knowledge they employed the best and brightest minds.
Intel, Google and all the likes, were like, “Yikes! We can’t be left behind!”

Who doesn’t want to find and employ a Steve Jobs?
The only hurdle is some of the brightest minds dress like slobs
and your companies HR department wouldn’t give them a second look.
Apple looked within, passed the outer grin and built a productive talent book.

I’m just saying that sometimes your brightest minds come in the strangest boxes,
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee, unity is sweet and GradsOfLife ROCKED THIS!


PARTY’ing with INTEL Nerds – [a tale to be heard]

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INTEL Party Sept5_2014So I’m coming up on year 4, residing here in Arizona and mingling with INTEL,
and Friday night, they threw a party that captivated me, for quite a spell.

My date is an INTEL family member and I know that you’ve heard,
I’ve got a thing forhigh intellect, back-pack wearing nerds.’

Those fashionable cargo shorts – that they all love to wear
Is a no-no in other professions, but for nerds, they are fair.

Now, back at the party — I attended on a Friday night,
The nerds were dressed up, the ballroom decorum was tight,

My date went to fetch me a Cape Code – shaken over ice,
when a dude looking-to-dance approached me — looking nice

His name was Larry and he’s been employed w/INTEL for 8 years.
His dancing moves, were quite the groove and I found myself in cheer.

The moment we hit the dance floor, Larry did a 360 spin,
that’s when I knew, this evening was going to be a sure win.

How long has it been since Larry enjoyed a good party?
I, too, let loose to party-produce and we rocked it! Good Lordy!

The DJ was ok. He wasn’t consistently on ‘jam throttle,’
but he did start the party off by spinning V.I.C.’s WOBBLE!

Apparently in these parts,
many are taking to heart

that while AZFSM is inside most gadgets, they know how to throw a good shindig too.
After all, they’re the one’s who hosted President Obama when he came through.

That was in 2012 and I attended that too!
INTEL has got it going on like Wooo!

My dates name is Dedric and he’s a good soul,
He watched me work the dance floor and applauded my rhythm stroll.

I’m originally from Dallas, and parties go hard in the South,
jamming from Uncle Luke, Lil Jon and V.I.C.’s party mouth.

If you’re into line dancing and the WOBBLE, you should’ve come out Friday night.
I’m enjoying INTEL in AZ. Their calendar shindigs are quite the delight.

PARTY’ing with INTEL Nerds – is where the fun truly resides,
I’m Qui
and Good Monday Morning! From the weekend, I am still high.

I networked, DANCED and enjoyed good vibes.
PARTYing with INTEL Nerds is all-the-way LIVE!

Qui @ President Obama LIVE SPEECH at Intel 1-25-12

Qui @ President Obama LIVE SPEECH at Intel 1-25-12

Dr. Dre brought TUPAC to Coachella

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Watch it for yourself
then ask Coachella and INTEL:
What the hologram shell?!?

INTEL has been vowing that they have the magic stick
that could bring holographic scenes to life with one click.

Of course they didn’t do it alone
and this isn’t the first time technology has visually honed
someone into position to render entertaining bliss.
I remember Christmas 2011 when Mariah Carey did this.

She performed in 5 different places at once invoking Winter to feel hot.
Thus holographs aren’t really all that new but it was good to see TUPAC.

I watched it on YouTube and had to share it with you.
I feel like QUANTUM LEAP‘ing is close – what Dean Stockwell used to do
when Scott Bakula needed him to come through.

Dr. Dre didn’t just bring TUPAC back but he brought Nate Dogg too,
I’m Qui
A lover of Technology
who’s enjoying the holographic view.

Springing Forward FUN

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Alas! Alas, it’s finally SPRING BREAK:
14 days of fun for the adolescents sake.
Me on the give and her on the take.
She bakes cupcakes and I gain the weight.

Yep! It’s going down a lot like that.
I’m up working out – to battle the fat.

SPRING is at hand and I’m in Tha’ Zone.
At least on this Monday – I won’t be alone.

My 14 year old offspring is officially in tow.
To acquaint with the city, we’ll go to and fro.

We went to the Ostrich Festival Saturday & had a lot of fun.
Intel paid for most of our recreational sum.

We were there for 8 hours and nearly rode every ride.
We slept hard on Sunday (recharging our hides).

After waking up Sunday – we hit the road again
in search of the hood to schmooze with melanin.

We live in a suburb of Mayberry galore.
No Koreans to speak of, no beauty supply stores. lol!

In other words, I don’t live in the hood.
I’m reppin’ the suburbs and it’s all to the good.

So the kid and I will duly hit the streets
roaming in search of cool peeps and merchant meets.

Springing Forward FUN – the clocks time changed
around most of the world, but in A-Z: stayed the same.

Then I hear Jada Pinkett may drop her married name…
Will Smith and etux seek to exit the marriage game?

I hope they can find a way to reconcile such.
The tabloids cry foul and speculate too much.

Tabloids hail: Tisha Campbell’s husbands is part of the reason
that Will and Jada are on the brink during this season.

Not necessarily fingering Duane Martin as being gay,
but at least point blame at him for Will yielding to “stray”.

Too much BOY TIME? Who the heck knows.
SPRING is at hand – may GOOD TIMES behold!

The President is the incumbent and poll numbers are crazy.
Campaigners vie for his job…the finish line looks hazy.

Me? I’m sipping jo’ listening to MORING JOE’s plight.
Me? I’m wondering what the heck is up with politic’ing WOMENS RIGHTS?

Me? I’m paying attention. I’m on the world news sum.
I’m Qui
Springing Forward GRIOT (part news, part support) and FUN.

I AM going to see WILL-I-AM

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Click Pic to Hear “The Hardest Ever” joint

Will-I-Am & Qui at The Birds Nest tonight in Phoenix, Az (2/3/12)

WILL-I-AM is good friends with Intel, in fact, he’s thier Director of Creative Innovations and practically jamming the future successes of Intel.

Intel is ready to change up the pc and smartphone game and I’m riding shot gun trying to see how it’s going to all play out. First stop is The Birds Nest tonight – where WILL-I-AM will be jamming in ULTRABOOK form.

Well, I don’t know if he’ll be rocking INTEL’s new Dell Ultrabook or HP’s Folio Ultrabook – but he will be in ULTRA form and I’ll be mirroring him. I’m sure to burn a cool 1500 calories (easy) tonight from my standing room only dancing position. Oh yes. Tonight — it is on, and I will be there.

Happy Friday babies – I am happy today,
that Will-I-Am will be in the Phoenix A.

I am happy because tonight should be absolutely surreal,
I’m Qui
Feeling charmed to know Intel & even happier to see Will.

So far, my time in The Zone has been a popping girls thrill.
Definitely the kind of happenings that are key for me to feel.

The kind of surprise I like

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Qui @ President Obama's LIVE SPEECH at Intel 1-25-12

My guy invited me to lunch and was going to give me a surprise, but the cute lil’ Security lady at the front desk of the Ocotillo campus beat him to the punch:

Cute Security Lady: Wow! You’re quite the lucky guy. Congrats on the tickets.
Me: (lost in conversation, but aware that I’ve come up on some information that I DIDN’T KNOW. But I didn’t speak. My eyes grew bigger.)
My Guy: Well thank you so much.

Cute Security Lady: Gosh. I know of so many people that wanted to see him.
Me: (about to tinkle on myself, because I THINK she’s talking about ‘seeing President Obama’).
My Guy: No doubt. I’m excited.

Cute Security Lady: (noticing the size of my eyes), Oh. Did you know? You didn’t know? (Now looking at my guy) I’m so sorry. Did I ruin a surprise?
Me: (Reminding myself that I’m in public and not to act all black on ’em and start dancing – like I’m on a throwback McDonald’s commercial… I look at my guy in quiet excitement.)
My Guy: No, she didn’t know. I was going to surprise her with them over lunch.

Cute Security Lady: Oh gosh. I’m so sorry.
Me: I’m not! WOW! Peep: My Tickets!

I smiled the entire lunch hour. That’s the kind of surprise I like and Tuesday afternoon was the best! Of course I was up at the crack of dawn Wednesday morning prepping to be a part of HISTORY on so many levels: 1) Seeing The President Of The United States LIVE & in person. 2) Seeing The 1st Black President of the United States. 3) Seeing The President ‘the day after’ he delivered such an incredible State Of The Union Address. 4) All of this, on the very day that Congressman Gabby Giffords Resigned.

I just moved to South Arizona – I was praying and pulling for her God speed recovery and return. She’s recovering well, and like Congressman Wasserman Shultz said yesterday, ‘We look forward to her return someday’.

I was there, behind Fab 32 watching the president re-iterate his State Of The Union Address and encourage us to move forward and be progressive, and to stay in touch with congress about where we want the country to go. He was very thorough and to the point. He had a certain charm about him. Confidence was solid. You couldn’t help but feel comfortable in his presence.


President Obama Speaking at INTEL in Arizona 1-25-12

The good that President Obama has accomplished and is in the process of accomplishing during his administration is incredible. No one is perfect and he’s certainly not magic. Laundry lists are best accomplished one issue at a time. It takes time to complete a laundry list.

Your president is at work – please be patient.

This week so far has been a high for me.
Never mind the vodka and never mind the weed. lol!

I’m happier all the more, because all is going well,
I’m Qui
Appreciating The President & JOB CREATION at INTEL.

INTEL in your Smartphone Cell

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ARM (The Architecture for the Digital world) has owned the internals of the general cell phone with the exception of Apple iPhones of course – however, that is soon to change.

Recent TECH NEWS cites that INTEL has teamed up with Lenovo & Motorola and is investing in ‘The Smartphone game’, and that’s not all —> they’ve also been working with DELL on a crazy Ultrabook piece with multi functional screen positioning as well as some type of 3D holographic thing where you can motion swipe your projected view.

The holographic type thing is being pitched for use in shopping. The concept: Imagine seeing a sneaker in 3D, 360 rotations, or even how it would look on your foot. I liken the thought to the type of technology Tom Cruise used in his MISSION IMPOSSIBLE series. You know, the mid-air swipes Tom made at the holographic screen that was his computer? Or something like that.

The game changer: The difference between the semiconductor chips that Apple products are based on, or that ARM products are based on versus the semiconductor chips that INTEL will be using is that — Apple and ARM outsource their semiconductor work while INTEL does it all in house. That has the potential to save millions in production and reflect an affordable price for the consumer. So top notch innovation at an affordable price… Who wouldn’t welcome that?

I’m a MacBook Pro girl, but hey – I’m peeping the PC game.
Determined to change it up, INTEL adds KNOWLEDGE & their name.

Peep a couple of the links that I’ve listed below
if you’re “the gadgety type” who likes to be in the know:

Intel at CES 2012
CES Crowd with Ambitious Plans
Watch INTEL’s CES 2012 key note livestream!

I’m all over my new Apple iPhone 4S.
I’m an Apple head because Apple’s the best.

That’s a personal opinion. Though I think it’s enough.
I think their Fourth Quarter Earnings will back the fact up.

But this isn’t about Apple Smartphones – they’re doing fine and well.
This is about a new player in the game – this is About INTEL.

I don’t think ARM is all that messed up about it. They own the cell phone world,
I’m Qui
That researching she – documenting ‘whats to be’ – because I’m a gadgety girl.
….with a seriously moist “IN THE KNOW” pearl. (-:

Click the player to hear the story in Griot.

Halloweens Monday Mix

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I’m on top of the world, (I am), and it’s just Day 2 –
According to the 7 day calendar that is my truth.

Ol’ Rick Perry looked as high as Charlie Sheen
during last Fridays zooted out media stream.

Before taking the podium to communicate a myriad of things
It appears the governor may have had a couple of drinks? 🙂
Peep his (out of character) “energy” to see what I mean:

Also on this Monday, I am packing to move;
relocating out of state is my current groove.

The president promised jobs and congress said damnit!
Then INTEL called my guy to duly take advantage.

My daughter is a freshman at an MISD school,
who thinks this ‘relocating thing’ is so ultra cool.

Just knowing she thinks so – makes me feel a bit merry;
for our financial low was beginning to look kind of scary. lol!

Halloween is fun — I like the unpredictable scare,
but never wanted to see my finances GO there.

BOO! It’s Monday and we’re starting over again;
A brand new week – a brand new zen.
Tonight I’ll be in costume again,
to make my neighbors blush and grin.

I do it every year. I’m hardly one to behave.
Last years lady bug will be this years french maid.

Fishnet stockings on legs and mock cuffs on wrists,
Un-bowling chocolate candy in loads by the fist.

I’ve got ART work to do — which I enjoy doing a lot,
I’ve got to complete my daughters halloween costume robot.

It’s the cutest thing – I learned “How To” from a GRANGER dude.
Perhaps you saw his instructional video posted up on al la YouTube: Oooo.

Last year I bowled chocolates – you should’ve seen how fast they went.
Today’s sweeter sensation is Herman Cain’s relation to sexual harassments.
What a fine time for alleged victims to surface & vent.
Is his honeymoon with conservatives already spent?

What an awesomely frightening mix and appropriate for the day.
My kid produced the headline pic post last nights scary bake.

Well it’s Monday for sure – and with that it’s HALLOWEEN,
I’m Qui

That “French Maid she” ready to hone the candy scene.
I’m a giver.😉