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Work in progress

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News, Self Improvement on October 13, 2017 at 4:30 am

And so yesterday I was sitting around doing a little reflection,
Going over, in my mind, every relationship and connection…

Thinking lightly and then deeper about those that I care for
And realizing that I’m less than perfect and could use an improvement score.

When was the last time that you checked yourself and level of respect?
It’s important we do it often to keep a open and clean connect.

And we must be honest. Boy am I honest with me.
So honest I’ll tell on myself by myself – it’s a quandary site to see.

I hold myself to high – and some could argue, impossible standards.
I go against the odds in the face of near-miss stories that I’ve heard.

Word. I keep on a pushin.’
Passion’s in my blood. I need a turner kit – it’s gushin.’

And so I press on. Now while that may work good and well for me
I am learning that this method is no universal oui.

My focus on desire is strong, sharp and in 4K.
I go for the gusto with no caution or delay.

Again that is okay, if it works for me,
Though I must soften my eyes as it pertains to we.

You ain’t me. I can not hold you to my agreement of standards. 👍🏽
I’m doing me because I love diversity; therefore your style & chemistry is Word.

I’m comprehending life and have many more lessons to learn.
I’m working on myself – my control grip is pretty firm.

See? There I go –
Telling on myself, yo.’

But it’s okay,
Because I’m working on me today.

Are you working on you?
Your game is tight – how’s your follow through?

Still, is there anything in your arsenal bag that you’d like to change?
Give it some thought, seek to be taught and flip the dang thang.

Anytime is a good time to do a self check up.
We annually check our supple breasts and jeweled nuts.

You do annual check ups, right? To do so natural.
I want a lifetime of improvements – until my journey is full.

Therefore often I check my attitude, altitude and my charted course.
I’m mindful of my energy to yield an optimum flow of force.

So yes, my caveat is: I am in a zone of quality control.
I’m Qui
Talking self improvement with thee post checking my pride at the door.

ISO a more refined self improvement score.

How’s your infrastructure core?

Taking it up the butt

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News on June 5, 2017 at 4:30 am


Hello and good morning. It’s time to get up.
I knew this title would work: “Taking it up the butt.” check-mark

Are you awake? Are ya? And no, I don’t need to be mentally checked.
I am not serving a side of griot with an entree of  bottoms-up sex.

No ma’am and no sir. That is not my agenda today,
though I do like playing word games. Games are for Monday. 🙂

Hey-ey! Welcome back to work, your salary jizoint, your main grind.
How did you indulge in the weekend? Did you behave your behind?

Did you go to the club? Did you party a little too hard?
Did you find yourself at church Sunday, praying to the Lord?

All is well. Yes – all is good.
I had a Fabulous time in Hollywood.

I did some introspective thinking as I drove the journey to and fro.
Introspection is good. Thyself, you always need to know.

student-of-life-Unsplash_clay-banks-OcnokxBmwQg-unsplashFor if you ever lose sight of YOU @ the bridge of any crux,
I’m afraid that’s a set up for Taking it up the butt.

Yes. It most certainly is. Wouldn’t you agree?
And that wouldn’t be best for you nor for me.

Unless, of course the “literal act” is something that you’re into.
No judgement here – I do me… you do you 😉

and we, us two, are here today, ready to start things off right.
I chose a ‘flickted title with provocative insight and you took the bite.

I love your mind.

Good morning baby.
I’m that ‘no limits’ lady.

I’m up early playing word games because it’s Monday and I like it,
I’m Qui
A “post introspective” she – I don’t understand all, though I’ll continue to write it…

Photo by Malik Skydsgaard on Unsplash
Photo by Malik Skydsgaard on Unsplash

For life, you and me, I remain continually excited!
Thanks for biting this.