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Humping Y&R

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Moving on – past missing Mrs. Chancellor
Y&R continues to lure and implore
the viewer to be glued to the screen
by writing the most suspenseful scenes.

Niel’s journal has been stolen – and is now a terrors find;
And its details are being broadcast out-of-context online.
It’s affecting Devon and Lilly because the hurtful implications are true.
The broadcast has also affected Leslie, because Neil has written about her too.


Nicholas Newman is doing good, but his current situation is a colossal bother,
he just read the dated paternity results that states he is not Summers father.
He had the courage to tell Phyllis, and then he yearned to retract.
So he stopped just short of informing Summer that her real father is Jack.

Lauren Baldwin isn’t doing so well – she’s on a limb and out of line.
Today her son Fenmore, caught her tongue kissing ol’ Carmine.
Phen broke up the connection and demanded an answer be rendered,
but Lauren plead him to resist provoking the casanova bartender.

Do you remember when Chloe was kidnapped and losing her mind
in the trunk of el bartender – Ol’ Carmine?
Criminal behavior is responsible for his fame of star.
Carmine gets more ass than the barstools at the bar.

Good stuff.

Chloe and Kevin Fisher aren’t really doing so good.
They sold their beloved coffee shop in the Y&R hood.
Chloe is threatening divorce because she’s not feeling
Kevin’s new obsession with robbing and stealing.

Victoria Newman-Abbott and Billy are good to go
He confessed his gambling issue and she’s trying to get prego.
Adam Newmans ex-wife Chelsea is pregnant still
and claiming Dylan as the father – her selfish will.

Because she doesn’t want Adam to use his money
to milk the system for sole custody – honey.
Dylan is thrilled to think that he’s going to be a dad,
though his heart still aches for what he and Avery Clark had.

Avery’s engaged to Nicholas Newman and yet she’s out of the loop
of the exclusive information that is Summers father – truth.
Jack Abbott has no idea that Summer is his biological child,
and isn’t cock blocking the idea that Summer wants to sleep with his son – Kyle.

Talk about incest throughout the family – and they’ve no idea that they’re doing it,
I’m Qui
A Y&R girl who thinks the soaps new direction is a filthy hit!

I mean really,
Are you watching this?

Solving Diane Jenkins Murder

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Have you been watching The Young & The Restless? Are you following the story line closely? Recently video surfaced of Nikki Newman fighting on the pond bridge with Diane Jenkins. Deacon shot the film and edited the footage to appear that Nikki killed her. And even though the authorities have a locker full of evidence, (including Deacons cutting room floor footage), they still came to the conclusion that Nikki did it.

Don’t be fooled by the writers attempt to have an “invisible hand”. Please tell me you remember the zip lock bag Ronan flaunted that had the syringe in it? Diane had a drug in her system, and though the name of the drug escapes me, it was the same drug that Patty poisoned Jack and Genevieve with on Thanksgiving Day. Remember that? I do. I DVR’d it.

So the writers have seemingly closed the case by blaming Nikki Newman and then “conveniently” dropping the charges on her in the name of “self defense”. Ok. Really? THAT NEVER HAPPENS in real life and what happened to investigating the owner of the syringe or the drug that Diane had in her system that slowed her heart rate & facilitated her death?

A note about “the video” Deacon made showcasing Nikki with the bloody rock and Diane’s lacerated head: I do believe Nikki picked up a rock and hit Diane in the head, but I don’t think that’s what killed her. While Diane lie unconscious I believe Patty entered the scene, verbally expressed her dislike for Diane to her unconscious face and gave her an overdose of the drug. Then for whatever convenient reason, Patty dropped the syringe, allowing Ronan to find it, zip lock it and add it to official evidence.

Patty is once again whisked away to a prison hospital facility to sport a white huggers jacket in a room with down comforter walls. Much like the place Adam must her found her in – in the first place.

Oh yes! The real story still lies dormant waiting to future surface. You gotta love those Bells and the associate writers of this show.

The writers of the show are great at making trash appear envious and livable.
I’ve enjoyed the hoops and noted the loops but the writers hand was not invisible.

This isn’t Vegas yet there are slights of hands but the dealers aren’t clean,
I’m Qui
and if you believe Nikki did it – Maybe you’ve missed and an episode or a scene.

Trust me, Trust me –> Crazy Patty did it.
and in the future Nikki’s charges will be completely be omitted.

DIRT Lover

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Of course I’m enjoying The Young and The Restless. Of course I think it’s dope.
Believe it or not, I dig the cast of snots, and am duly hooked on SOAP.

Needing rehab? Nope. I rather like the feeling
Of watching folks getting hurt deep, fall apart & reap
a micro quick healing. lol!

Drama. Drama.
It is for your moma,
to which I will say: “Hello”.

I dig it all.
The deep the small
and lately digging the Beautifully Bold. 😉

All My Children used to be gold – but that’s all gone away.
I lie to you not, I like the lil’ snots on Y&R everyday.

There are a few characters on Y&R that I am requesting get into scene,
including but not limited to Drewcilla Winters and the fine Dr. Hastings.

Lil’ Nate. Olivia’s boy. Yes he’s back and employed at the local hospital. He’s a doc.;)
He’s intellectual, he’s strong – he’s another single jones & his physique is a la HOT!
Can he get another camera shot? lol!

Tucker McCall’s health is recovering well, but at a much slower rate,
than it would be if there were a script feed to the helpful Dr. Nate.

Won’t Sophia need a Dr. soon? I don’t know if Nate OB/GYN’s,
but you’d agree, he’s an interesting he and he sports a winning grin.
Mrs. Bell — please write Dr. Nate in. 🙂

Now that Diane Jenkins is dead, Jack and Victor will fight over the boy.
While Lily and Daniel lay in red sheets, post making ‘friends with benefits’ joy.

The two of them just professed their affections.

I’m watching the soaps as I type this piece,
I like it on a daily — it’s a legal dirty release.
Ooo Wee.
Are you watching? Y&R is a beast.