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My Jamaican Affair

Last night found me in my own bed – in my own home -on US territory.
I took my digital filming camera to Jamaica with me & returned with “their stories”.

I was only gone a week, but it seemed like a month
Every sunrise caught me with the natives – having fun.

Negril was fun and the Baston Style JERK CHICKEN was great —
Collectively our ‘taste buds did say – Negril’s food is better than MoBay
Hey! lol!

Their “accented lingo” was captivating and most enthralling
Their 5-STAR Hospitality – made a sister think she was balling. lol!

But no phone calling for me — my cell phone was out of “affordable” service.
Wi-Fi was scarce – only available @ beach dining — what’s the purpose?

Their purpose was (for the guest) NOT TO do too much WORK during your stay
They respect “the business world” – but duly prescribed us: play.


This morning my phone promptly rang at an early 8:30
it was the business man from the beach: FRANCESO (sounding flirty).

He just called to make sure we all made it back to the US “okay”.
and was wondering if I’d be able to work on ‘his production’ today… 🙂

Good relations are what I always treasure
I’m Qui
and the beach was fun but production is my pleasure.

STAY TUNED for a ‘inside view’
I’ll be sure to divvy it out through ol’ YOUTUBE.

What’chu know about JAMAICA ‘mon?

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Positive JAMAICAN NotesI obviously don’t know enough, and even though recent incites of violence in Kingston, Jamaica is quite concerning and discerning I still have a love for it. So the early morning found me up researching Jamaican artists whose dance hall tones override the ‘violence jones’. I found Ms. Cherine Anderson. Do you know her?
She’s beautiful, she sings, dances, acts and blogs. Carribbean Net News covered a film that she starred in “One Loveopposite Idris Elba [2006 International Film Festival]. The film trailer is hot and Carribean Net News gave it outstanding reviews. Cherine needs not flaunt combat boots or a gun strap in tow to get attention – She’s a NO LIMIT SOLDIER at the core of her soul. Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. Get to know her & vibe her positivity.

What about Queen Ifrica? Surely you know her…Right? Oh ‘mon Queen Ifrica’s soulful sounds are comparable to ourIndia Arie, but with a more authentic root. She reps Montego Bay lovely. Peep her hue:

[In depth Translation: You can’t take my virginity away from me]
Where’s our “domestic comparable” to THAT? 🙂

Somebody’s gotta balance this thang out
(media reflection). Why not me? Marcus Garvey (Jamaican native) came to the US — HARLEM in fact — and brought positivity and unity with him (his asset is historically documented). The least I can do is keep a positive outlook and prayers going out – as Kingston goes through one of the roughest patches it’s faced in a long time.

Sometimes it’s hard to pray for somebody or for people you don’t know. Maybe you didn’t know any Jamaicans as of yesterday, though today I beg to differ. Get to know Cherine and Queen Ifrica – they’re just two positive notes on an island of many…

Stay tuned for more JAMAICAN Insight,
I’m Qui

and it’s my pleasure to “focus on” — in my writes.

Raveling through Spring Break Traveling

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Safe Spots for Spring Break HOTS

SPRING BREAK is the Season when collegiate students travel to and fro
Many destinations mark their week vacations – but none in ALCAPULCO!

Uh-Oh. It used to be fun – but surely you already know
Anywhere folks are killing Americans — Are the places we don’t go.

And so (our own) El Paso won’t be making the list of resorts & star studded bars…
For nothing is more unattractive than being caught up in neighboring Mexican Drug wars.
I’ve no beef or drugs for which to spar…

Cancun polishes it’s resorts for Spring Breakers to swoon
Though safety concers aren’t expediting visitor arrivals too soon.

Florida remains in the running – Panama City can be “a treat”
along with Miami’s latin spices and the ever envious South Beach.

Washington, DC will be chilly this week dealing with Health Care Reform & Pres. Obama
But that won’t cross the minds of Spring Breakers vacationing in the Bahamas.

Caribbean waters are nice and Spring is an excellent time to play
So Visit Jamaica – get dark in Negril or hang out in Montego Bay.

Fun in the sun is a commonality that so warmly connects us
If international travels miss you – visit South Padre Island in TX.

For the serious hot soul, who prefers to both PLAY and SPORT
Try cooling off in a little frost at the North American Ski Resorts.

Though if your heart still yearns for the spirit of a Latin flow
Do a little exploring across the beautiful land of Puerto Rico.

For the back packing Spring Breaker whose looking to culturally grow up
Tis is a great time to back pack and make hisotircal tracks in Europe.

Where ever you go: Have FUN and be on your LAWFUL Behave
I’m Qui

Spring loses its bling if you don’t return home in one pieceSAFE.