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Let’s talk about…

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Let’s talk about YOU – what’s on your mind today?
I hope you haven’t been hostage to the news,
but instead did opt to play.

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BREXITThe world is in a silly state, via self-inflicted and voluntary reasons.
#Brexit is the first country casuality to be devoured by the #HateWave season.

In an effort to not want anyone else in their space or to weigh in on their council,
Britain exited the EU and are now financially, a country-distressed damsel.

But that’s not what we’re talking about today. Today is about you
and what in the world is Jamie Foxx doing with Tom Cruises familial deux?

Checkout stand tabloids tout that Katie Holmes is preggo
and that she and Jamie “fear” Tom’s reaction will be “no-no.”

But you know, I don’t think she’s preggo at all,
I think tabloids seek to sell volumes with no stall.

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A content Jamie Foxx

Jamie is a talent staple, his love life thrives best in a bubble –
would it really be so bad if the two are secretly a romantic couple?

Rumor has it, he’s happy with her and that they’ve been courting for a while.
Whatever it is, “the real deal or publicity glib” – I’m happy to see CONTENT FOLK smile.

Who cares if they are dating, who cares what they are doing?
Does anyone know who Katie Holmes’ stealth ex – is screwing?

I didn’t think so.  Therefore  let us bid the speculative topic adieu.
Besides I didn’t want to talk about THEM, I want to talk about YOU.

What’s on your mind today? Highs or pangs?
Did the 4th of July yield you a good bravado bang?

Me? I had a blast. Among family and friends I did my thang.
The smoker smoked the brisket and links — so easily my bell is rang. 😀

Betty Boop 4th of JulyPotato salad wasn’t made this year. I usually take “preparing it” – to heart.
But clean eating is the reason that I’ve put the breaks on a lot of starch.

It hangs around too long on the body [as fat], but my God it tastes so good.
Yes fam, I’m INDEPENDENT from eating fat to NOW burning fat in my hood.

Enough about me though, I ate well and now I’m making a plan
that lays out what I’ll eat this week – SWEETS are back on the ban.

The 4th is a great time to reason with rhymes about eating gum balls and candy
though I must admit, I enjoy being fit so returning to LETTUCE this week feels dandy.

What about you? How did you hold up? Did you dance, did you crump?
Did you fall into the broadcast reel of The Clintons or Drumpf Trump?

I didn’t see too much –it was on the background, but I was interested in the fore.
I mingled with folks, and laughed at weak jokes — It was a great time with no bore.

I thought about YOU often, and hoped you were doing the same.
What good is your independence if the environment is lame?

Inequality of person, double standard laws and the likes
are what drive up division… a #HateWave spike.

If there are character traits in your life that you do not like, this is the week to set it free!
The 4th of July 1776 was a battle cry: “YOU DO YOU and let ME DO ME.”

WHAT HAPPENED NEXT is recorded United States history.

It’s an individuals voting battle though collectively we have the capacity to conquer all.
I’m Qui
Love thy neighbor, celebrate independence – and OPEN up to new lines of DIALOGUE.

If we are to rise above the lot of fray it’ll require the will of all, no doubt.
Good morning baby, I’m a rambling lady just wanting to to talk about…


Untamed at Unchained: Tarantino

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With his controversial slavery-themed action flick toping the box office charts, the eccentric oscar-winning scribe proves that no subject is off limits

With his controversial slavery-themed action flick toping the box office charts, the eccentric oscar-winning scribe proves that no subject is off limits

Quentin Tarantino isn’t afraid to start some ish. The director who scalped Nazis in Inglorious Bastards and destroyed Japanese mob bosses in Kill Bill is tackling American slavery by unleashing his brand of wildly imaginative storytelling on audiences once again with his new film, Django Unchained.

Set in pre-Civil War South, Django, starring jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kerry Washington, is part dramedy, part love story, part spaghetti Western and a whole lotta badass.

And as is the case many of his previous films, it is not without controversy. after all, despite Django’s gritty and James brown-squealing trailer, portraying slavery on the big screen is no lauging matter. On the other hand, if you think this is a Roots remake, think again.

Tarantino set down with EBONY to discuss popular misconceptions about the film and teaming back up with Jackson:


EBONY: What was your vision for Django Unchained?
TARANTINO: I set out to write a really heart-wrenching story of slavery in the antebellum South combined with an operatic, mythical spaghetti Western story of a Black man who is a slave. then [we] see his mythical rise to not only become a man, but to also become a professional bounty hunter who would literally go into the mouth of hell to extract his princess.

EBONY: A lot of skeptics are critical of your taking on slavery.
TARANTINO: I haven’t liked any of the representations of slavery that I’ve seen on film. So being touchy about what you’ve seen in the past and what could come out based on the past, [the skepticism] is totally understandable. I get that.

EBONY: Are you more confident about Django after doing Inglorious Bastards?
TARANTINO: One of the characteristics of my work is that I madke you laugh at the f—ed up shit. I show things that aren’t funny and are f—ed up, then all of a sudden, against your will, I get you to laugh, you’re a co-conspirator. [Laughs]

EBONY: How do you make slavery humorous?
TARANTINO: To me, there is no humor in slavery. there is no humor in the Holocaust; however, there can be humor in the course of the situation of the story you’re telling.

EBONY: On a scale of 1 to 10, how many n-bombs are viewers in for?
TARANTINO: Since the n-bomb is just the parlance of the day, there’s no limit.

EBONY: Is the mojo still there with Sam Jackson?
TARANTINO: Completely. Sam is such a theatrical beast. He really is. He just devours everything in his path. He’s the bull in the china shop, and everybody else is the china.

EBONY: Any reservation about making this film?
TARANTINO: Asking a lot of Black folks to do something very painful. I thought about getting non-Americans to do it. What stopped me was [going] out to dinner with Sidney Poitier. I was telling him my thoughts, and he said, “For whatever reason, I believe that you were meant to tell this story. You just need to not be afraid You just need to not be afraid of your own movie. You need to get over being afraid.”

EBONY: Favorite scene?
TARANTINO: It’s the sequence at Don Johnson’s plantation when Django tracks down the overseers who f—ed over him and his wife. To actually see a slave wipe out overseers is crazy characteristic. click here to continue Ebony’s interview with Tarantino

The sound track was a traditional and non traditional weave;
the song A HUNDRED BLACK COFFINS was a FOXX & ROSS collab seed:

I rather enjoyed Django Unchained,
I’m Qui
feeling like Quentin T. —> completely Untamed.
It’s my literal claim to fame.

Keeping it REEL with Qui Films

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CASTING CALL for TALENT to star in an online streaming web ad: and that will be shot in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Are you ready for your close up?

Recently I was contacted by a forming PAC (Political Action Committee) to film a comedy byte that would stream online on their website. The producer was a goodlooking YALE brother with a zany sense of humor. The script is short, funny and is strongly reminiscent of Blaine and Antwon in “Men On Films”:

Do you remember IN LIVING COLOR? It was long before MAD TV and it introduced us to comedic uknowns (then) who are now GREATS, like Jim Carrey, David Alan Grier, Damon Wayans, Tommy Davidson, Jamie Foxx and T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh as well as the former FLY GIRL [dancer]: Jennifer Lopez.

Naturally, being a fan of the Wayans and having lived through the reign of IN LIVING COLOR we accepted the gig. Casting Calls for 2 lead males with the ability to bring comedy to reel life. We’re looking for the next Jamie Foxx, Daman Wayans, David Alan Grier…. Is that you?

AUDTIONS: 8/18/10 – 9/03/10
Contact information can be found HERE.

They’re doing what?

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Sure Halle Berry is looking good and feeling single while doing so – but make no mistake her black book is filled with projects pending and papparazzi snoops who are relentless & neverending.

Vivica Fox has not ever been one to sit idle. I recently saw her in a film with Jean Claude Van Damm in it: “The HARD CORPS“. It was great. It reminded me that there’s more room than a little bit to showcase ones talent. The silver screen is nice, but Vivica also has a love for cable and dvd. Meow! and Look out!

Samuel L. Jackson will be holding it down in Iron Man’s 2012 “AVENGERS” – He’s also working on a few other projects so …production don’t stop per his Imdb listing. Check him out.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston are expecting a new baby! Yeaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Or so recent headlines have printed. Personally, I hope it’s true. Babies yield such radiant joy -by default. Who couldn’t use more of that in an already successful life?

Alfre Woodard is doing pretty good – she’s rarely ever far from “the heat”. In fact as we speak, she’s shooting for the TV Series “Memphis Heat“. Life is sweet!

Prince is all up in the news these days, but not “the artist formerly known as”. 🙂 It’s PRINCE – GS BOYZ & Yung JUICE from Dallas; the producers of “BUBBLE GUM”that southern party music that K104 keeps playing in decent rotation. There’s no moral message to the track, but it certainly is celebratory in delivery. A party jam.

Master P can’t be forgotten…every now and then he comes to mind when I think about Louisiana music and how he opened up ‘the grind’. He’s still in the lime light — still pioneering positive eruptions. Percy Miller is still on the hunt to own his own tv network/production.

Monica has a new CD out: “STILL STANDING” and it is completely jamming. Besides being timeless in her looks her voice hasn’t aged either. Feel young again and jam Monica where she stands.

Jamie Foxx of Terrell, TX is one brother I can rarely get enough of. He sings, he acts, he cracks me up… He’s a winner! His film resume is crazy these days and to think the camera fell in love with him during his stint on the Wayan Bros.IN LIVING COLOR

Vanessa Williams is still a hot talent to me. I hate the industry ever took “the camera” off of her, but she’s a sister full of SOUL FOOD and substance, so I’m sure we’ll see her again.

I just thought I’d run down a few things you may not have known,
I’m Qui
and the updated 411 is now a seed that has been sewn