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The One Who Smelled it Dealt it

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I remember that saying from the early days of being a child.
It was the going-response when a foul smell was on the prowl.

The phrase was used to halt suspicion; a verbal deflection from the smell emitter.
Still, it didn’t deter the gas that came to pass; farters aren’t quitters.

But farters are the ones who deal the gas,
then they announce the funk followed by a weak laugh.

The laugh ends with them saying, “It wasn’t me.”
To farters, the attempt to deflect is always key.

The air is assaulted and all of their peers realize quick–
It’s so obvious that the one who smelled it dealt it.

This phrase is re-emerging and I am not a child.
Kavanaugh assaulting women and being offended at the recollection is wild.
He cries foul.

Any chance that you saw SNL?
Matt Damon to the coffin was the nail:

The prez bragged about grabbing women by the “P,”
then defends Kavanaugh’s innocence; wanting me to believe.

He’s crying foul for the farting child because he smells a lot like him.
If the Judiciary man-pack can’t see past their scrotum sacks
our justice system is gravely grim.

Are you still praying to God for a situational hem? I am.
Because when it comes to respecting women, America doesn’t give a damn.

They” are not alone in their actions, take a look around the world.
A lying male child is worth your while; to hell with an honest girl.

Do I take it personally? Yes, I do, just a little bit.
I’m like Janet Jackson – cock-eyed biases make me sick.

Get this right America, or that smell will lay claim to your ass,
I’m Qui
and America’s lack of wisdom is comparable to dirty-booty gas.

You think respecting women equally will unleash some kind of hell?
Consider that more women are voting for women to avoid sack smell.


Good Morning Monday

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Buckle up.

Good morning baby. Did you rest well?
The Judiciary hearing is on pause for a brief investigation swell.

It’s true. Unfortunately, I’m not kidding.
I thought Brett would get the point and by the weekend be quitting.

But that was not a marker that was within his scope.
Our institution is resilient; I won’t lose hope.

Good morning baby. Would you like a cup of jo?
Let’s sit and spit about The Global Citizen Festival, yo.

Did you see it? It went on forever.
It’s events like that that positions NY as especially clever.

The dimensional message and the music were true;
the crowd was composed of intellects who push through.

If you saw the event did you note just how chill
the audience was? They listened and stood still.

You heard Janet Jackson say that she was repulsed and showed no nipple or grin
when she referenced the way that our country is treating and disregarding women.

Good morning baby. What have you got up for the week?
You’re thinking about checking your voter’s registration as I speak?

That’s what’s up.
I bid you a prosperous Monday with lots of hugs and fun.

Human interaction. We all need some,
I’m Qui
Good morning baby. Would you prefer coffee or the human touch yum?

Today, go for them both.
And I’ll meet you in the middle, yo!’

Why TYLER PERRY is helping out ‘The Married’

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I really don’t know WHY he does what he does, or what inspires him, but I do know that WHY DID I GET MARRIED TOO is a pretty compelling movie, especially if you’re in a long term committed relationship.

I don’t think Mr. Tyler is married so I’m going to have to give a healthy amount of credit to his research and observation. He’s obviously got a few friends with experiences to lend…and boy was Tyler dead on in connecting with his audience on the opening night of his ‘relationship reel’ [4.2.10].

Tyler Perry opposite Sharon Leal
These two had a pretty good thing going. They were fruitful, productive, and steady. Sometimes “steady” can be percieved as “mundane”. Routine is blan. So when the Mrs. started “flirting-in-the-office” with an associate Lawyer she began to change. She gained a spark. She began to glow. She took more care in her sex appeal and appearance and guess what? Her husband noticed and confronted the issue. He handled the details of the situation “beautifully” — you’ve got to see this part of the film. It could very well be instrumental in your own life.

Malik Yoba opposite Janet Jackson
The Mrs. was a Psychologist and her spouse an equally career rewarding gentleman who prided himself on “support”. Seems their 14 year marriage suffered a blow when they lost a child, (the only one they had). Obvious problems within the marriage went unnoticed and wounds post the lost of their child — never healed. The Mrs. ended up with “the strong black woman syndrome” and felt she no longer needed her husband. Facing divorce is ugly and this couple went miles past “ugly”. You definitely need to see thier obstacles in action – to avoid them all together. It’s chalk full of warning signs.

Michael Jai White opposite Tasha Smith
This couple was the most animated and dramatic. Their only beef..NO TRUST. The Mrs. didn’t trust her husband and almost shot the garnder and the maid because of it. lol! It’s full of miscommunicative comedy/drama. The wife is accusatory and over reacts to everything, but it seems she does so to keep the attention of her husband. She’s sexy but it’s obvious her trust has been shot due to her spouses past infidelities. He certainly has his work cut out for him in rebuilding her confidence and strengthening their union. This relationhip chemistry will crack you up. Enjoy & Learn.

Lamman Rucker opposite Jill Scott
Recently married, a new child and a recent move from Colorado to Atlanta seemed like a good idea in theory, but due to bad economics no jobs awaited the Mr. — and it weighted him down like a lead anchor. Stress came in the form of worry. During their retreat to the Bahamas his stress level was increased when his wifes ex-husband showed up uninvited. Matters became even more complicated when his wife went behind his back to secure his future with the a new job. She meant to be helpful, but her husbands pride was issue that was hard to overcome. How many men have that problem?

Richard T. White
This young man was the ex-husband to Jill Scotts character and not only did he bust up the retreat in the Bahamas, because he had “the right” as a member of the timeshare deed, but a declining health issue made his situation far more serious. Alone and ill is no way to live…and served as a perfect segway for his re-entrance into the clicks life.

If you’ve ever read my thoughts – then you know I’ve not ever been a Tyler Perry fan.
However, post seeing this delicate and intricate balanced film – I’m a fan of “the man”.

Unless you’re a writer/filmmaker – you may not understand it all too complete
but to Write, Direct, and Produce is quite the phenomenal feat.

So my respect is intensified for the filmmaker of such reflections.
Even though I loved this film – I still lack a “love Madea” connection.

She ain’t for everybody – but Tyler Perry is definitely all over the board,
I’m Qui

& this filmmaking thang ain’t easy — God Bless Perry while he’s on the POSITIVE hoard.

“Why Did I Get Married Too” — is quite the moral laiden and helpful score.
Don’t miss an opportunity to go out and learn something new through SUPPORT!

PS…some of the dialogue was cliche and cheesy…but overall, it’s a fun film.