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Shaun T’s 5-Week Plan to Fix Your 5 Problem Areas

Shaun T, creator of the Insanity Workout, is back with a 5-week plan to tighten your most common problem areas. Flush the fat and revamp your butt, thighs, waist and more with his food tips and heart-pumping 15-minute workout!

Shaun T. is an all-around great guy. It appears that he can put the fitness twinkle back in anyones eye, abs or thighs.

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Click here to WORKOUT with Shaun T. EVERYDAY for FREE via online video

Shaun T. is smoking hot and he likes to FITNESS mingle,
and for all who are interested, this cutie is not single.

I bought the INSANITY workout just 3 weeks ago
and I have dropped 4 solid pounds with many more to go.

I say 4 solid pounds because there wasn’t just water weight shedding.
Just Shaun T’s drill instructing and me in-motion and sweating.

I’m slowly evolving my eating habits and trimming up my plate.
I take vitamins and supplements and drink chocolate recovery shakes.

Transformation takes time; it is FITNESS that I am fond of.
Mentality over Reality – like the ever evolving Madonna.

No one does it better – ‘Staying young and looking good.
I don’t mind being Shaun T’s billboard in my neighborhood.

I’m in no rush to drop a few sizes or to even fit into a new dress.
I’m in a marathon for a quality-of-life that weighs 30 pounds less.

I don’t want to be on prescriptions and I don’t want to be cut on,
I’m Qui
working out with Shaun T.
 because I’m ON THAT that INSANITY jones




Mother-of-five who went from size 20 to a size 8 becomes a top body builder

capital letter Joanna Rainey, 45, went on a diet when a doctor bluntly told her she was obese. Until then she had been completely oblivious how heavy she had become.

‘I looked in the mirror I saw a thin woman. In my heart of hearts I knew I was overweight but thought I looked all right,’ she told MailOnline. Problem is, she ruptured two discs after her last son was born while bending over to pick him up.  Joanna says: ‘The doctor told me it was to do with my weight.’  Though she was highly offended, the surgery she needed to relieve the pain, could only be executed if Joanna lost weight…

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Jermaine Dupri Talks So So Def 20 Year Anniversary, His Music Legacy and More

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Producer and record label owner Jermaine Dupri brought southern Hip-Hop to worldwide audience 20 years before anyone realized the future of rap music was in the south. He then added select blends of the smoothest R&B sounds around with a platinum-adorned roster that featured Da BratKriss KrossXscape, Jagged Edge and Bow Wow.

Today the label features Fresco Kane and Anthony Hamilton as two of their most recognizable talents, as well as a stable of musicians who are just a hit away from being a household name.

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VH1 Hip Hop Honors Awards went HARD

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The 2010 VH1 Hip Hop Honors Awards Show

This years broadcast was OUTSTANDING and was a 2 hour show
For the first time in a long time I prayed that time would pass slow.

The span of land distance and variety that was covered
Reminded me of why I’m a Southern Music Lover!

Tonight I was one jamming mother & enjoyed every state and its voice;
To give it up uninhibitedly (without censorship) has always been my choice.

Much like Uncle Luke of 2 LIVE CREW
Did you hear what he told the TEA PARTIERS to do?

[hint: He extended to FREE SPEECH HATERS: An offer to kiss his arse]
Yes sir – Yes ma’am…the Hip Hop Honors broadcast went hard.

Didn’t you love BIG MAN Jermaine Dupree and how the ATL REPPED?
Last years show was strong but this year has got to be among THE BEST!

Organized Noise’s song performers really got down —
I enjoyed the white dude w/the black socks whose skills rocked & “the dance moves” of Sleepy Brown.

I enjoyed Bun B reppin’ the “Lone T” and Mr. Paul Wall too.
I was also entertained by Lil’ Jon “hype man’ing” like he do.

What most excited me was the informative interviews
That served as a great foundation; an educational hue.

J. Prince is a man that I’ve long known could hit the spot
He’s the brain child behind the joints we’ve jammed to through RAP-A-LOT.

Bow Wow Represented — his performing skills were definitely in the house–
Though the party really picked up when we dropped in on VA’s “South”.

Timbaland represented and Missy held it down
Reiterating their position in Hip Hop hailing “the VA crown”.

Pitt Bull flavorfully repped Florida and Trina deliciously thickened the scene
The outfit she wore was leotard short but she kept the performance clean.
The entire production was mean.

Please tell me you saw it? Do tell me you tuned in,
I’m Qui
A pretty happy fan of The VH1 Hip Hop Honors Awards 2010

F.Y.I. — The credits said Fab5Freddy Co-Exec‘d it
…he’s always associating himself with HITS!
Can this guy do anything else besides WIN? 🙂

Facing the MUSIC

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Tomorrow @ 9/8c The VH1 HIP HOP HONORS AWARDS is going down
Set your DVRs (for later review) and activate the surround sound.

They’ll be focusing on the South and the joints they’ve produced;
Highlighting the excitings of Luke, Master P and ol’ Mystikal too.

Not to mention J. Prince, Jermaine Dupree and (flicky-flicky) Timbaland
Jamming in between skitted comical throws by this years host: Craig Robinson.

Lil’ Jon, Gucci Mane and Juvenile will be there
as well as T-Pain, DJ Khaled and doo rag Chamillionaire.
(I’m not sure about the attendance of his hair) lol! 🙂

David Banner, Trina, and Dem Franchize Boys
will be in the house parallelling Organized Noise.

Artists who ‘relate to’ and ‘incite us’ through hip hop tracks
That were created and formulated from the Southern parts of the map.

Tomorrow night we’ll sit back and laugh,
bob our heads and give brotherly dap.

We’ll thank God for the opportunity to relate to a variety of regions
that have all come together in the name of another ‘Honorable Hip Hop Season’.

VH1 Hip Hop Honors Awards — will continue to focus on the music,
I’m Qui
Focusing on SUPPORT — Join me – Be a sport & tune in to it.

The party airs on VH1 Monday 9/8c