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Photo by Rohan Makhecha on Unsplash

Good morning ARIES. This month belongs to you.
So to you and your firsts, I celebrate true.

There’s no sign like ya,’ and I can’t say I know many who thirst
to walk around in your big shoes of insistence on being first.

You are a leader and “admirer breeder;” we do seek you out
because your shoulders are so broad and strong; your heart is stout.

These are good qualities to have in whatever your capacity may be.
This brings to mind “the sultry kind” and one poetically fine lady

with all of the chutzpah  of an Aries and she always comes in hot.
Join me in wishing a Happy Birthday to la Bella Jill Scott: published a piece in 2021
where they researched the Aries and rendered this sum:

Gotta love the Aries. Gotta love Jill Scott.
Gotta love those fires of the first because they never stop.

Today I’m feeling Aries. Today I’m in a mood.
Today is firey and sexy; I’m serving up first fruit.

Jill Scott’s birthday is April 4th and the day after hers
we will all celebrate Sir Pharrel as an Aries, first:

There’s FREEDOM in knowing thyself
and being HAPPY is the essence of wealth.

Diana Ross is an Aries, and while this fact is new to me,
I should’ve known all along – for she is MAHOGANY.

Remember that? Diana has always been BE in action,
she played DOROTHY in THE WHIZ with a young Michael Jackson.

The message is: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. I took many cues from The Whiz.
‘Still marinating in her song today, makes me an ARIES-influenced kid.

What about you?
Yes, today is April Fools Day, it’s true,

but don’t be fooled or filled with too much “prank thirst,”
this season is so much more about the Fibonacci Sequence and “Me First.”

Do you remember that Fibonacci fandangle?
The other name that it goes by is “The Golden Triangle:”

KNOWLEDGE is (for some) a necessary and an easy-to-quench thirst.
The ram is so Golden Triangle; their horn structure screams “ME FIRST,”

or at the very least “Fibonacci.
I’m Qui
and it’s the extraordinary capacity of the ram that has got me.

Good morning Aries. This is your season
and for a Leo like myself peeping “you first” is a Golden reason.

Museful Monday

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Good morning sweetheart. How goes your morn?
I’m up feeling refreshed – waiting on the dawn.

May I get you a cup of jo and a warm face towel?
Would you like an additional consonant? How about a vowel?

Ooo child, the fun that I had over the Fourth of July weekend
included me, fireworks and a rather knowledgeable gentleman.

A really good friend
is always well-worth the spend.

The #ThoughtfulPositions that we find ourselves in…
Museful Monday come hug me; I’m most thankful for friends

that can meet me in thought and inject a win.
This is exactly how I want my week to begin:

I’m SO GONE with thoughts
of overlays that I’ve been taught.

Thank you, o’ relative fun-day.
I remain excited about my Museful Monday’s.

What bringeth you – me, to further top
just what I know is cooking in the shop?

Creativity in my composition has been renewed.
I filled ‘the pot’ with sweet grinds and it brewed.

Good Morning Museful MondayI’m so into you.

You’re strong and firm; comparable to Trinity/thrice.
I commit to sip intellectualism like CROWN ROYAL on ice:

Oh, I  appreciate this day, my life, my health, and my strength,
I’m Qui
Content this morning about my museful friend. Let the dawn begin.



Turned on by…

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lifeThe little miracles that add up to a heart beating all day – strong.
I’m turned on by “the freedom of will,” to choose right from wrong.

I’m turned on folks! Because life is exactly what you make of it.
If good is your base, continue the chase – you’re certainly going to make it.

I’m turned on by knowledge! So I consume it everyday.
I’m always smiling, and question wilding to good minds that come my way.

Hey-ey. How you doin’?” I’m saying in my Wendy Williams voice.
I like the way it feels. Turned on by life — it’s my choice.

Good morning blogosphere world. If you’re reading and breathing, then you’re good,
I’m Qui
Glad to be kicking it with thee. I’m turned on that you stopped by my hood.

Every stimulation isn’t a sexual one, for my nipples did not perk on this cue.
I’m turned on because you’re healthy and strong. I’ve nothing but good love for you.

Qui Turned On Fall2014

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