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A Fan of HANNA

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Season 1 boasts Joel Kinnaman as Erik with Esme Creed-Miles as HANNA; they are running thangs.
Season 2, in the era of Erik AD boasts Mireille Enos as Marissa to bare the brunt of the game.


There’s a lot of pain in every fight scene; the fight choreography is the shiz-nit.
Hanna stays true to reap no rue; bar none, she’s the epitome of a “soldier’s spirit.”

Amazon Prime is responsible for this series and David Farr is an  amazing series writer.
I’m the woman who ran through seasons 1 and 2; I am the poetic piper
and I like her.

The Hanna series is authentic – the cast chemistry pulls the composition tightly together.
I saw HANNA – the film in 2011 and resisted the idea of a series heaven
then David scripted a triple 7.


Are you watching?
I pray a season 3 is in the works for we; I’m baited for the clocking.

As for the video atop, the ANTI LULLABY piece —
it’s the series’ theme song; a Karen O release.

It’s sweet, it’s deep and plays on repeat; it’s messaging strength is strong.
It conveys emotion and tugs at devotion; perhaps another season will come along?

Are you watching the series that is the film namesake of HANNA?
I’m Qui
keeping score and wanting more. I am duly twice a fan of:



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Let’s talk about NETFLIX and all of their streaming…
let’s talk about ALTERED CARBON and it’s layered meanings…

I can’t begin to tackle the narrative series with certain clarity
because I just found it’s broadcast and the concept is “altering.”

The linguistics that encompass this show reflect a united world.
I like it – I won’t lie; I’m a linguistic and futuristic girl.

The protagonist in this piece
is an Asian guy wearing a white sleeve.

Looking like Rick Flag from SUICIDE SQUAD
with Jackie Chan’s moves and BLADE’s old bod.

Yes, Joel Kinnaman plays the series protagonist
who’s been re-bodied and remains on a shortlist

of ENVOY walkers.
Their bodies are weapons – they’re not big talkers.

Hand-to-hand combat scenes that look like video games
and the constant flashes of life before and after – are insane.

Have you seen such a thing?
The concept of avoiding death by dawning a new sleeve?

The body gets old, it can be injured and die,
but future technology is looking to re-home your essence of life.

Kind of like the concept of THE SIXTH DAY,
Joel is like Arnold Schwarzeneggar, in a way –

as in he has been re-bodied
and prefers a brew over yesterdays sake.

The writers have got me; I’m watching Season 1 in a binge.
I’m also concerned about mother Earth and her surface singe.

Fossil fuel is yesterdays rule and must come to an end.
Unless we want to be like the dinosaurs and cause Earth to start over again

without us inhabiting her land. For that would be a problem.
Earth is being mistreated by human issues. We can solve them.

At current, there is a 3-week old fire burning in the AMAZON
set by human beings — so it won’t bring the Apocalypse on,

but it will release MORE CARBON emissions into the air – a fatal falter.
Our air quality on Earth will degrade; our lives forever ALTERED.

But we’re not quite like the Netflix show.
We only have this life and this one body sleeve, yo.

What are we doing?
Earth is not the woman that we want to be screwing.

She is willing to be silent and let you burn and die off.
Thinking about space travel? Today it is not yours to be bought.

PUT THE FIRE OUT. Cease and desist on the idea of making a profit.
God gave the Earth to all of us – before you destroy it, He’ll stop it.

He won’t come back as in bursting through the clouds,
because man has put forth plans to burn mother Earth to the ground.

But He will continue to look after His children who remain fair
and secure a pit for those who support Earth’s fiery land snares.

It’s simple. Think about it for just one minute.
When folks set traps for others, they, themselves fall in it.

It’s old news, its life news. There’s nothing new about this story.
So if you’re wondering if Jesus is on his way? This is no invitation to glory.

This is a tale being told by a man.
If you’re a praying person, God has a plan.

Get in it and get busy caring for your Earth.
Selfish money hoarders, there’s a pit for your girth.

Pray for the world – yes! And remember God is mightier than Gibraltar,
I’m Qui
Up early thinking about CARBON emissions and things being ALTERED.

The bed you make will be your own.
To burn down the AMAZON is to burn down your own home.