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The feel of a Debt Deal

In Griot, News, Politics on August 1, 2011 at 7:46 pm

So a deal has passed the House – and Congresswoman Gifford was present on the floor,
It was really great to see her again as well as to see a bill passed through the door.

I heard the Democrats plight was barely in writes – within the debt ceiling draft.
I heard the Rebub’s got most of what they wanted just short of the donkeys ass.
lol! 🙂

I don’t know if the Senate will pass it. It may not pass the “good for the whole” smell test.
However if they don’t sign it – we’re out of time and could default on our country’s debts.

The Bush tax cuts aren’t everything. They alone can not save this country.
But to not be patriotic and give them up (Repubs) is awfully shady and funky.

The cuts obviously don’t work. No new jobs are being created in any sector way.
30,000 are expected to be laid off by HSBC starting with 800 being cut today.

But don’t take the rich & corporate tax cuts away?

People are losing their grips on the American Dream. People are losing their homes,
While the top earning 2% bank more to spend and Republicans cry “Leave IT alone”.

The Tea Party may be strong in party mind – but John Boenher has the “speaker shine”.
And today the elephant masses got their political asses duly in shape and in line. lol!

So the Bush Tax Cuts survived the bill that passed in the House today,
I’m Qui
wondering what the ends gone be, because August 2nd is 1 day away…

Increasingly Difficult

In Griot, News, Politics on July 27, 2011 at 7:44 pm

If you think the economy is rough, and full bodied unpleasant
It will likely get worst by date: August 2nd

We really need Congress to bi-partisan rise.
We really need Repub’s to get with compromise.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult on the world… What are world creditors going to do
If the USA has to pay there debts in partial payments – like the struggling me and you?

It’s increasingly difficult to understand the wealth gap.
I appreciate the breakdown charts being forth right in that:


There’s a serious wealth gap. MSNBC has produced a graph of 2009 Polls that reflects that Whites have lost 16% of their wealth, making their median house hold worth $113K each while their hispanic counter parts have lost 66% of their financial value (house, cars, bank accounts) and are at a median $6K worth per family. Last and least on the chart is the African American graph. African Americans lost 53% of their financial value and are now at a median income of $5K each family.

Before transcribing those facts, I tried to compose them into griot format
but I just couldn’t find the right words to ‘tact the facts’ like that.
So I gave it to you flat —
wishing it weren’t true, so I could take it back.

But I can’t – so I shant. These are the cellophane times we live in:
Where compromise for the countries rise is comparable to a cardinal sin.

As this country approaches a BROWN majority – stability is fast becoming weakened.
Seems the current majority isn’t for the browner party and wishes the Apocalypse as I’m speakin’.

The Apocalypse isn’t going to happen, and the traps set for most browns to fail
will instead be redirected & counter affective – causing the rich to soon be impaled.

We will all share this sacrifice of hell – be it now or be it later
and the Repub’s can refuse all they want, KARMA is the mother gator.

It’s coming back J. Boehner, though Mitch McConnell is trying to help deflect it.
The president offered 4.7 trillion in cuts and John Boehner said, “forget it”.

Not forgotten, but duly noted and John Boehners seed will soon feel
Just what it means to defer ones dream for a journey that’s selfishly up hill.


It’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore what is so blatantly in our face
If we don’t move towards brotherly love – God’s gonna rearrange the place…
in the most karmaic way.

Obama’s in the white house, trying to balance the deficit
I’m over here doing the same with my change,
but it ain’t amounting to frick.

I’m over here working hard; Good lawd – we’re all trying to make it through,
I’m Qui
Working so much – internet time untouched, in hopes that the mortgage check will go through.
(lest I pack my things and move in with you. Ooo!)

Let’s unite & defeat these unnecessary difficulties.
Call your STATE REP & bid for COMPROMISE (Help)–
every day this week.

…August 2nd is coming…

The PLAN is to PARENT the HOOD

In Communication, Griot, News, Politics, Self Improvement on April 8, 2011 at 9:18 pm

Want some?

How do you grade your electives (governing representatives)? Boehner took to the podium just moments ago and said that a temporary agreement has been reached until the two parties can hammer out the details of the final bill next week.

Whew! No shut down is good news,
however the political games played equate to boo-boo.
Ooo! [holding my nose]

We elect politicians to represent our good,
not to wreak havoc on the middle class or Planned Parenthood.

I just thought I’d drop in and give you a pound,
regarding the governments bureau not shutting down.

Yeah!!!! 🙂

The President is up speaking now – as I type.
He’s pleased to announce the agreement insight.

Business as usual – is the reason for his address.
Political parties uniting tomorrow remains our biggest test.

UNITY is all that the people want and is the easiest way to make progress,
I’m Qui
At ease tonight -but please believe the political squabbling isn’t over yet.