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You’re so sensitive

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Did You HearWhat’s your take on the rash of paranormal series that have infiltrated the satellite TV view? Do you find them enlightening or perhaps entertaining? Have you learned something new? Are there spirits around you?

Let’s do a quick assessment…

Question: Are you a sensitive?
Answer: In general, if you have to ask, you’re not. Most people who are know that they are, and tend to keep it to themselves, or within a small circle of family or friends.

Did you hear about
Giancarlo Espisito’s ghost story or Billy Dee Williams paranormal experience?
I did and they were both pretty jarring.

Believe it or not, most people usually have something about them that attracts activity to them, or so I’ve heard. I have also  heard that people who have had near-death experiences are more likely to experience a heightened level of awareness, sensitivity or sixth sense.  And while that might be true, I personally can’t recall having had any near-death experiences in my life – Thank God.

Question: Are sensitive gifts passed down through genes?
Answer: The answer is scientifically inconclusive.

It seems that most psychics and sensitives may have a like-family member that came before them, (a parent or grand parent), that has (or had during their lifetime) a sensitivity to sixth senses. In my case, it was my fathers grandmother. I remember sitting on the porch with her, (during a day out of school due to asthma) and a young lady walking down the street stopped off to have small talk with her. She talked about quite a few things, but I remember her mentioning that she could not find her purse. I don’t recall my grandmother responding to her, anything in particular, but several days later the same lady came strolling by again. This time she just waved and said, “Hello Mrs. Adele.” My grandmother called the woman over and told her, “That purse that you’ve been looking for is in your closet.” The woman said, “Really? Which one [closet]?” Grams said, “I’m not sure, but you rarely use this closet and your purse is sitting to the right on top of the shelf.” The very next day, the lady came running into the yard screaming my grandmothers name and waving a purse. My grandmother hardly looked surprised or very interested in the story behind the purse, however, I was head over heels about the predication and the find. I was only about 7 years old or so and I was completely blown away. I began to wonder if I should ask her about my black church shoes? I’d misplaced them days prior and mom and dad were really riding me about them…

Question: What if I do have sensitive or sixth sense gifts? Will watching reality shows like Paranormal State and Long Island Medium help?
Answer: If you want to learn how to utilize proper english, you take language arts course. If you want to learn to speak Spanish, you take a Spanish course. If you want to learn how to hone your spiritual gifts, you might want to take a psychic or medium class or you could DVR any one of the satellite flooded paranormal reality shows and learn a few pointers .

Crossing Over with John Edwards was an afternoon show that would come on CBS in the early 2000’s. John Edward is a medium and would enter a room full of no less than a hundred hopeful guests and began doing random readings. It was awesome! But something must have happened, because just when it seemed the show was opening up, gaining a following and a showcasing a decent budget – it was cancelled. There’s wasn’t ever a trailing story that Mr. Edwards was a fake or anything defaming, yet the fact remains – the show is no longer in broadcast or in syndication.

Did the spirits object to signing the television waver or something? I really don’t know, but several other paranormal shows now vie for the  top spiritual spot and I DVR at least two of them. I’m learning…

Question: Where can I find a psychic medium class?
Answer: That’s a good question and actually a pretty easy one to answer, just type your question +  your city and state into a search engine box and enjoy the results of all kind of classes, courses and seminars. You can also inquire about information on such classes at authentic herbal stores. The herbal store clerks seem to know about everything off-of the beaten path. Drop in and inquire.

Me? I’m already pretty sensitive – my friends and family very well know.
I’m Qui
and I’ve got one question for ya, Do You Believe in The Paranormal – yo?

Hunting for a MARRIED Baby’s Daddy

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So she’s a Hunter. Rielle Hunter in particular. Honestly, I’ve met a slew of “hunters” with last names like Smith, Jones, Jefferson, Watson, though it just so happens Ms. Rielle has completely and historically lived up to her surname: Hunter.

Did you catch Oprahs interview?

It started with the cell phone that Rielle bought for her lover
But she recieved a call instead from his wife and childrens mother.
Elizabeth hung up the call and John later called the phone back
And ended it with Rielle — for the time being — THAT was THAT.

But Rielle didn’t quit ‘hunting him’ she thought he should have quit “the presidential campaign”,
Citing “integrity” as his leading reason…this from the mistress? How contradicting and lame.

Exhibiting no shame; the sensational interview didn’t end there,
Rielle had much more dirty laundry of “she and he” — available for share.

She went on to say how she could not “stand and make a vow
before God and everyone else” AND be an “adulterous” cow.
for ’tis has the sting of a low moraled pow!

That’s why her position was single — and she graciously accepts that falling in love was the burden she carried.
Her high morals (about vows) didn’t at all interfere with how she felt about her bf who was married.

She also admitted the two of them never used birth control
and that she didn’t “wish for it” but didn’t mind being on swoll.

I was definitely enlightened by the recollection that Rielle laid
Including how she once pretended she was prego by one of John’s aids.

A wing man stepped up to give the presidential hopeful a courageous hand;
But Rielle said that was a bit low on the pole for her high moraled stand.

When Oprah asked her if she was hurt by John Edwards’ bold faced lie
When he denied their child during an interview he had done with Nightline?

Rielle replied yes, but that she understood
He did what he did –not for the whole– but for his careers good.

Everything was still everything between she and John were off the scene
Until she did that photo shoot and article layout in GQ Magazine.

Reasons why she did what she did were shallowly hid; As her hints were continually dispursin’.
She refused to answer O if there’s a relationship between the two – because she is a private person.[?]
Aside from her 15 minutes of fame searchin’…

When Oprah asked Rielle if she still loved him – she said “yes”;
And when asked if he loved her – Rielle did her best
to convey that she definitely believes he does.
The Mistress is the side kick – what’s she got to do with love?

Since John is no longer with Elizabeth, why doesn’t he just put a ring on Rielle’s hand?
Oh wait! Probably because he couldn’t introduce her to his friends, —esp. if they’re “a married man”.
To analyze and comprehend– is to understand.

If you’re in a long term relationship – never stop “the run or chase”,
I’m Qui
Keep your lover happily occupied
& those scavenger HUNTERs @ bay.

God bless the child that’s got his OWN

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Especially if thier ‘OWN‘ stands for the OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK. Right? God bless the Queen of Talk Show Hosts. We all know she’s retiring from her couched position on ABC in the Fall of 2011, but what then?

Oprah will actually continue to host, but this time it will be a multi-night program on her upcoming network OWN. Yes – She’s got ‘her own’. The show [Dubbed Oprah’s Next Chapter] will air two or three times a week and will feature Winfrey globe-trotting to interview prominent figures. It’s expected to premiere late next year, after Winfrey signs off of The Oprah Winfrey Show in September 2011. OWN is scheduled to launch Jan. 1, 2012 under the Discovery umbrella. Her vision for OWN “is to create a network that inspires our viewers and makes them want to be who they are on their best day.” So in essence, it’s an extension of what she’s already doing. Aren’t you always inspired to be better post an afternoon of O? I am.

The OWN Network will run a variety of shows in series, like:

Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind
This show will highlight stars such as the Black Eyed Peas, Annie Leibovitz and Tom Ford giving viewers a look inside of their creative processes.

Your Own Show: Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star
The show’s focus will be on Oprah teaming up with reality guru Mark Burnett, goes on the prowl for the next big small-screen talent.

Gayle King Live!
(and NO. Larry King is not mad about being the titles inspriation) 🙂 O’s BFFL radio show will go visual. Not much will change in the format of how Gayle does her current radio show or interviews her guests; the only difference is, we’ll be able to see her.

Why Not? with Shania Twain
This series will chronicle Shania’s life since her marriage to music producer Robert “Mutt” Lange ended in 2008 amid reports that he had an affair.

Speaking of “affairs” Oprah dares not to close out her ABC relationship without hosting the mother of former Senator John Edwards illegitimate baby. Mm-mm-m. Television watchers are some nosey folks. I’ll be sure to document the details here on my site if any good juice should spring forth while I’m watching. lol!

Peace and Blessings,
I’m Qui
and it’s nothing like being open and telling.

You can call me ‘the Griot literal O’
I’ll always hook you up with the online flow.
…and now you know.