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The RESPECT Basics.jpg

Yesterday was good to me. I had a merry good time.
Yesterday was Mothers Day and the day was all mine.

I woke up feeling adored; I had my children on my mind.
My children live in different states and each one was fine.

The fullness of the day was substantial and giving.
Happy Monday to all Mothers. Your love is so healing.

Happy Monday to every body that is reading this text.
I’m just up from great sleep; I didn’t wake up vexed.

I have collegiate work to tackle in between my career moves.
I have screenplay dialogue work pending; I’m happy in my groove.

I tried hard to not watch the news because it keeps getting sadder.
‘We are all born to die,’ says Meghan McCain to Kelly Riddell-Sadler.

Since Kelly  made a joke about John McCain’s vote not mattering – because “he’s dying anyway,”
we have heard no other comments from her, not even a public apology display.

John McCain is an American hero, and he’s here in Arizona fighting for his life.
We don’t always agree on political views, (me and him or you) but I’m praying for his life.

His life. I genuinely care about life.
Will anyone care about you in your trial of strife?

You’ve got to think about that, Kelly. Your job is temporary.
You’re flocking with birds, trying to gain status in the herd;
Your actions are morally scary.
Hmp! I guess your soul has the capacity to carry.

Kelly is a White House Aide who works for the prez and has no kids.
Her maiden name is Riddell, she married Frank; the Sadler surname is his.

No kids could mean that Kelly’s compassion-gene may be nil.
The fact that she would joke about the end of someone’s life is unreal.

And she has yet to publicly apologize.
Kinfolk, we are seeing the destruction of our country’s morale before our eyes.

However, as I sit up in my bed this morning I am slow to rise
because I am not stressed and feeling highly blessed beyond the skies.

I love John McCain, Meghan and Kelly Riddlell-Sadler too.
I felt this was not a new peruse entry but a topic for specific review.

I’m praying for them all and I’m praying for you as well,
I’m Qui
A happy mother on this Monday – shooting notions of immorality to hell.

Pretty Good

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book-reader-stickfigure.gifGood morning good people, I’m feeling pretty good.
The sleep has been sound in my A-Z hood.

The work has been easy; on my lobes it’s been light.
I’m pretty content in my free spirited life.

I’m  also in the editing bay by myself.
I’d like to take the day off, but it’ll wreak havoc on my wealth.

Hey-ey! I can do the math.  🙂 The hours are well understood,
so I strive to be reel productive in my beautiful A-Z hood.

What have you got up on this breezy Friday morning?
I’m up early feeling flowery & girly – no time for the yawning.

I’ve collected a stack of new books — they range in a myriad of topics.
I’ve got a date with a new book marker & we’re gonna ROCK IT!

There’s little that I like better than “going there” via a book.
Reading equates to mind feeding and THAT’S a Pretty Good look.

trump-hugs-comeySo James Comey testified on Thursday afternoon; there was no smoking gun but a whole lot of hooks.
James didn’t lie but rolled over on ‘the big guy,’ and it was a Pretty Good look.

The presidents personal lawyer made a statement after the public session closed their books.
It was written — he read, like he was fed it and it was hardly Pretty Good.

In fact it was weak, but the “stand up gesture” was sweet. He just wanted to rebut.
What’ll be Pretty Good is if we could get out of these woods and render aid to our gaping  cut.

We are bleeding and leaking out.
Twitter chat  and NSA docs are what its all about.

Reality Winner:  She has won a court case!
reality-winner-arrested-for-nsa-doc-leakThanks to misguided-patriotic duty – she’s staring prison in the face.

Patriotism is questionable these days as Reality went about leaking the documents all wrong.
NOTE: Do not consider leaking -ish, without first booking a room with Julian Assange.

God bless folk trying to do the right thing. We still need good folk in every hood.
Take no unauthorized blinks, loose lips cause ships to sink; none of which is Pretty Good.

Thank goodness it’s the weekend. Hang loose and do your ‘thang.
But don’t you go babbling like Arizonas beloved McCain.

He had the last inquiry during the hearing session yesterdayjohn-mccain-2017.jpg
and so help me God, ‘he gave Clinton a nod’ before he drifted away…

McCain later said, it was just ‘sleepiness’ at play.
He stayed up watching the Diamond Back game too late.

Yahhh! And the Maverick limped on, though his inquiry is now transcribed for historical books.
He sounded funny, but the laughter was good for my tummy, so for the Senator, that was Pretty Good.

This weekend will find
me with a new book bind
learning something new.

Though I always feel Pretty Good
when I’m kicking it with you in my hood,
so what will you be up to?

Are you coming through? You really should.
I’ve got an extra book for ya –  and that’s Pretty Good.

Good morning! Good morning! Let me close with a )))HUG(((!
I’m Qui
Feeling Pretty Good about WE. Whatever you do today, please do it in love.

I’m well on my way.


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OMG! It’s been a long time
since I’ve hit you up in Griot rhyme
to talk about the mundane chimes
of our governing political minds
and the sensation of news media headlines.

Well the day is here and I can’t refuse
to lace you up with another NEWS PERUSE:

Prisoner swapping is on the table – I don’t know the Russian Colonels name
that wanted to be swapped out with our POW but it rattled John McCain.

Scott Walker get’s to keep his governing crown
Wisconsin’ers voted to keep him around.

The recall effort was an effort indeed well made,
though it’s official: union congregating is gone away.

Walker’s win may change the way your state bargains with its employees.
Like the right-to-work state of Texas equating to unstable cheese.
You can be hired for 90 days and then given a reprieve
Because “job creators” have a lofty “out clause” ease.

Someone has leaked out war secrets. Someone is a loose-lipped louse.
President O is appalled that folks are pointing to someone in the White House.

The story is surrounding the Cyber attacks and whose in-the-wrong.
The story headlines include Iran and our stealth moving drones…
our secret keeping isn’t looking too strong.

Romney isn’t at CPAC today with Chris Christie and other toast master GOP’s
to talk about stifling the forward futures of folks like you & me.

Ooo Wee. If Romney picks up more rich money – he’ll be a big KOCH & Associates machine.
So me and my friends better donate again to increase Obama’s steam.

Choo Choo!
I’ve got $5 on it — what about you?

The money will add up quick
If you and your friends will throw 5 in the mix.

Let’s make it happen

Former President George H. Bush will be 88 this week.
Regardless of my political party, I think the mention is sweet.

He was our 41st president – I pray God continue to enrich him to remain young.
I wish politics were a game of ALL PROSPER — and not a game of ‘just some.
I’m happy about the Presidents birthday. I wish the ‘royal fam’ lots of fun.
It’s truly an honor to have him pal’ing around at only 88-years young.

There’s really not that much news hanging around to chop at like timber.
Everyone is steadfastly focused on what’s going down in November.

Everyone has their minds locked on their presidential choice.
Everyone will hit the poles November 2nd to resound their voice.

Are you ready for the polls? We’ve only got 4 more months,
I’m Qui
Sealing this NEWS PERUSE with insight, sincerity and fun.

Happy Friday babies. Go out and let your hair down.
Celebrate like you’re Scott Walker – he still wears the crown.
Hate ‘the game’ not ‘the player’. Turn the frown upside down.

4 Legalizing Marijuana

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So far, there are 4 states that are putting Marijuana on the November 2nd ballot. What do you think about that?

Fact is medicinal marijuana is legal – recreational use is not. Currently there are several states who have what’s called decriminalized marijuana. Please know:
Just because something has been decriminalized does not mean it’s legal.

What this means when you “decriminalize” in those particular states is that you’ll be fined a specified dollar amount [kind-of-like the fees that are set for speeding tickets] if you’re caught with a small amount of marijuana, rather than face jail time and a strike on your criminal record. That’s decriminalize.

Now, it’s important to note that even if California votes to legalize marijuana for recreational use, it would still violate federal law to use it in this country. But still, for all intents and purposes, the federal government is not going to prosecute a minor offender. So for practical reasons, this would mean that the legal use of marijuana for recreational use, it would be legal in California.

California’s Proposition 19 would pretty much legalize retail sales of the drug for recreational use. That’s right, if the voters go for it, what once was called the gateway drug, the so-called evil weed that allegedly led to cocaine, heroin, ruined lives and sent thousands upon thousands to jail could – suddenly after all these years become OK to consume in California. The three other states with pending legislation: Oregon, South Dakota, and Arizona are looking to either legalize marijuana for medical purposes or to modify the medical marijuana laws they already have in place.

Forum rumors have it that the proposed tax on a “legalized produce purchase” may be as much as $50 per every ounce. Could you imagine purchasing an ounce for $50 and paying $100 because of THE TAX? Well, it’s either that, or be taxed with jail time if you’re caught. lol! Some one else commented in a forum “Weed should be free. It grows everywhere, hence the name….” then they sarcastically sum their comment up with ” ‘they bought the water – sell them the weed’.”

What do you think about this new supplemental tax idea? Do you think it will lift deficit burderns state-by-state?

When debts are due – money is the only remedy –
Wether you’re pushing (fatal) fast foods or selling weed…

A States survival is at hand – with ends that need to be met.
So If weed is to be sold, please let it grow in a hydro set.

If we’re going to tax Gods GOOD Green – I don’t mind getting “a reciept for show”.
But if I’m paying a $50 tax per ounced bag – it bet’ not be DIRT from MEXICO.

California is obviously low on funds as is Oregon, South Dakota, and John McCains A-Z,
I’m Qui
Saying Oui! and good luck to the states looking to ballot VOTE in November on weed.
[TX– EARLY VOTING Dates: 10/18-10/29]