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The Tide of The Teeth

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tide-rolling in.gifWhen I say, “the tide“, I’m speaking in metaphor for ‘the mood.’
I’ve been over here educating myself on the future and sitting on news.

The future of the tides that are charted to roll-in;
seems like they would come with a caution to the wind and a whole lot of gin.

Well, honestly, I’m not a drinker,
but God bless the child whose a habitual thinker.

I confess that I am her. Good thoughts cannot be bought.
But if you’re stuck on thinking about being in a rutt
’tis leads to stress and stress — we shall

Right? It’s good advice; avoid stress and pull through.
Perhaps you’re still curious about why I’m sitting on ‘news?’

Perhaps you’re curious as to the news in specific?
Well, I may as well face it – fam I’m getting braces
and pray my accessory not look horrific.

This is going down in a couple of weeks. I can no longer live in denial.
I’m going to be eating metal soon, especially when I smile.

And I suppose that’s okay, given the alternative way;
the longer that I avoid braces, the longer I’m succumbing TMJ.

Braces are the beginning of the process to correct my lower lateral crossbite.
I am told when I sleep, I grind my teeth all night.
The day-after headaches are out of sight.

After bracing my smile for about six to nine months
jaw surgery will follow to correct my mis-bite crunch.

Recovery time for surgery will be about a year.
Though I’ll be back to normal post-op, as week two nears.

And let’s be real, if someone is going to unhinge your jaw and put it back in place
a few features may slightly change about your face.

Yes. I have heard, I have researched and am finding it to be true,
that jaw surgery heeded when it is needed may leave a more symmetrical you.

However, before the surgery is approached,
the braces will move my top jaw goalline post.

underbit.pngFrom what I understand to be right
is that a week before surgery I’ll have a forward underbite.

I’ve been told that it may be noticeable too.
:/ Hm. I suppose that’s when I’ll pull back on selfie views.

What about you, kinfolk, have you ever heard of such?
I really don’t want to undergo surgery but this crossbite hurts too much

every time that I mis-chew.
This factors in well at my success to fat lose.

Because my TMJ is so kick-arse bad —
I mostly eat soft foods, as not to make my teeth mad.

It’s true. It’s true.
Therefore losing 30 pounds was easy to do.

And now comes the moment where I have to face it,
I can’t eat applesauce alone, for life; I have to get braces.

This is what has consumed my thoughts all weekend long.
I’ve since prayed up and am back to feeling strong.

I wanted a 12th opinion to say the last eleven doctors were wrong.
Instead “Getting Braces is Key” are the lyrics to my new theme song. ūüôā

What we do
to control our truths.

Ol’ appleasauce has been a hero in pulling me through
when pizza and juicy burgers caused me to mis-chew.

Ouch and ooo! I mean, really. It’s true and have you ever?
I’m Qui
Still about steak and hard candy on my plate. I suppose the braces approach is clever.


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Qui_Future Concentration Apr2014Did you ever play that child hood game called CONCENTRATION (not the board or card memory game)? It was a sing songy game that included synchronized hand clapping between two or more lads. The sing-songy words of the game are:

Doody wop! [clap-clap-clap]
Pick it up. [clap-clap-clap]
My name. [clap-clap-clap]
Your name. [clap-clap-clap]
People. [clap-clap-clap]

The moral of the game was name introductions. ¬†Once it was your turn to speak, you’d say:

My name [clap-clap-clap]
Is [clap-clap-clap]
Qui [clap-clap-clap]

Then the others would chime in and say:

Hello [clap-clap-clap]
Qui [clap-clap-clap]

and we’d move on to the next person in line to introduce themselves. It was a great social ice breaker and charged each kid to¬†concentrate on new introductions. When building upon a new foundation (adolescent mind or a business), concentration is key.

As an adult who owns her own business, I have very few friends in my career circle of whom I can clap hands with in¬†a game of productive and creative concentration. I’m okay with¬†that. Concentration is flexible. I spend a lot of ¬†it on my reel journey, with the confidence that destiny is being served and that¬†my work will be here¬†to help propel you to the next level – tomorrow.

5-4-3-2-1 it’s all about ACTION with me! I’m focused on #The Future.

Concentration1 happy divider

Good people, I am concentrated and focused on my purposeful journey.
Every man should live out his purpose before resting on the gurney.

It’s good to embrace others, but not more than you embrace yourself.
Stay concentrated in your purpose and worry not about the wealth.

Your purpose is a good one, look at your actions and figure out what it is.
Then concentrate on self improvement and use your good vibes to build a bridge.

Concentrate on your purpose and put into it what you’d like to receive in life.
I’m Qui
Concentrating on my purpose, and the advice that I divvy via these griot writes.

I pray they yield you productive thoughts Рfor this is my bridge construction.
Concentrate on the good and brace yourself for the good eruption.

Me? I’m just a positive pushing Ms.
and there is absolutely  no toll to use this bridge.

I bid thee safe passage on your journey relation.
It’s good to mix and mingle but live in Concentration.