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Judas and The Black Messiah

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I learned a lot about the Black Panther era during the film’s debut; it was squarely in our face in documented view. A moment filled with pain; I do not condone violence. I sat in the media room in silence. I felt uncomfortable at times and I squirmed in my seat to see prejudices rule the day and so much hate in the streets.

As much as I’d like to say, “Thank God that today things are not like the film portrayed,” I have to ask myself “how much have things really changed? The film’s point of view is a reflection of humanities pain and militant gun play is not ever a game.

The way the community was at odds with and targeted by the police, is not my idea of united peace. A great deal of my viewing time was spent feeling un-eased.

The title: Judas and The Black Messiah, could have easily been called “The Prejudiced Pariah.” I enjoyed the film, but the storyline anchored on war a bit too much for me. To the point that I remarked, “Damn! I can’t deal with history?” Fortunately for me, I was not in a theater but was home, watching tv.

The whole “sell-out” plot gave me a big headache – it was sobering to remember the film is truth-based. It’s the same storyline from the Bible days, but Judas is a descendent of slaves. In the end Wild Bill was also paid. In the end Fred Hampton was also slain; much like Julius Caesar, Fred was betrayed.

The cast of actors and cinematography were on point – it was a 5-Star joint, and well received. History is what it is, and I pray that we not ever repeat.

Let us heed history and not be doomed. For a rainbow coalition of love, there is always room. Still, I am grateful for those in my community of old, who assembled to demand respect for our community of Black souls. Though to build-out on violence should not ever be a goal.

Kudos to the writers, directors, production crews, and set designing cast. The recreation of Chicago during the 1960’s was on full blast. Hair, make up and wardrobe was authentic and real. The clothing and lingo had a “my parents era” appeal. I enjoyed the familial view and feel.

American Black History can look quite ugly at times, no matter how much you try to dress-it-up in reel or rhyme.

Dare I say that I appreciate it? I do indeed. I also choose to not repeat history, therefore I’ll heed.

America is beyond-due some serious unity. Most people seek to be loved, to live happy and be carefree. There’s a Judas in every community – that dude is a fungus/ that dude’s a yeast. The film hit me hard — it’s an effective beast. All kinds of inference did fall upon me.

An effective story will yield you to think – I am thinking for reel,

I’m Qui

No fan of Judas’ or “sell-outs” but technically, I am a fan of this film.


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What do you know about ROBERT SMALLS born of Beaufort, SC? He was an American politician, publisher, businessman, naval pilot, and is Key Black History.

He was known to parallel words like crafty and quick-thinker; an off-the-cuff intellectual with unmeasurable gall. May 1862  he commandeered a Confederate boat and navigated it through a militarized pass-through with no hurt, harm or stall.

He surrendered the commandeered boat to the Union side. He then shared his notes of dangers ahead that lie.

He worked with both the Army and Navy; providing both with direct intel —  flag officer Du Pont at Port Royal spoke of Robert well. 

Du Pont wrote a letter to the Navy Secretary — stating, “Robert transports intel better than a charted ferry.” Okay, perhaps he didn’t say it quite like that. Wikipedia published the quoted fact

Robert, the intelligent slave and pilot of the boat, who performed this bold feat so skillfully, informed me of [the capture of the Sumter gun], presuming it would be a matter of interest.” He “is superior to any who have come into our lines — intelligent as many of them have been.”

Robert worked much for the Union and lived to be 76-years old. He sought out a Navy pension but was denied because of his Black soul.

That was a cold response and I’m sure that it hurt like “ouch!” So before he died, a law was passed and the pension compensation was worked out.

God was with Robert for his entire life, as each adventure unfolded and happened. God turned up for Robert in the end, he was awarded pension comparable to a Navy Captain.

It was a backroom-move that was hard to pull through. I’m glad that it happened, it’s a Key part of American Black History truths.

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Of course you’ve heard of FRED HAMPTON. How could you not? He was one of the BLACK PANTHERS who the FBI shot. Per the statement on the periodical picture. Fred Hampton was only 21 when he crossed-over but is a revolution icon fixture.

Fred was a Virgo, which means that he was smart. His fashion reflected respect, he was sharp and operated with heart.

He was a leader in the Black Community. The Black Panthers were formed to protect and support Black unity.

Black people make up a small percentage of the USA; 13.4% is true.  — And we’ve always been in need of protection, too

I said, “too,” because sometimes it looks and feels — like requesting protection for Black people is a journey up hill.

To Protect & Serve” is a saying on a sticker. We only call 911 if MiMaw gets sicker. 

We’re learning to not call the cops for mental illness issues for a fear of who will answer.  We’ve seen time after time, unarmed Blacks being gunned down like Black Panthers. Epic shooting is not the answer. Internal ill-will festers and gives way to cancer. 

People fear what they don’t understand… like the Black Panthers and Fred Hampton —

Michael Brown, George Floyd, and Travon Martin. They are all Black people, not warrior Spartans.

The Black race is not a parallel to martians, we are human just like everyone else. Today we feature Fred Hampton because his legacy is our community wealth

We are still seeking security in our own communities, our homes and self-owned work places. Oscar Micheaux could never be my reel beau, I’m leaving reel progressive legacy traces.

There are too many Micheaux’s and not enough honest-broker Joe’s when it comes to Black-on-Black collaborations.

We have to be good to ourselves and our own community, if we are to ever be considered an asset to this nation.

On a whole. Careful to not be selfish and sell your soul. Careful not to be unseemly or cause a riot. — Which brings me to todays debut of  JUDAS and The Black Messiah:

I believe this film opens in movie theaters today as well as on HBOMax. — I’m pretty sure I’ll be viewing it, too; it’s perfect reel in the Month of Black.

The weekend is upon us and I’ve got several irons in the fire,

I’m Qui

A research-and-writing she. To leave an inspiring legacy is my desire.

We are

I saw the film, and here’s my take on it…