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Aaron McGruder

BLACK JESUS deserves a good word over Aaron McGruder’s reflective skill.
If you were a fan of The BOONDOCKS? Black Jesus yields the people something they can feel:

A wing & a prayer. But is the wing smoked or fried?
Be curious. It’s fun – not serious. Go ‘head, do stop by.


Porsha, Kandi, Kenya, NeNe, Eva, and Cynthia

Real Housewives of ATLANA remind me to not ever settle in life.
Porsha, Kandi, Kenya and Eva make business & pleasure look tight.


Marlo and Tanya

I love Cynthia Bailey’s full-bodied hues,
Marlo’s gall and NeNe’s boutique-boo.


Tanya is the coolest new cast member to be dug.
Bravo is serving melanin and BLACK HISTORY love.

You gotta’ support that.
Dimensional views of dimensional Blacks.


Enter a caption

IYANLA is Fixing Lives via broadcasts on
Black life is dysfunctional and fixing it ain’t fun

but it is crucial.
Broken love proves to be futile.

Call on Iyanla or another counselor whose work parallel’s.
Be sure that they are in your best interest. Do vet them well.

Go ‘head, sit on the couch for a spell and wipe a little snot.
It’s better to do it with Iyanla than to loose your cool with SWAT.

A-Shemar-MooreHave you seen Shemar Moore in SWAT? Season 3 adds to his capacity tally.
Too bad he won’t be present in the  CRIMINAL MINDS finale.

Multi-Media PLAYERS make multiple multi media moves.
Give-it-up for the roster and continue to respect their grooves.

Me? I remain supportive, sending up several wingsprayers,
I’m Qui
Chronicling the legacy of


Me and Dem Girls!!!

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DemGirlsNo! I’m not talking about the bosom, though I’ve been known to refer to my own  as ‘DEM GIRLS’; however, today I am talking about The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Have you been watching this season?

Cat Clawing. There’s still a lot of it. Talk about sensationalism — they have it! It’s the beauty of the bosom and the bottom; the roster ingredients produce a yummy and volatile chemistry. It has a Y&R feel, except not quite as scripted.

Easy on the eye – Hard on the palate. We curse like sailors. I hope I didn’t offend any sailors in saying that, but it’s true. I have found, in my short research, that the women folk really know how to eloquently throw together a run of meaningful curse words.

Head Game. There’s a lot of head game on exhibit in this reality show and I like it. Oh don’t go feeling sorry for any of the players – this is business. This is not real life, but more like an improv show. I dig it. It’s working and they are getting paid for it. I call that: Good Head Game. Any other kind of head game is futile. Speaking of “good head game,” have you caught an episode of Kandy Koated Nights? It’s  Kandi Burruss’ webisode. Check it out HERE.

Business Women. Each of these women know that their role on this roster is crucial to their financial bottom line, so if that means they have to create and throw shade to insure they all get paid… What do you think they’d do? I’d say they all have a good understanding of their roles and are mastering the art of execution because The Real Housewives of Atlanta is no where close to slowing down; there’s “business” on every episode.

MeI’m a low key moma, but I do like watching Dem Girls and that improv drama. Their fashions are kicking and the talent is plenty. I see myself in one; I see myself in many.


Me and Dem Girls — yeah, I’m hoisting them up,
I woke up to watching 5 DVR’d episodes in the cut.

I took fashion notes and grabbed some home decor ideas.
I know I’m in Arizona, but I love that southern appeal.

I’m duly from the south and the interior of my home doth reflect so,
I’m Qui
Kicking it with Dem Girls — on channel BRAVO, if you didn’t know. Oh!