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Word and Deed

In Communication, education, encouragement, Griot, Music, Video on May 21, 2022 at 3:15 am
A Refreshing Combo | Photo by Rirri on Unsplash

Your word is your word,
stand on it and it will be heard.

Your deed, started with a word seed.
It’s what you do; it’s how you heed.

And now you know.
Let this be Word and let your good Deeds show.


Word to the wise is life is fluid.
No one lives forever so, if you desire it – do it.

To live your best life has got to be top goal.
What does it profit a man to gain the world if he loses his soul?

Uh-un. Don’t do it. That’s not your goal.
Follow not man or today’s clan; your life is gold.

Karma will always be what it says…
Thinking of being a deviant? Get it out of your head.

Thinking of positively changing thing’s up?
Love on your neighbor and divvy a hug.

Wrap your arms around them with no space to lack.
And don’t be surprised when they hug you back.

Folk are looking for a reason to show their intimate side.
Wave as you maneuver through traffic and watch folks wave back “hi.”

Words lead to Deeds. Say what you mean and then do it,
I’m Qui
A Word and Deed she, who loves to proclaim and then go through it.

…manifest it like you choose it.

In The End

In #SeveralLayersDeep, Communication, education, encouragement, Griot, Networking, News, Politics, Science, Self Improvement on December 31, 2021 at 8:05 am
Photo by  Kévin Langlais and Mr Xerty on Unsplash

Good morning, Goodness, please be here today.
Folks in Colorado woke up to a fiery-wind blaze.

A new uprooted phase. What will we do now?
Don’t box with nature: fold, calf, bull, or cow.

The consuming herd of the world is in a bottleneck,
disrespecting mother Earth and her healthcare checks.

We wanted this, we wanted that, we do, we don’t, we will, or maybe.
We have wallowed in self convenience to the point that peril eaves our safety.

Hm. What to do? What to say?
My first inkling is to pray.

Are you still down?
I put prayer against the biggest clowns.

Be it the weather or that dude bullying, folk?
I give it God; so easy is His yoke.

Let’s hold hands right quick — and turn to God,
let’s ask Him for clearance above the fog.

If Earth’s actions are mimicking us,
her trajectory should change if we implement more love.

Mother Earth is acting like a person…kind-of, sort of.
Yielding unseasoned behavior, i.e., our karma.

Not looking or feeling so good about
the pains that we’re enduring from giving Earth gout?

But is there something that we can do to lessen karmas venge?
Isn’t life about, “not how you start it, but how you end?

I think so. Therefore, I’m all in.
Earth is hurt and she needs a friend.

Remember Seasons? Live Science

Colorado, Colorado. Don’t let your love be spotty.
Remind Earth of your appreciation for ‘the cool-capped Rocky’s.

Law Makers: increase emission standards and let the feds put into place,
whatever laws need to be born to protect the Earth and the Human race.

Let’s do it. The sooner we acknowledge our wrongs,
We’ll be able to teach the youth how to finish out strong.

Let’s harken out a call for the four seasons to return.
Let’s drastically reduce all emissions that fuel ozone burn.

We can do it.
Colorado’s on fire today, but we’re all going through it.

Good health is being burned away like particle-to-sun
in the global face of COVID’s strain: Omicron.

Did you know that disease can be undone? It can.
Most diseases that we suffer were brought on by man…

Shall we say more prayers and wash our hands, then collectively turn away from sin?
Thus yield more land and health for man… Isn’t that what we all desire IN THE END?

The fires in Colorado look like “the end” to many who read
the Bible’s book of Revelation; a chronicled seed…

I know, I know.
But God’s mercy is still good to go.

We don’t have to choose this row to hoe
because God’s mercy is on-deck and good to go.

Lean on Him, trust in Him and bring along with you, a friend.
I’m Qui
It won’t be magic, but “us working at it”, to rectify our ails IN THE END.

I’m on team: MAN + EARTH = BEST FRIENDS.”
If we work to heal Earth, I know that she’ll be here for us IN THE END.

Working together will not only heal the weather but distribute a vibe that “WE ALL WIN.”
If you’re down, this is the perfect time for us to join forces and begin.

I already told God that I’m bringing a friend…

Good Morning o’ Goodness

In News, Science, script writing, Self Improvement on April 26, 2021 at 8:04 am

Good morning o’ Goodness. How do you do?
I’m finally up this morning and I’m thinking about you. 

I went the whole weekend with my head in research.
Being a nerd is what’s really word; my brain reveals lobe-girth.

Art imitates life whenever it is necessary to make a fine point.
So, I interview folk who parallel the characters in my scripted joints.

My scripted joints are inspired by life, kind of like the compositions of FARGO.
Society functions under a guise until society realizes the guise must go.

And it is there where I am inspired to write, yo.
There’s a right for every wrong and karma is always good to go.

Though beyond the writing, what else is there to be done?
Tell me, does building an empire sound like much fun?
What about when you realize that it has got to be done
if you intend for your residuals to go the long run I do intend, hon.’

Mindful I am to dot every “i” and cross every “t,”
if I am to build lasting wealth for my legacy.

In addition to all that I have going on,
you, o’ Goodness are my favorite jones.
No matter what’s on my agenda, you have it going on.

For an opportunity to leisure with you — I’d yield myself prone
and chronicle a piece that feels like a song:

I’m loving you “AS.” — Yes!
  Stevie Wonder conveys it best.

Oh, Monday, I do love you so.
I enjoyed the suns rise while sipping Cafe Bustelo.

The sun came up beautifully and it was well worth the wait.
What good are you nourishing to fruition on this day?

I hope you did kneel and pray before leaving the house.
Mondays are fundays with tendencies to louse.

I pray “louse” misses you
while goodness & opportunity kisses you.

When you kiss us back please make mine sweet,
I’m Qui
Good Morning o’ Goodness today is where creative congealing meets.