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santa-is-coming_5153023_GIFSoup.comThe ladies have an awesome view of collective vision at the ABC Daytime Show round table. Please tell me you caught The Views HOT TOPICS discussion Tuesday morning? No? It was a repeat of the December 4th broadcast, (the day after the NO INDICTMENT VERDICT for the officer that killed Eric Garner). So, you didn’t see it? Well you’re in luck. The broadcast was so HOT and HEAD ON that I could really go on and on about it all day, but rather than paraphrase it for you, I’m going all out. I’ve transcribed it, so that you don’t have to miss a word. Whew! Good stuff.

Sit back, grab a cup of jo – read and get into the know.

12-04-14 Broadcast – Rebroadcasted 12-23-14, 10:00am – 10:13am

WHOOPI: Let’s get right to this, because this is the story that’s on everybodys lips, you know one-week after Ferguson – their verdict, New York grand jurers cleared police of any wrong doing for killing Eric Garner. Now when you heard this, were you kind of surprised, that this was their verdict?

CINDY LAUPER: Well let me just preface this by saying this one thing really quick, there are a lot of policemen who are really dedicated and they are good good cops but there is also an element of people who are bullies and to me, those kind of people should not be police officers. They are in the service, undercover. And I was proud of those kids last night, ’cause you know we were at tree,

ODONNEL:  Yes, and you were fantastic!

CINDY: Thank you, but it was Billy Porter.

WHOOPI:  Billy with the hat. I love it.

CINDY:  Billy looked good. That was Billy Porter from Kinky Boots. Every Christmas. Yes! He won a Tony for that.

WHOOPI:  Yes he did and you won a Tony for writing it, not that we’re bragging.

CINDY:  No, but thank you.

NICHOLE:  Can I just say that I’ve been like, a fan of yours forever and I can’t believe I’m sitting next to you, this is so totally cool. I love it. I love it.

CINDY: Well, it’s like Christmas for you.

PEREZ:  Well I thought, with Eric Garner, when I saw it was that, New Yorkers are forward thinking people and I was disappointed. I was very, very disappointed. What I wasn’t disappointed in was the protestors. They kept their cool and they stayed on course.

NICHOLE: Let me just add, the protesters were magnificent last night and the NYPD had a banner night last night. The NYPD could have taught a master class last night on HOW TO RESPECT THE PROTESTERS. I was out at Macy’s with my 2.5 year old last night and I was glad that the protesters had the freedom to protest, to shut down the West side highway. But I was also glad that police sort of  kept them away because tourist don’t know our ways and you know, I thought the police could have done a master class last night on How to really respect the will of the protesters and keep some order in our massive city. It was a good night for New York city.

ODONELL:  Yes. They worked really hard, although you know, sadly, I did expect this to be the verdict.

CINDY: You did?

ODONNEL: I did. I said it yesterday in the meeting, this is what I expected and it’s sad to me to live in an America and expect this to be our democracy. And I feel that there was a grave injustice. Not only that, but there were minor charges that could have been filed: assault. We have had to watch this man die on television.

PEREZ: Over and over and over again.

ODONNEL:  And overtime it breaks my soul just a little bit more. And as I was sitting on the couch with my god son and my daughter, watching it, I just started to cry, and my 12 year old asked me, “Mommy why are people racist?” and I really didn’t have an answer for her.

NICHOLE: You know, in his testimony he said that he ‘put his hands on Mr. Garner, in a maneuver taught to him at the police academy.’ I mean, if that’s true we need to change what we’re teaching police officers, because I don’t think anyone who saw that… this was — there also seems to be complete absence of judgment. He wasn’t — they weren’t engaged with each other because of a violent crime that had taken place. He was selling loose cigarettes. There has to be some trigger…

ODONNEL: He had none on him.

NICHOLE:  The way this would have ended if all of this had gone according to code, would have been with a written ticket. So I didn’t see anything on camera that interfered with the police officers ability to take out a ticket, a pen and write a ticket. So, I think it’s more than just this incident. This is just the one that breaks our heart today, but if his testimony is to suggest that they are taught this maneuver in an encounter that doesn’t begin with anything violent or threatening the neighborhood, that needs to change.

PEREZ: But it was on camera! It was all on camera! You think in Ferguson, there are these questions , we weren’t there, we really didn’t see what happen — which is a reason for an indictment! You know so we can go to trial– but here it is on camera and we’re talking about putting cameras on policemen. And I understand the outrage, because it’s like ‘well what would be the point?’ If you have it on camera and we saw a man die.

ODONNEL: And we need to have a bigger conversation.

NICHOLE: There’s a federal investigation going on.

ODONNEL: But it shouldn’t have to go to that point right? The conversation about systemic racism in the United States needs to be opened up for all of us in a dialogue;  not just when atrocities like this happen but all of the time because it’s prevalent in America and we need to look at ourselves.

NICHOLE: And I think it’s a broader conversation. I think its also about ‘what are our police officers are being taught to do.’

WHOOPI: And I, I don’t know. For me, it’s just like, I’m sorry, the coroner said, you know, listen, ‘yes  – he was overweight, Mr. King.’  Yes he was an overweight gentleman, but he could have lived if he was just standing there Peter King. You see, the coroner said, he died because he couldn’t breath, which he said 11 times and also, the fact that he was asphyxiated — now, I get maybe, you weren’t sure or all of you who said, ‘ he was overweight and that’s why he died,’ — that’s NOT why he died. He had been overweight a long time and walking around, okay. So, if you hadn’t sat on him…

NICHOLE: Can we explain who Congressman King is…

ODONNEL: Sadly is from Long Island and I’m embarrassed to say that he is from Long Island.

NICHOLE: I’m a fan of Peter King, but not of what he said yesterday. He suggested that the death was because of his [Eric Garner] size.

PEREZ: He didn’t suggest, he stated.

NICHOLE: He stated.

WHOOPI:  Look, the idea of having heard people say, ‘no we don’t do that practice anymore, a practice that stops you from breathing is an issue, I think. Now maybe I’m crazy. Anything that allows people to take you under here [placing her forearm under her chin – as if to constrict breathing], and pull you back is an issue.

NICHOLE: And step on your head…

WHOOPI: And step on your head. Why didn’t anyone else [say anything], how come there were no other people?

NICHOLE: Why weren’t those other people guilty?

WHOOPI:  I don’t understand why everybody wasn’t up [on charges]. I heard rumor that maybe they were given immunity. I don’t know that for a fact, but that’s what 3 or 4 of the outlets have said.

PEREZ: I like what Mayor Bill Deblasio said when he stood up. You know he is married to the first lady who is an um…

WHOOPI: black – she’s a black lady.

PEREZ:  She’s a black woman and their son is mixed and he understands first hand and it’s sad. What,  [does] everyone have to have a mixed child or a child of color to understand? You know, and I think that what he was saying…

NICHOLE: I don’t think that’s the case.  The protesters were a beautiful diverse group of protesters on the street last night…

PEREZ: That’s not what I’m saying. No, no no. I’m not saying that.

WHOOPI: Clarify what you’re saying. Go ahead.

PEREZ:  What I’m saying is, is that there are a lot of people who don’t understand what people of color go through. And it usually is that when you have an offspring of color and you’re not then you go ‘Oh! I get it!’ –that’s what I’m saying, in a deeper way.

ODONNEL: I agree, and the bottom line, is do we have equal justice in America, under the law? Are don’t we? And after these grand jury verdicts, we need to discuss that in a way to resolve it.

WHOOPI: Or maybe we need to discuss who’s on the grand jury and how it’s being done. Because, I’m sorry, what it sounded like to me was the same exact thing that was said in Ferguson. It almost sounded word-for-word apology suddenly sounded much like we suggested it should and I was like.. ‘You know, you’re missing the point, you still can’t say, “I did this. This is what happened because I was over zealous.” See, I…

NICHOLE: He did say that thought, the officer said, ‘It was never my intention to harm or injury anyone,” and the grand jury was made up of,

CINDY:  Then he shouldn’t have stepped on his head.

NICHOLE: Listen I agree, but you were talking about “saying the right thing,” and this grand jury was diverse.

WHOOPI: Yeah, I don’t see, I know we have to wrap.

CINDY:  It’s not The Hunger Games.

WHOOPI:  It’s not and also I think it’s also a much bigger thing – it’s much bigger than race. It’s about whose out there protecting us and whose doing their background checks? Whose saying, ‘Hey you know what, you should be getting some help before you become an officer.’ Where’s is that? You know? I don’t know. You know what? I’m hot. We’ll be right back with more HOT TOPICS.


The ladies of The View took this week off for Christmas, I pray the mayhem follows suit. 


divider blk_south

The people don’t like the tally of police brutality, so they protest in peace.
The police seem to take issue with the people taking to the street.

We, the people, have an issue with the police taking unarmed lives.
Our plight: that justice acknowledge the wrongs and make right.

We, the people are up for this HUMANE fight.
Protest in LARGE VOLUME. We’re doing it For LIFE.

I’m a lover of life and I will not stop.
My heart was further broken by the killing of two cops.

My heart is still aching because I fear this
more lives will be lost, thwarted — dismissed.

Whether cop or civilian, my love is the same.
Karma serves all – please stay out of her lane.

Live by the sword, die by the sword — you know the line.
I respect your life and your journey. Respect mine.

We can do better. We all know it’s a choice.
Be not offended by the plight in your brothers voice.

Be not trigger happy and he won’t return the same.
Acknowledge and stop this. We all deserve change.

It’s Christmas Eve 2014 and so many are crying this morning,
I’m Qui
Praying for us all. It’s the best thing to do following that ‘wake up yawning.’

This holiday, consider being good to yourself by being good to someone else.
The gesture will come back to you in spades. You win.
We all win!!

A Happier Intent

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As my birthday rolls around and I prepare to celebrate,
I recognize there are others who cease to resonate…

Robin Williams fell by the way side — headlines read “Comic down!”
And don’t forget to send up a prayer for the slained teen, Michael Brown.

Life is short, I’ve seen and heard.
Depression kills,” says Iago, the bird.

Cops killing unarmed black men is also a hot topic.
God forbid and karma is real. Dear officer, please stop it.

August is the month of good times and fun,
Yesterday has passed, it’s time to get you some.

Wallow not in the sorrows of the day or the moment.
Just give it to God — He’s already on it.

A Happier Intent is what I have charted.
I’m that Leo miss, all inclusive; big hearted.

Sometimes guarded, but I’ve learned to let them down.
Good recognizes good and I give “Good” a pound.

Today is Hump Day, and I can not complain
I woke up in Arizona to thunder and rain.

What a rare moment this is, I am happy for sure.
God knew we were dry, so he sent us a cure.

A Happier Intent, I’ve got great plans today.
There’s just 2 more days before my birthday.

I’m excited about it all – I’m ready to ball. Yep! Yep!
I’m ready to sing CALIFORNIA like my man Mos Def:

I’m going to take my celebration further west
A Happier Intent deserves Cali’s best.

This hump day deserves a compassionate understanding,
I’m Qui
and a Happier time is what I’m commanding. 🙂

The weekend was long enough

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Reaching Out...

Reaching Out…

The weekend was long enough that I got plenty of rest in,
In between mixing and mingling with distant and visiting kin.

We started our Memorial Celebration Friday morning by supporting a Purple heart troupe
that was posted up in front of Basha’s hoping to receive shoppers left-over loot.

I was not shopping at Basha’s, but when I saw the Veterans booth in place – I dipped in
to buy a bottle of Dr.Pepper and get additional change – to make a veteran grin.

As I inserted the folded cash, the veteran began to “appreciate shower,”
and told me that ‘God thinks as much of me as he does’ and then gave me a paper flower.

That was an awfully nice thing to say – a gesture fit to adore,
with humility I smiled, knowing the whole while, “Pshhh! God thinks way more!lol!

What a break-out beginning, I proceeded to celebrate the weekend in fashion
by THANKING every veteran I came across; a genuine and humbling action.

I gave my life a little more thought and realized there was more that I could do,
so I called my USAF Vet dad and offered him to relocate over a state or two.

Dad’s permanent address is still in Texas, and he could use a newer view.
The weekend was long enough for me to not only convince Dad, but his wife too.

I know this is only the beginning but if the weight of Memorial Day is really that strong,
t’is the perfect time to do all that you can to say thanks. Charity begins at home.

God bless me and my good heart, Dad accepted the offer and is gearing up to go.
In a few short months, I will return home, with Dad and Stepmom in tow.

And here we go – life and her challenges will be new again.
The weekend was long enough that I went for the ‘off-the-cuff’ #WIN.

No details are written in stone – this all happened on yesterday.
Today is a win – I’m excited to begin – manifesting good all the way.

I’m not just doing this to help dad out – I’m doing this with my own future in mind.
Careful — how you treat your elders, for in the future, such is yours in kind.

Alas, the weekend is over and Tuesday is duly staring me in the face,
I’m Qui
Happy about it all. I’m on my mark, and ready-set, for this race.

Running for the #WIN
at this new weeks begin!

DON’T make me break my foot off in yo’ ass

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Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 8.55.53 AM— It’s Friday! It’s Friday! It’s the weekend alas!
I woke up this morning with the inclination to laugh.

You remember MAD TV and comedian Artie Lange?
He was always ‘doing the most’ when he was doing his ‘thang!

This was long before our bi-racial President Obama,
when MAD TV saw the genius in a black child with a white mama.

Black mom’s go hard and their unintended comedy can be a gas,
but not as OUT THERE as MAD TV’s white moma, who’ll put her “foot in yo’ ass!”:


DON’T test Evelyn Lozada

Evelyn + Carl CrawfordNow, I don’t have any problems with anyone – I do not have any beef,
But throw shade on Evelyn Lozada and she’ll return with the heat.

It seems like Wendy Williams has been talking a little too much again,
in an effort to beef up ratings, she dug into her “so called friend.”

The friend was Evelyn Lozada — see, she just had a baby,
and Wendy implied that she did it for money – an accusation, quite shady.

You don’t throw shade on a friend. They’re too few of them in this world,
especially when the friend you dump on has sold your husband shoes for his side girl.

Yep! Evelyn took to Twitter and blasted Wendy (in kind) and with all do respect.
And I’m thinking Evelyn ain’t lying, because Wendy hasn’t responded yet!

BOOM! Wendy Williams: Your daytime show does not make you invincible, big or bad.
You’re lucky Evelyn put your marriage on blast and not her foot in yo’ ass:

Evelyn Blasts Wendy Wms


DON’T Disrespect Me & Mine

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.43.31 AMLadies will be ladies and talk, but men, are much more crass,
this next video found a dude selling drugs at work and the boss put his foot in his ass.

Literally. I’m serious. So if you have a weak stomach, please don’t press play,
It’s like a fight between the matador and the bull, but the boss didn’t feel “Ole’!”



DON’T think Karma’s Sleeping

That's 33-year old Jeffrey Travis White giving the video taping motorist the finger before he CRASHED

That’s 33-year old Jeffrey Travis White giving the video taping motorist the finger before he CRASHED

My God, my God, what’s going on here?
It starts outs with a jeer and ends with a cheer.

God doesn’t like ugly and He will get with ya’.
You’re not above reproach, ol’ Karma’s ‘gone get’cha.

When road rage goes wrong and you’re filming the whole ‘thang,
You’re unlimited in pressing rewind to see ‘a fool crash in the rain’:


The moral of the story is, DON’T write a check that you cannot cash,
or the payee may find a viable reason to put his ‘foot up yo’ ass!’

It’s the weekend! It’s the weekend! It’s the weekend alas,
I’m Qui,
Peace and Blessings – It’s real talk, walk-the-walk and laugh.

Good Vibes

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Social Media TreeOkay – okay, it’s rather early in the year
and high time that we toast to our future cheers!

So in keeping with tradition and effective on this day,
‘May many prosperous and wise blessings streamline our way. ‘

‘I bid that thee notice and seize opportunity to
go for what is yours and excel in what you do. ‘

Work diligently within your purpose and encourage others to do so too,
then watch a whole lot of good be boomeranged back to you.

I ought to know, for this is the rule I live by.
The short of it is: Do Good – Get Good. Be a skeptic – give it a try.

Now that, my friend, isn’t a new toast, but certainly something to keep in mind,
I’m Qui
bidding Good Vibes to thee – so thankful to be on your social media vine.

heart divider

In no way, am I vying to be your charmer,
I’m keeping with my core theme – I’m still talking karma.

Inside of The Gated Community

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My neighbors are acting up, there’s conflict in their house.
I really didn’t want to know what all of the details were about.
We live in a gated community we share winds of the same route.
How do you feel about the conflict going on in Syria’s house?

Things at my neighbors house have passed escalating to bad.
I don’t think he’s eating beans, but I hear there’s a lot of gas.

Is someone – anyone going to call 911?
Oh! They already know? Are they gonna come?

divider Black Dots

Inside of The Gated Community resides the oysters and the pearls.
All encompassing, love and ruckus’ing; our neighborhood is the world.

Our subdivision president is soon to go on a class trip –
to which the media is broadcasting dramatic much lip.

It’s the G20 Summit baby and the president’s presence will be on shine.
He’ll meet with Russian LGBT, but yield Putin no meeting time.

President O’s a cool dude, though it’s evident  he took it to-the-chin
when Putin decided not to extradite the U.S. fugitive Eric Snowden.

Word of Putin’s recent dismissal of gay citizens on his Russian scene,
looks to be the juice that sparked the muse of the meeting with LGBT.

divider Black Dots

Aw you know me, I’m just a curious kat
peeping the muscle amidst the steaks fat.

divider Black Dots

New York just celebrated its West Indian Carnival craze,
just as Arizona approaches its annual Brazilian Day.

But did you hear about the Urbina family? Send prayers to help lift their gloom,
they found their middle son Alex bloodied and unconscious in the living room.

Alex Urbina, 17, a national title boxer destined for the Olympics
is fighting for his life from blows to the head from the assaulters hits.

He’s currently on life support – his family is trapped in a surreal blue day.
Police have no suspect in mind. This tragedy happened in Phoenix on Tuesday.

divider Black Dots

Inside of The Gated Community we are still watching ESPN
Mark Sanchez’ 2012 butt fumble continues the WORST rank WIN.

Aaron Hernandez will be arraigned today
for killing his homeboy – he’s pending jail-pay.

When it comes to this story – I really don’t know what to say.
Who’d prefer prison over NFL pay?

divider Black Dots

24-hour news show cycles keep us up on political glory
and everything sensational, like Hannah Anderson’s story.

You remember Hannah Anderson? She was kidnapped by a family friend
who killed her brother and mom before the law brought his life to an end.

And this is where the investigation begins, sure the 16-year old’s story is a successful notion,
however, on every account that Hannah is quoted, it lacks a heart-felt, connecting emotion.

T’was a tragic house fire  that claimed the lives of 2 of her immediate fam
and Hannah’s more concerned with keeping up on Facebook and Instagram. [?]

divider Black Dots

Everyone’s got a tv in this community and the majority of residents are lovers
of CBS’s many eyes in the house of ol’ BIG BROTHER.

The 500th episode aired yesterday
and Amanda was evicted in an “exterminator” play.

Then Elissa backslid – in trying to vote Spencer out,
and that started up the double eviction route.

Double eviction caught Elissa and Gina Marie on the block
and Elissa went packing: yoga mat, barrel and stock.

divider Black Dots

So many interesting things happening to all kinds of folk,
I’m just glad I reside in a home where I get the popular vote.

It’s that NSA behavior that we secretly love in our community
that somehow keeps us all connected in high spy-fashion unity.

Inside of The Gated Community it is the weekend baby,
I’m Qui
Over here on my street feeling like quite the excited lady.
Excited about the days opportunities that surely await me!

divider Black Dots

Be it stranger, foe or friend
Help someone else today in their quest to win.
Like karma – it will all come back again.

divider Black Dots

The Fruitvale Station situation

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fruitvale-station-Oscar Grant & Tatiana

No movie spoilers in this write-up

Well, it wasn’t a feel-good movie.

I did not go into it thinking that it would be, but I definitely didn’t expect the audience to have been as sensitive as I am. I’m a cryer. If there’s pain to be felt in the movie, I’m feeling it. If there’s happiness in the movie – I’m giddy. If there’s a death in a movie… especially of a young black male, for no justified reason, and is a true story…. I’m affected maternally and on a sibling level.

This movie pre-dates the death of Trayvon Martin, and somehow it is the same situation. How is this? I was certainly hoping Trayvon’s case was a mishap. A bad moment. You know? Who wants to have to accept that there’s at least one Trayvon killing every week in any given neighborhood. And that’s at the very least.  These senseless kilings have been going on forever, claiming the lives of Emit Till, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, Oscar Grant, and so on and so on and so on? Too many names to list, but you get the gist. In America it seems totally okay to shoot and kill unarmed black men.

This is not okay people. This is not okay.

Black people haven’t been harping on the sadness of each individual situation, because somehow we had found a way to isolate our own unjustified neighborhood deaths into a single  and solitary incident. The pain is usually so much to bear that when you find out that another unarmed black man has been killed,  we immediately opt to tone down the rhetoric in hopes that we can heal a little bit faster. But that route is getting old. In fact, that route has gotten so old, that it died.

In the wake of Trayvon’s death and George Zimmerman being found not guilty after he admitted to shooting an unarmed 17-year old, we can not sit idle and heal in silence,  but must trudge through the pain as we press forward for legislative change.

It looks like no one truly cares about the lives of young black men — but their mothers.

How very inconsiderate and sad America.

I, personally, will get in anyone’s butt behind hurting a white, black, latino, asian, russian, german, scandanavian or chinese child,  (to name a few). It’s my parental instinct.  xoxoxox

This is not the day of “rioting in Watts.”
Irresponsible replies in our culture had to stop.

With Trayvon Martin’s parents requesting that we law change
they’ve set forth a bill in their slain sons name.

I know many of my white friends and fam would like blacks to let it go,
but we can’t do such a thing and risk losing another black child – yo.

If we pipe down on peaceful protests it’s certain the gun will go off again
and a jury of someone else’s peers will fail to justify the end.

The average black family doesn’t have big money to lace a dream team defense
so we’re all about prevention – pushing legislation to amend.

The prosecution is usually the one who ends up handling the case
when a law like stand your ground puts a victimized family in that place.

The DOJ divvies a score card that the jury must check on one accord.
And often times the victims family fall twice on the injustice sword.

Wether white or black, hispanic or other 
Losing a child is far too vile for any father or mother.

For any sister or brother – injustice hurts like hell
and in the end there’s no good side of this story to tell.

God bless the men that get off, after serving months for taking a life.
You’ll get what you gave. Forever living in paranoid strife.

Precisely why The Martin family and other violated families aren’t rioting the streets.
They know ‘vengance is the Lords’ and such knowledge yields them peace.

Just knowing as much – frees them up, to focus without hesitation
on healing and reeling back bad laws and legislation.

You’ll never know the pain of, until you walk in a victims shoes.
Yield yourself via empathy – life is a pick and choose.

Don’t relate to the pain and stand alone when you’re in need.
You’re a farmer of life – a sewer of particular seeds.

Don’t nourish fruitless weeds. You know very well what is right.
I’m Qui
Loving on thee irregardless of the pain in  the film Friday night.

FRUITVALE STATION situation isn’t unique but meeting Oscar Grant was new to me.
Please put into life what you want to get out of it – Karma regurgitates your history.

Here’s a column with an awesome review of Fruitvale Station – [*Spoiler Alert*]:

The beautiful thing about LIFE is…

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The beautiful thing about LIFE is
It is the gift that keeps on giving,
and it is always a good thing to be among the living.

And while we’ll miss 17-year old Trayvon,
American justice has been served and done.

It doesn’t matter the verdict handed down,
Karma misses no opportunity to make her rounds.

So make it your business to get busy living aloud.
Keep the prayers going up and walk the earth proud.

I’m not sure what the worth is for a black life,
or who triumphs during the bereaved’s abyss strife.

The beautiful thing about LIFE is simply this:
you have another opportunity to hug and kiss
on your children today – go out and have fun.
Do it for the sake of the parents who are missing their Trayvon.

Nobody said life was fair
or that your neighbors have to genuinely care.

The beautiful thing about LIFE is that it is a gift
filled with knowledge and power. Please do take a whiff.

Be informed that life is short and that this is real.
Forget not about Trayvon Martin or young Emmitt Till.
The worth of a black life seems to be about… nil.

That will not stop me from striving to be the best that I can be,
I am Qui
and the memory of innocents past will forever reside with me.

The beautiful thing about LIFE is — even when it hands you something lame
as long as we have breath, we can collectively work towards change.
Worry  not about ill hearts – Karma has their names.

A new begin

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is another opportunity!

is another opportunity!

I’ve said it time and time again
Mondays are great for a new begin.

So pick up your cross & go out and win!
You’re not alone on this road – for I am your friend.

I’m praying for the Martins and George Zimmerman.
I pray we collectively find room for  a new begin.

Always do what you can to help someone else.
Knowing the good that you do, will return to yourself.

KARMA is what it is. And no one is above her.
I’m Qui
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Im just saying

In Communication, Griot, Networking, Self Improvement on January 23, 2013 at 8:31 am

So as of late I’ve been feeling a little more energetic.
Me – have a seat? Oh no, please. Forget it.

On my toes 24/7 – even when you’re sleeping.
I’m the one who watches the neighbors come home after creeping.

I’m just saying.



Hear me out…

So the other day the block had an electricity black out
just when my tight schedule said “run about.”

I manually opened the garage door
to see my neighbor crossing the paved score.

He’s 86 and as cute as a buttoned-down-player.
He was coming to ask me for a neighborly favor.

His fire alarms were going off – because the electricity out.
He wanted me to call 911 to get the fire dept. to come out.

As I was calling 911, waiting for the emergency call to connect
my neighbor told me a story that would benefit in what happened next.

He told me last week while helping a lost driver conquer his route
that he, for about 5 seconds without provocation – blacked out.

911 finally connected with me and a lady answered the call,
at which time she heard me yell to my neighbor, “Don’t you dare fall.”

He did and I braced the fall with my leg. His condition was stable and fair.
About 3 minutes later, with the operator still on the phone – good ol’ 911 was there.

I’m standing in my driveway with an elderly white man on the concrete,
the 911 responders took one look at me then duly crossed the street…


to stop the neighbors fire alarms from going off – no doubt.
Never mind that the neighbor was in my driveway blacked out.

You can’t help but laugh
when Murphy’s Law doesn’t pass.

Anything that can happen will…
I was on my way out to seal a contract deal,

When my neighbor approached me to make that call,
shortly before he blinked out and had that fall.

My neighbor is doing much better now & my appointment went amidst.
I took a look at the energy I often attract then I hammered out this.

Whenever I see the 86-year old coming I stop to give him the ‘right of way.’
His eyes have seen beyond my gleam – I’m always honored to hear his say.

On my way to smell the roses, my mind completely on “career task slaying”
Opportunity allowed me to help someone else & I’m grateful,
I’m just saying.

Last week I had a necessary utility bill due – I called to extend the time.
At the point the extended day was reached I was still short a few dimes.

But the company didn’t cut me off and I paid my due cost – It was an absolute economical score.
Perhaps billing found a little lenience with me, from good karma I’d stored up before?

I’m just saying.

Recently a young lady egged on the landlord to evict her roommate, in a rush to wreck his groove.
A week later she couldn’t afford the full rent, (twice her amount) and she got evicted too.

I’m just saying.

I could’ve named this piece Karma, but I felt like tag-word playing,
I’m Qui
Hamming it up with thee within some instances where, I’m just saying.”