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Tuesday’s Timings

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2 Cats at the moviesGood morning, good morning. How art thou today?
June 21st birthed Summer; let’s go out to play.

I’m duly on break from my collegiate affair
and confess that I’m rarely without a movie in my hair.

Not a man’s fingers or an offspring humdinger but hear me when I speak,
I have been averaging for the last 3-months about 3 movies a week.

Yes-yes! Ol’ AMC Theaters is getting a pretty fair cut.
I used to court Harkins until I joined AMC Stubs.

Yeah. It’s just a loyalty click with a roped-line appeal
and their awesome full body recliners have an “at home” feel.

Anywho, between me and you, I’m likely going to see another movie today.
I’ve seen AVENGERS, SUPERFLY, DEAD POOL, UNCLE DREW and a few more via satellite play.

So, yesterday I saw a satellite run of the film EXPOSED on SYFY tv,
starring The MATRIX’s Neo; ol’ Keanu Reeves.

The director of the film is credited as a man named Declan Dale,
after Gee Malik Linton filmed his vision and producers in editing shot it to hell.

Yes. It appears producers are “known for” pulling a PROUD MARY; also known as “puzzle-editing” after the shoots.
I always reference PROUD MARY to make a point about movies made at the miscalculation of loot.

It was clear to me as I sat in AMC to watch the debut of PROUD MARY,
that the acting talent was great, but none, in particular, seem to be able to carry

the films expected reputation.
Producers unintentionally invoke degradation

when they plan to reign over sequence play
after the film has been shot via the editing bay.

I remember the writers of BLAIR WITCH having been under a terrible strain,
regardless of their film concept – the producer’s financial grip was a pain.

The producers withheld crew pay just a little bit
until writers bent in creativity and yielded to their will.

The writers did bend to feed their family’s – ’tis true.
At the risk of the entertainment experience of me and you.

There was no sequel; no part two.
The film EXPOSED pull something like a Blair Witch Deux.

After hiring Linton to envision the script and film the tale
producers, in editing, rearranged the sequence of scenes;
forcing Linton to create the pseudonym: Declan Dale.

Now, why is this important? Once the artistic view is reeled who will protect her?
The vision of most scripts aren’t the writer’s dib but yielded to the director.

So unless the writer is the director and the producer too,
it is likely (and pretty darn highly) they’ll be vulnerable to the producer’s hue.

The producers have the money, honey!


Pockets so deep they risk swallowing creativity.

The best producers are artists and writers with financial fluid.
Either way, if big money is at play…
Rearranging a director’s view? The producer will do it.

It’s how the business works. Besides, producers are mostly known
for having a good gut feeling of what the people want reeling.
Producers co-sign and finance – if a film is to be shown.

So why then did producers change up the view of EXPOSED?
The original title was DAUGHTER OF GOD, so God only knows.

The film seemed to be presented as a composition of two different stories
with Spanish subtitles and a mass request to believe in conceptual glory.

I bit on the subtitle reading and I’m a believer in glory,
regardless of the re-arrangement of scenes in editing, I still enjoyed the story.

Though I hated to hear about how Declan Dale came to be a credited pseudonym name.
I suppose the timing is perfect to get an understanding; I’m studying the science of the game.

I’m a student of film; not a day goes by that I don’t see several flicks,
I’m Qui
Timing this Tuesday with thee to be reflective of a Digital Cinematography chick.

She is me and my movie viewing log is thick.
The first film today starts at 11:30. Wouldst thou come with?
By 5pm,  the two of us could have at least 2 films in.

If it’s see through is it solid

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cellophane actor

For years I have thought that I was the only one and then out-of-the-blue my dear friend, whose a director and acting coach, posts this piece on Facebook that confirms ‘I am not alone,’ and that there are many others that feel the same way as I do. If it’s see-through [acting skills] is it solid?

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure got by me (I didn’t go to the movies to see it), but I did see it on cable upon it’s release, and it was a silly nilly adolescents fantasy film. I thought the principles, Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, appeared to be no serious acting threats.

Keanu Reeves career has proved otherwise. He is Neo of The MATRIX, who ironically seemed a lot like Bill in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Boxy in charm. Script to mouth delivery – exact. No complexity at all. The simplicity of the actor seemed to fit the motherboard completely. Not once but 3 times. I came to love the boxy charm that Neo yielded us. Him not changing became the constant variable in the series and we (the viewing public) came to count on it.

Still, Keanu Reeves is who he is, but is his acting all that? My Acting Coach posted this feed on his FB timeline the other day and it’s a pretty sufficient read and breakdown of ‘How to differentiate good acting from bad acting,” and wouldn’t you know, Keanu Reeves made the textbook cut:

“Some people think acting is good if they like the movie. Keanu Reeves, in my mind, is a horrible actor—mostly because he’s wooden and fake. It often seems as if he’s reading from cue cards rather than saying words that are his. There is a difference between playing an undemonstrative person and being a wooden actor…”

Quora also touched on the skills of the TWILIGHT series damsel:

“Kristen Stewart. It’s almost painful to watch her. She looks like she’d rather be anywhere else besides in front of a camera. She is (or seems) very self-conscious.”

Again, we agree. Twilight killed me the most, in part, because of the storyline intent – a girl stringing along two guys. When adolescents watch movies, they often put themselves in the shoes of a character. I was not thrilled to think that little girls all over the world wanted to be in the shoes of Twilights Bella.  Love triangles rarely end well. I didn’t want my daughters pining over the role. The other reason I was hindered in enjoying the film is because Kristen looked ‘forced’ in every scene. The guy sitting in front of me, in the theater, became annoyed with me during the show, because of my loud snoring. lol! If his eyes could cut through dreams… It’s a good thing I sleep with my eyes closed.

divider Abstract

I enjoyed the piece, you should read the remainder
and align yourself, both: critic and entertainer.

It’s good to recognize, but then you’re a pro, yourself.
The average movie goer can discern forced acting from stealth.

I know there’s nothing average about Keanu Reeves or Kristen Stewart.
They may not be all that in range, but to draw a crowd: they do it.

Now Keanu is up to star in another film, “JOHN WICK,”
I’m going to stand back and observe – I sure hope it’s a hit!

Because then, the bad acting question will become cellophane through and though,
and I’ll be forced to believe Keanu acts this way, because he skillfully intends too.
Perhaps to him, range of skill is a bit taboo.
Oooo! 🙂

All the same, in my profession, I’m always looking to sharpen ‘the discern,’
I’m Qui
Reading and highlighting notes. The best way to know is to learn.