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Photo by Devin Avery on Unsplash

You know what I think fun is? Maybe you don’t.
Though if you don’t ask me, then you surely won’t,

so I’d like to share with you my thoughts
on fun under the sun that can’t be bought

and has proven over time to de-bump the bumpy.
This act, dear kinfolk, is what I call a FUNDY.

It can happen on a Monday but most often towards the weekend.
Because “monotony” can’t survive when you’re among friends

Most weekend slots have a history of being a fun day.
But that’s no reason to not try “the feeling” on a Monday.

Monday’s fun doesn’t spell out like the weekends choice.
Monday’s fun uses an insiders voice….


of wisdom.

Makebeing well informed and staying on your toesinto a game.
One that you take pride in carrying out without any shame.

Take the day by the rays and forge the universe with your desire.
It would help if you had on board a little Shirley Chisholm, Sagittarius fire.

You don’t have to be a fire sign to rile up and make a difference.
Use your air, earth and water chemistry to course correct systemics.

All that is required for us to win this,
is us, committing our best in it.
All truth, please; no gimmick.
Make every Monday a Fun Day – and go with it!

Focus on your abs and laugh a little more. 
Invest in multiple streams of revenue with residual scores:

Nick Cannon and Master P
makes “the work look fun” and amply inspire me.

Perception enhances journey and Gamification provides the way,
I’m Qui
loving on thee towards the “relative we,” – as we play out another BE Monday.

Do it.

Key Black History – Ooo la la, LA BELLA

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The day is early, though the month is most gone
but a not a minute before we talk attractive DNA & Domes

Let’s focus our attentions on the Matriarchs of so many
and whether they’ve born a child or not their contribution to humanity is plenty:

Kamala Harris has to be first out of the gate;
she is a Black woman by way of bi-race.

She is a progressive woman of legal stature and strong teeth.
She is a respected woman in the U.S., Americans call her V.P.

She is not camera shy and she loves being on the team.
Coy she is not, but upfront and enjoys working behind the scenes

You can read more about Mrs. Harris HERE; she’s big business and social fun,
though a celebration wouldn’t be a celebration if Issa Rae couldn’t come.

Issa Rae is a multimedia mogul indeed
intellectualism and talent with INSECURE scenes.

I enjoy her individualism and style.
I am inspired by her productive wilds.

Issa’s rawness is not a gimmick.
She is one of many women who operates with no limits.

The entertainment industry can be boisterous, thick and full of weeds, 
yet it’s no mystery that we are still able to see the heights of Robin Theade

I see myself in Robin’s scripted characters… I also see you.

Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash

Robin is bi-racial and sports 50% of German goodness.
Her Mother is African American. From whence did Robin get her hoodness?

It’s good to see reflections of self… it’s so good to laugh out loud.
It’s good to have ties to Megan Markle, for she is Royalty, child.

Life can be crazy for us all, in fact, it can be quite wild.
Though I can only imagine navigating life as a bi-racial child.

That is the reality of many, and of Multimedia Matriarch‘s the list would go long
To thrive in the face of “all-public” and love it — one’s spirit has got to be strong.

Megan is such spirited woman and she is quite strong.
She is mother to Archie & Lilibet — Harry is her love song.

She is a talented actress and just so you know
she may not be on a weekly sitcom and still her life is a global show.

I am learning from her vantage view much that I did not know.
I’m something like Porsha Williams: family, love, and travels to & fro.

Porsha Williams is a good woman to know.
Her life is boisterous enough to yield its own show.

And so, Porsha is a hardworking DNA-twerking Producer Ms. —
And PORSHA’S FAMILY MATTERS is BRAVO’s new serial mix.

The series is insightful with real trials starring Porsha, Dennis and Simon, too.
A Drama-Amply Blended Family is a new term and this show’s view.

It’s a real beautiful reflection to see.
Porsha is the grand kid of Hosea Williams and as vocal as Joy Reid.

Joy is a pleasure to listen to. For the unfamiliar – please call her Mrs. Reid.
Joy keeps our community visual and on-topic via THE ReidOut on MSNBC.

Her career is not always fun nor does it appear by any measure to be easy.
Joy delves into the good and the bad, yielding us each “a more informed lad” – ‘fo sheezy.

Joy Reid has Caribbean roots that I am most happy to see.
I am encouraged when I turn on the tv and see people like me

I am in no way BE bias, I appreciate the ladies as well as the fellas,
Though amidst love in Black History Month, I wanted to zoom-in on the LaBella’s.

Did you know as much about each nourisher herein?
I’m Qui
Each woman is of America, she is Black, and she is your kin.

Image by: Rose Lincoln/Harvard Staff Photographer

Beauty is born out of chaos and the world is in chaotic fashion.
Congrats Supreme Court Nominee, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.


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Life is short. Whatever will we do?
May I suggest we partner up and make some ‘whoopty-ooo?

Whatever are Wednesday’s for? I’m no shlump-a-dinky.
The week’s hump is not for slump but perhaps a little winky.

What exactly is winky, you certainly may ask.
Well, I’m the Mom and I’m not telling you son. Go ask your dad.

I’m kidding, come on back. The word “winky” — I use so loosely.
Basically I have reserved this day to play footsies & Lucy Goosie.

Do I have to go into the office today? Yes, I do in an hour or two.
Though since we are woke, (before putting coffee-in-throat), let’s dance an unbridled deux. 

We can wear shades of pink, purple, nothing, orange, or blue. 
Wednesdays were made for winky. Please be encouraged to…

Do the Hump-Day dance with your Beau or your Boo. 
It’s the gift that keeps on giving; winky was made for two

Good morning to you, please roll over and dance collectively.
I’m Qui
Feeling winky on this Wednesday and in the mood to bob-a-beat.

Forfeit the snooze – Let’s play footsies.