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Are you OBSOLETE, man

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technology-becoming-obsolete.pngShortly after I lock into Rod Sterling’s intro: “You are traveling into another dimension…” the Twilight Zone’s  opening scene starts to unfold and an elderly gentleman is being escorted through 40ft tall double doors leading to a judgment council where over the narrating host continues:

[June 2, 1961]

Rod Sterling: “You walk into this room at your own risk because it leads to the future.  Not a future that “will be,” but one that “might be.”

This is not a new world, it is simply an extension of what began in the old one. It has patterned itself after every dictator who’s ever planted the ripping imprint of a boot on the pages of history since the beginning of time. It has refinements, technological advances and a more sophisticated approach to the destruction of human freedom.

But like every one of the super states that preceded it, It has one iron rule:  Logic is an enemy and Truth is a menace.”

STRONG WORDS. Wouldn’t you say?

For years I have been telling my 19-year old daughter about the dangers of reality TV. It came out of nowhere and when it first started up, the intimate insight into “the behind-the-scenes views of a couple of “average you’s,” was fine, but then the concept took off like an epidemic. Trump became even more popular via the reality show vehicle and our youth have succumb to heralding “this particular attitude” and often vocalizing, “Ugh! Reality shows have some of the dumbest people on them, I COULD DO BETTER because my life is way more screwed up than… (the subject under review}.

How is that a good premise for a show?

My warning to my daughter throughout the years was ‘I won’t stop you from watching output_eivj5vreality shows but you must keep in mind that they are ENTERTAINMENT and more over that I really believe reality shows came into our lives to DUMB DOWN THE viewing MASSES.’ If that wasn’t the intention, it’s exactly what has and is happening. How many young girls wanted to be Paris Hilton back in the day or wanted to be Kim Kardashian yesterday? Reality icons always fall off the radar of remembrance a month after the show cancellation but during their weekly 15-minutes of fame… they are larger than life to the onlooking masses.

I warned my daughter to avoid being “one of the masses.” I advised her to look – if she must, but to stay focused on her own journey. We ran into instances where she just “wanted to be like everyone else.”  I encouraged her to stand as an individual and then Twilight Zone comes on in the wee hours of this morning and it turns out maybe my advice is indeed “OBSOLETE, man.”

Peep the clip of episode 65, Twilight Zone, THE OBSOLETE MAN:



I love books and there is indeed a God, my friend.
Mr. Romney Wordsworth was a librarian and believer until the end.

Though government could not appreciate his diversity stance
and decided if he’s not “like everyone else” he must be OBSOLETE MAN.

Obsolete? Because he wasn’t as shallow as the weighted mass?
After watching this episode, I promptly got up off of my ass

to locate the reel and share the episode with you;
There’s nourishment in the Twilight Zone’s archived view.

Unfortunately it has a PRESENT DAY hue, and still – I’m not feeling it.
Twilight Zone saw signs of obsolete back then – they were reeling it.

This episode is perfect to review today, hop onto the couch of a true Twilight Zone fan,
I’m Qui
Happy Hump Day to thee and BEING YOU is never OBSOLETE, man.

Winding down without the whine but lots of wine still…

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Nothing winds down like a #SpindleTop or an incredibly successful year. I love them both!!

There are less than 12-days before the next holiday  of this year
and I raise my sealed thermal mug to each of you — in a cheer!

We’ve come a long way baby and a whole lot has happened
Kim K had another baby and Kanye has given birth to “weird” rap fashion.


It’s interesting, it’s live, it’s tiny, tight and bold.
They are breaking new fash’ identity without ALL OF the gold.

They are still rocking RUN DMC dome wear. In fact, I really like that.
There’s something dapper about intellect that secured under a nice hat.

I’m not whining, I’m just winding down the year and perusing through what happened.
Your girl Qui is renovating her wardrobe as well, I lost 3 dress sizes in fashion.

I am officially down 30 lbs from just earlier this year.
So you know that 2016 will find me bolder about #Fit cheer.

30lbs is nothing to whine at, and during the change, I had no wine.
I ate no fat or fast food to bat for 90 days and reaped a smaller behind.

no-whining-zoneNo cheating, lots of reading and lots of discipline to boot.
3 dress sizes down, I’m a little less round and working out is a hoot!

I didn’t make a 2015 resolution about weight. Resolutions equate to wishes.
Instead I decided to eat what I like, but from the labor of my own dishes.

No hidden ingredients were in my food. I didn’t whine, I took control.
And no matter how good, candy and carbs used to be – today I’m happy in my soul.

Not being obese feels better than gold, so I won’t be buying a new RUN DMC chain.
I’m happy, I’m giddy, my current wardrobe looks silly – due to my ‘shrinking fat’ frame.

I don’t think I’ll shower myself with Christmas gifts this year, I will focus on others.
I think I’ll love on my fam and friends via my ends and of course my father and mother.

God has been good to me! I believe I have a whole lot of what I need
to continue on this good journey of hammering out encouraging reads.

Say a prayer for QE because I keep all QE readers in my prayers.
Perhaps 2016 will yield us more green. Collab projects? Ha! I’ll be there!

No whine, just good friends and wine as we wind down this Tri-15 year,
I’m Qui
Good morning, good day, good life, good SAY! — For you, this is my cheer!


[Weight loss Success Pics COMING SOON — January 2016]


Not wanting to be lonely

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on March 4, 2012 at 2:33 pm

Let me start off by saying that I am very empathetic to anyone who is on LIFES JOURNEY without a loving partner in tow. No one wants to be lonely. So what are you going to do about it?

My mother was married to my father for 12 years. They’ve been divorced for more than twice as long. Mom has gone on to marry 3 other men on 4 other occasions. Yep! You guessed it, she married one of the men twice in the event that the annulment was irrational the first time – all in the name of Not wanting to be lonely.

Me on the other hand, I have been with the same guy since 12th grade and being that I’m a few years past 19 … I’d say we’re kind of serious. For me, the relationship maintaining thing is easy. To me – it’s really no different than living with your family, (Parents and siblings). In fact, I think the “adolescent familial lifestyle” goes along way in helping us to prepare for adult hood as it pertains to the rules of relating; defining what is and what is not acceptable.

When my Mom would yell out “Treat others the way you’d like to be treated“, I thought that was a household motto or something. I took it literal. My mom has 4 children and I’m 2 of 4. If anyone’s going to be understanding – it’s the middle child. Right? I had to yield both ways — to the oldest whose schedule was always non negotiable and of course I had to yield to the youngest because they were young and ill flexible by default. I was always trapped… in the middle. The eldest and I shared a bed and more often than not our baby sister would want to feel closer to us – so she too would slumber in the full sized bed with us. Truly all I ever wanted was to be alone. So much so that I told my high school sweetheart I’d never marry and certainly never move in with anyone. I just wanted to graduate high school and get my own place, bed, and space.

We’ve been together since 1989 and happily living together since 1990. And THAT is why you shouldn’t ever say never. lol! I am anything but single. I think my adolescent familial lifestyle helped me out a great deal in learning to cope with others, in being able to easily accept and move on when things didn’t go my way.

Calibrating? Of course. It’s second nature to me. I’m 2 of 4 remember?

Coming from a big family I learned early that there is little room for selfishness. Compromise was and still is in fashion. Compromise is what relationships thrive on. It’s a give and take.

My Mom is still single and so are a great deal of most of my finer friends. Naturally single people look HOT to me. Its a bi product of the whole “GRASS IS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE” thing. I like the way they care for themselves and their tailored single dwelling homes. I often compliment them up one end and down the other for mastering “relating to self”. They graciously accept though before our conversation is said and done, they remind me that they’re lonely — and not by choice.

Are you sure?

Not wanting to be lonely is one thing and choice is another.
You never once divorced your siblings, your father or mother.

Unless of course you’re young Macaulay Culkin.
He divorced his parents for being financially distrustin’.

Not wanting to be lonely seems to be a trendy theme.
Marriages start out blissful then unravels at the seams.

Kim Kardashian and many others surely know what I mean.
Lust rules the day and Love is on the wings?

I don’t know… I’m just grateful for my guys shoulder
and to have someone to love me as I grow older.

Not wanting to be lonely is becoming more important to me.
Could it be – mortality? I am recently turned la sexy 40.

My mom laughs and says, “Girl – you’re a baby and you’ll be okay“.
I’m Qui
Not wanting to lonely
and felt compelled to toss the topic your way.

So what do you say?

Water Cooler Chat

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The Indiana Pacers mascot breaks backboard on halftime dunk
The game had to move to another gym, but the crowd was crunk.

Seal & Heidi Klum have decided to call it Quits.
This is low news – because there public persona has been such a hit.

Joe Paterno has crossed over. He did so on Sunday
to the detriment indeed of the champion Penn State.

Everyone’s time will come – Everyone’s eventually gotta go.
But before you exit this lifetime, try this: healthier meatloaf.
It’s off topic but pretty good – Yo! lol!

Healthier eating is on the rise
as Super Bowl Menues grow bigger than your eyes.
Don’t let high cholesterol be your losing surprise.
Don’t waist it — WASTE IT! Grease & Fat aren’t worth your life.

No one wants to lose out because of that.
Now lets get back to the Water Cooler Chat
It’s always juicy when the headliners are black.

BlackPlanet is the snitcher and dare I say,
Todays juicy couture binds Amber Rose and Sir Kanye: — Amber Rose’s former publicist is putting her thieving ways on BLAST. Janero Marchand claims the stripper turned “model” stole money from him and others. And once Janero told Kanye West that Amber was stealing from him–THAT is what led to their break up. Not Kim Kardashian like Amber is claiming.

We spoke to Janero today to get more details….

Janero made some serious allegations today against his former client Amber Rose. He tweeted about not only introducing Amber to Kanye (whom he worked closely with behind the scenes), but about Amber stealing Janero’s “agent” cut when he booked her for ‘Ye’s “Robocop” video. She got paid $100,000 for the video, and he claims she stole HIS 20% cut as well! And was plotting to steal from Kanye too.

Mr. Marchand gave the additional juicy details. He revealed that Amber’s infidelity and stealing are the real reasons behind their breakup. And since he hates seeing how Amber is dragging other people’s names through the mud to cover her own wrong doings, he’s revealing ALL.

See while Amber Rose was stealing
Kanye was butt gripping,
and writing and taunting,
and later Kardashian flaunting.

Janero was the publicist
who took the $20,000 stiff
from Kanye’s ex-stripper Ms. —
who (now) stands super pissed.

She and Kanye are over
But Ambers frame is a shiny clover.
There’s some other dog (I’m sure) name Rover
that will find and ultimately hold her.

In Ambers life – not much will change.
Every dog like’s hand palming a nice frame. lol!

Ahhh, the lives of the ‘brown & upper crust’.
If I made it into a SOAP, would you eat it as much?

I’m holding up the Water Cooler like its study stand doesn’t work,
I’m Qui
Sipping filtered water and considering a soap opera flirt.

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