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The Haunting of KE$HA

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This one was good. It came on strong
and Kesha is known for good DANCE music and songs.

It was in my home town that she did have a confession.
She once encountered a spirit or rather spirit encountered Kesha.

I betcha you’d believe that she sought out the haunted spot.
She looked up paranormal activity in Texas and Molly’s B&B was hot.

She requested the room with the most paranormal vibes.
And true enough her silly haunted wishes did come alive.

Her room always felt strange but she thought it was in her head
until she saw the apparition that stood at the foot of her bed.

It was a young girl and she was just looking at K.
She became unseeable once Kesha had looked away.

It was only for a second, she looked away because she couldn’t believe her eyes.
She was sharing a bed with her mom that night – the young’s presence was a surprise.


Kesha stayed up until sunrise. She told and mom and they just moved on.
Kesha sought out Kim’s help because the haunted memory was so strong.

Well as it turns out in old Fort Worth, Texas
there’s more than “the direct approach” that connects us.

The young girl (gone) lived there in the past, sure.
Showing face to Kesha was no resolving cure

for what her life had been.
She was a pre-teen girl and a brothel working kin.

She was dooped into the lifestyle by a nasty man named Wild Bill.
But he was also flinging with the brothel owner and she instructed him to kill.

The young girl was stealing Bill’s heart and the brothel owner didn’t like competition.
So apparently oneday against his hearts feeling, ol’ Wild Bill got to killin.’

So while Kim was laying out the tale she started a little hand to throat hugging,
like she was being choked — then stopped and asked Kesha about “cutting.”

She said, “Were you a cutter? Did you used to cut yourself? What is this that I see?”
Then Kesha’s mom, who was in on the read, raised her hand and said, “it was me.”

Whaaaaaat? Is this read about mom? Kesha was caught off guard.
Mom confirmed when she was younger, for her too, life was hard.

She was depressed a lot and so was the young girl that stood at the foot of Kesha’s bed.
Kim had to correct Kesha from thinking the apparition and other cues have all been in her head.

The visions/sightings have indeed been real and Kesha is a sensitive spirit.
I’m Qui
and Kesha was hardly HAUNTED at all – and she was pretty glad to hear it.

Another case closed.


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the-haunting-ofAs sure as I love writing and yielding a viewing compliance
I have always had a thing for Gary – from WIERD SCIENCE.

Yes, I watch a lot of movies and I write a lot of shows
and being a progressive nerd has been my joyful whoa.

Oh, it’s no burden at all, to sit and evaluate good skill,
like the kind that Kim Russo divvy’s out at spiritual will.

There’s indeed a science to this thing if you have the supernatural gall –
Or you could just act weird and walk out like Anthony Michael Hall.

But his session didn’t end there – no, not at all; his exit was only a stall
Kim had asked him a question that Mike felt was a “fall.”

The issue with Michael was a paranormal experience from a while ago
when he was a young actor – say 14-years old or so.

He was visited by a spirit, apparition, puff of smoke…
Kim was picking up on a spirit that died in relation to blow.

Blow. You know, aka that stuff called cocaine?
But A. M. Hall wasn’t trying to fit in that frame.

As Kim approached the reason why the dead showed himself to Mike
It started to sound like it was something the famed actor wouldn’t like.

Then Kim explained to him that the male spirit (who manifested) died over money in blood
and seemed to have been trying to warn the young actor to ‘stay away from drugs…’

Then Kim asked Mike if he had dabbled in drugs back then
and that’s when the unravelling of Mr. Halls coolness began.

Mr. Hall is my man, I’ve been digging him every since WIERD SCIENCE – as Gary.
Seeing him on the psychic detective show was quite enlightening and scary.

Scary because out of all of the shows that I’ve watched Kim host
Anthony Michael Hall seems to have been offended the most.

Offended at spirit for being a tattle tell
Mr. Hall, in response, almost blew the episode to hell.

Thank God he didn’t, but he didn’t admit “the connection” to spirit either.
Everything Kim said was true – and we could tell by Mr. Halls demeanor:

The dead guy showing up obviously crossed over somewhere near the abode
where Anthony Michael Hall was accommodated during shoot at 14-years old.

He was there as an actor in a movie
but drugs were on the scene looking for a new groupie.

The spirit that showed up felt he had to make the call,
to ward off a drug doomed relationship between coke and Hall.

I don’t know if it worked, I don’t know if Mr. Hall has substance struggled,
but his reaction to spirit made the chance of innocence look befuddled.

It was rough and I don’t reckon Mr. Hall will be calling on spirit again,
I’m Qui
Respectful of yesterdays spirit and the insight that tightens our hinge.

Remember Anthony Michael Hall used to be the DEAD ZONE, and “spirit” was his friend…


The Haunting of LOU GOSSETT Jr.

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The Haunting Of Louis Gossett Jr.

My goodness did you see who Kim Russo met up with just the other day?
It was Louis Gosset Jr. and child, he had a lot to say.

I mean, Hey-eyy! He’s still looking good
though his concerns were more with the supernatural hood.

Something happen to Lou while shooting a film, based in truths frame,
about a guy being killed, and an innocent man taking the blame.
The film was shot near the sugar canes.

The year was 1987 and the film was called GATHERING OF OLD MEN.
Lou was residing in a hotel near the sugar can fields with other crew and friends.

However one night whilst he was sleeping and sound
3-5 male spirits (one in chains) at his footboard, did gather ’round.

They seemed to be yelling at him and he felt them pulling at his arms and feet,
Then his great grandma’s spirit appeared with authority and ushered them off of the scene.

Lou always wondered ‘what did it mean‘ and ‘why did it happen to him?
This was his sole reason for hooking up the psychic detective, Kim.

Kim showed up at the Louisiana sugar canes
and measured the energy: anxious and one in chains.

It seemed many years ago and on that land
there was a riot of some sort betwixt a band of black men.

Lou Gosset Jr. was there in 1987 to film show
and the commonalities betwixt art and life blended like whoa.

divider blk_south

Kim’s team revealed that history does recall
that in an earlier day, a life did fall
and an innocent man did indeed take the blame
and the outcome of the situation was mortality lame.

Meanwhile, in the cinematic piece that Lou was filming
he played the part of an innocent man in a very comparable feeling.

Based off of truth — some details were changed
still parallels were so strong that they somehow blurred lanes.

Kim gave Lou’s account ‘gut thought,’ and confirmed
this situation is a moment from which he was to learn.

she explained,
The men in spirit that showed up at Lou’s footboard
were there to deter him from a mistake that he couldn’t afford.

History was stained with blood and kept fresh in time
with what happened to the man that did that – last time.

The innocent man who confessed back in the day,
lost his life for peace’s sake.

The free men that showed up including one in chains
were there to convince Lou not to do the same.

Believe it or not,” says Kim, but ‘spirit was confused…
they didn’t recognize this was just a role and that your craft was in use.’

Kudos to you, Lou Gossett Jr., for getting lost in the role,
this explained why great grandma showed up and told the ‘men of the past’ to go.

This was a pretty rad episode. I enjoyed the revelations of the journey therein,
I’m Qui
a griot she – giving The Haunting Of another literal spin.

It’s too interesting not to choose it –
Lou’s account hooked me and made me do it.

Watch the FULL EPISODE Here.

Lou Gossett Jr. 2015

The HAUNTING Of with Kim Russo

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The HAUNTING OfHave you seen this show? Perhaps a better question is have you seen a ghost? If you have, the next step should probably be to call Kim.

Kim Russo is of Italian decent and has East coast roots just like Theresa Caputo [Long Island Medium], however, regardless of the height of their hair, the two pyshic mediums are not related.

So this weekends broadcast aired 2 episodes back to back that I had not seen before, and one was The Haunting Of Michael Rappaport. Remember Michael from the 80’s? He has got to be the finest red headed, Irish-Jewish guy I’ve ever met. Ow! I’ve been crazy about him since the days of Spike Lee’s BAMBOOZLED. Or so I think, though my better half tells me, Spike’s cool recollection of Michael Rapparport came in 1992 in a film called ZEBRAHEAD [Interracial love story set in Detroit], by Anythony Drazen. I personally don’t remember Zebrahead or being smitten by Rappaport in the interracial-love role, (though somehow I feel that I would have), all the same, he is one sexy guy!

I don’t know if you happened to have caught Michael’s paranormal experience story on Celebrity Ghost Stories (2010), but his experience happened at Earmus High School in Brooklyn. He and a friend, Gerald, were fined detention for mischievous classroom behavior and as punishment, they were made to clean up a room in the basement of the school. The room was locked by padlock, Michael and Gerald had the keys, opened the lock, removed it and had Michael had it on his person. They began organizing a massive pile of desks, (re-enactment showed one-piece desks stacked high, nearly to the ceiling). One they had a few lined neatly in a row, the remaining desks in pile began to rumble and release a thick dusty smoke (from debris under the pile, Gerald noticed a few cat carcass). Shortly thereafter, there was light flickering and the two began to see figure shadows here and there within the room. Michael and Gerald ran for the door and it was locked. They were trapped. But how could it be, Michael had the padlock on his person? The door locks only from the outside with padlock.

Michael called upon Kim Russo to help him make sense of the incident that originally happened in 1987. Kim agreed to meet Michael and Gerald at Earmus High School. Did you see it? Awesome broadcast. It all boiled down to being ‘the mischievous spirits that were trapped in the basement were indeed the spirits of a couple of boys that had died in the school in previous years, before Michael and Geralds tenure. The spirits were mischievous in nature and felt, at the time, that Michael and Gerald were like them – so they taunted them. In part, because of that experiment Michael transferred and spent his graduating year at Martin Luther King High and redirected his energies towards the arts. IMDB has his film and entertaining credits dating back to 1990. Kim was able to connect the dots for Michael and Gerald and show how those mischievous spirits were able to help influence the (then) adolescents to change ways.

In the end, Earmus High School is still haunted with those spirits that roam, as Kim, Michael and Gerald on two different occasions heard the collective voices of children, (likened to what you’d hear in a school hallway), but they aren’t angry or looking to necessarily taunt Michael and Gerald anymore. Maybe.
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When I think of Kim Russo, I think psychic mediumdetective.”
Her work is so accurate, in past energy; reflectives.

Kim Russo is the real deal as well
she taps into the spirits on a “social spell.”

Rarely does forceful energy rise up in Russo’s reading-world.
She’s a no-nonsense, smudge cleansing cinch, big-hair-wearing girl.

Brightly perched on Long Island was Michael Rapport re-living a dark scene
with Kim (at Earmus high school) and a few spirits from the in-between.

Kim Russo is confrontational and left no investigational stone unturned
Michael and Gerald were the recipients of understanding and life lessons learned.

divider bullet

The other story that ran back-to-back last night
was the story of Jack Blades under the Apache moonlight.

It was a good investigation as well, under any kind of light
Jack was told by Kim Russo, that he once had another life.

Revealed were antiqued artifacts that Jack picked up at trade shows
that angered past native american spirits and sent them into scold.

In the end Jack Blades had to offer the spirits a gift of peace
and believe it or not, he granted the angry energy sweet release.

And this is what Kim Russo does. She takes a situation that seems crazy and daunting
then she walks you back through it, to make sense of your haunting.

Do you watch the show and what do you think?
I’m Qui
Enjoying it very much
, so much so, I had to wordpress ink.