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President Obama has finally signed the 9/11 Health Care Bill into Law.
Should it have ever been a question wether to or not? Heck naw.
To get Congress to come together and get onto one accord –
even though a timely process – was a priceless afford.

Wondering what’s next for Congress? Well it isn’t encouraging banks to do small loan lending.
My dear – post the lame duck session, they’ll delve into “The War Over Spending“.

Had you heard about “the fall of Chuck Berry“?
He’s fine now – but for the 84-year old elder the incident was scary.

No sooner than the New Year could start – lurking closely was strife –
Yesterday a female deputy in Clark County, Ohio was shot & lost her life.
A second law enforcement going in to check on her status
Was promptly shot as well & is sporting hospital apparatus.
If you’re wondering how this shoot out ended…
A 6 foot grave for the shooter is now befriended.

The LITTLE FOCKERS reflection won box office favor
while TRUE GRIT insisted on being noted as a close neighbor.

I found this story on among the many relative columns that (so often) be,
About 2 sisters being FREED FROM PRISON on the condition they share a kidney.
Cool beans and Oooo Wee
I’d do it for my sister — because I know she’d do it for me. 🙂
===> On the flip side:
Both women have been incarcerated for the last 16 years
over $11 theft + armed robbery jeers.

Being young, aspiring and popular can be a bit of a louse –
Chris Brown is once again apologizing because of his TWITTER MOUTH.

We’re always looking for good news that’s being made by like melanin kin,
So here’s Dr. Watkins list of “10 Most Intriguing African Americans in 2010”.

Football is still a great pastime – Football is what cold weather was born to do.
The Cowobys found victory in Philly but KSU eluded the Pinstripe’s “double-u”.

The “Happy” pre-fix is on ice until at least next month,
I’m Qui
and this is the years first News Peruse headline crunch.
I appreciate you kickin’ it with me a whole bunch. ☼.•**·.♥

Mid-Week Check Point

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Gosh this week is just flying by,
Good production (on a daily) has got me high.

I’m taking it easy on the writes but heavy on the films.
I’ve been keeping “you” in mind during my reflections of reel.

I’m filming in the DFW, but have the West Coast all in my lens’ view.
I even have a few – repping their camera due – bearing East coast roots.

I’m networking hard and meeting new people everyday;
I’m enjoying the journey at hand & all of the talent being thrown my way.

Hm…What else do I have to say? Well, “world news” is still being made–
But I’ve been uninterested during these BP oil drilling & spilling days.

Slick hearings are going on & wars are still in progress;
Marine life is going down without a BP oil solution vest.

Music from local hip hop producers have been dominating my cd rotational play
So let me give a real quick hit of Ag-Towns “Perry Jackson aka PJ“.

He’s not a philosopher like Common or KRS-One
But if you’re in “the party mood” – PJ amps up the fun.

I’ve also been doing social media businessJoe G was recently in town,
and if you know the KSU Coach like we do – he brings good business around. 🙂

He spoke at a golfing event for the KSU Alumni & duly hyped up the score
regarding the Chicago Bears 5th Round Draft Pick – The Wildcat: Joshua Moore.

The rest of my week calls for editing work and taking up any opportunities ‘to shoot’,
I’m Qui

Checking in with you since we’re mid-way through – because communicating is what I do.
So what’s going on with you?