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Monday’s Mood

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Today is a good day. I can feel it in my bones.
Today is a good day because I’m beloved by my T-jones.

Today is a good day because I get to talk to you.
Monday is one of my favorite days; it conveys the week anew.

I’m wearing a flower headband sitting upright in bed and I’m sipping cold jo.’
The sun is on its way to meet the day. I’m starting mine with you, yo.

How did your weekend go? Was it a productive scene?
I spent time pressing play and rewind on Beyonce’s Black Is King.

I can’t get enough of that feel-good piece.
God bless Disney for such a sweet and reflective release.

Beyonce and Jay Z — as a power couple are beast!
They portray what they feel and uphold “the real;”  
they are investing in legacy.

Home is where your heart is, and your heart resides within.
No matter where you go or where you live, you will always be among kin.

Life is short. Live every moment ‘up and smile as much as you please.
Monday’s possibilities are for your realities. Conquer them with ease.

Happy Labor Day, baby. Will you spend it eating saucy, good food?
I’m Qui
Glad to be spending it with thee – I’m forgoing the delicious ‘Q for more produce.

Lifestyle changes are always in play.
Work-off those plates with KeairaLashae.


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It is a FACT that everyone isn’t off of work to celebrate the holiday:
The medical profession and hospital connections are still under way.

If the radio is jamming – there’s a hard working DJ,
and of course if you’re a parent – there’s no “time off”!

However, I beg of thee to take some time to indulge in play,
for LIFE IS SHORTper the wise would say.

Ease up today and appreciate yourself.
Celebrate your skills – they far exceeds wealth.

Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day
Teach him how to fish and he’ll afford property by the bay .
Learn all that you can;
be a productive fisherman.

Here’s another wise saying – I’m a digger of wise words:
The man whose work is his passion – is never really at work.
Ya’ heard?

Comprehension is free, but not revealed easily.
So trust me when I say, the work you do should work for thee.
Ooo Oui. I am Qui
and this Entertainment Magazine – doth indeed please ME.

It’s not my only profession – it’s a communicative choice for skill.
It’s no secret I love to write nor is it secret that I court the reel.
PASSION is all I feel in every productive thing I do.
On this very labor day holiday – I wish the same for you!

Happiness my dear friend. There’s no distinction between my labor and play.
I love what I do for a living, therefore in essence, I’ve not WORKED one day.
I win! Hey-ey! 🙂

So if you’re at “work” today and you love what you do,
Let me take the opportunity to say that I APPRECIATE YOU.

Your passion shows through your smile and your customer service skill.
The difference between a job and working within a career – is visibly real.

What kind of work are you into? How does it make you feel?
If your answer isn’t close to FANTASTIC – you should seek another field.
Amen. I’m just keeping it real.

Happy LABOR DAY, I’m so glad that you stopped by,
I’m Qui
Encouraging thee to be skilled in this Great Game of LIFE.
Live Well and Be Wise.