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The Write Right: A domestic slight

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female-silhouetteThe Write Right — Langston Hughes had it. I have it. We all have the right
to communicate via song or say, by voice, text or write.

Please say what you feel inside, because I always do.
If a situation needs too much stroking – I call that a screw. 😀

Oooo! Don’t even get me started, after all I do have “The Write.”
I like to do mine when most are asleep. I own the dark of the night.

When you decide to ‘lay you down to sleep,’
and your unfaithful partner is contemplating a “creep,”

I’m the one with the iphone in voice record mode, the light in the window.
Stories of late night creeping tweak my scripted flow.

No. I don’t know where the male neighbor is ‘off to’ or where he ever goes,
though it is good food for my literary soul to see nocturnal activity – like so.

As he crept into the night, my mind yielded to the characters in my script and they started talking
they said, “if his wife gets up and cuts on the light — evidence will be on display and squawking.

Carried away in mind, the Mrs. may glance out of the front door to see what’s going on,
that’s when she’ll peep my silhouette in the window across the street — with the light on.

Ding dong! Looking at me. My light’ll go off, but I’m rarely s’ked.
I just don’t need her piping up. She should go back to bed.

That man ain’t no mono-homebody. He likes to keep it plural.
The city is a nice place to play. Her man was raised in the country rural.

Me? I was raised in the Dallas/Fort Worth
in stitched boots, a wide brim and a nifty little skirt.

I’m up early and my night hours run late.
I stay awake to keep watch of my plate.

My plate is my life, my journey, my purpose and what I am doing here.
The Mrs. will fancy coming over tomorrow to verse, but I will not be here.
freak-creepingI am a writer, a recorder of history. Invoked by realism I jot it down,
add in a little provocative mystique and we’ve got a concept script in the round.

Who’s sneaking out to see who, and go where? My neighbor is on point 3-days a week.
However, between the hours of 8am-3pm, the handyman works “the domestic recon creep.”

The Mrs. across the street finds the handyman to be a treat.
He doesn’t mind the work; he doesn’t mind the heat.

Once I asked her if her A/C or something was on the blink,
she said no, but there are “pipe issues” with her sink.

flirty-plumberShe said the handyman is good with her pipes.
She said his mannerism is one that she likes.

She said he doesn’t charge her for all services all of the time.
She said if I wanted him to stop by my home, that would be fine.

I replied, “Mine? Oh honey, never mind, my pipes are fine,” 
— besides the help that he’s giving her can be seen by the blind.”

She laughed – me too and then she said, “What’s the name of your site?
And do you enjoy spending your time upstairs writing all night?

I told her, “I do,” and that “the night hours are best.”
I told her “more pops-off in the wee hours of night while the majority of folks are at rest.”

She smiled and began to walk back across the street, looking over her shoulder in great delight,
she said, “you do what you and I’ll do what I do.” I agreed, and then produced this write.

She has the right to continue to do whatever she is doing,
and he has the right to continue creep-creeping and night screwing,

and I have the right to be vocal and record on my  iphone…
I love the night life, I am so rarely alone.

And so with The Write Right, I do believe this to be true,
I’m Qui
and if I didn’t stay up to jot it down, who’d ever find the time to write about you?

Keep doing what you do.
If it’s “on the low” – I guarantee someone is watching you.


God Bless SANCHEZ!

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spike-lee-do-the-right-thing-wayLet loose the bags of confetti and get the bells to ringing,
A visitor has shown us the truth and Heaven is singing.

Walter Scott must have been quite the spirit. A real lover of God.
His murder was captured on video – evidence that couldn’t be bought.

His family surely thought a questionable legacy would be jotted down
and that their beloved Walter would be defamed like the young Mike Brown.

But why would Officer Slager, a father to be, decide he’d like to take a life?
Why did Officer Timothy Loehmann decide to pull up and kill Tamir Rice?

Speaking of young Tamir Rice — he was the 12-year old black boy
that was shot in 2014 for playing in the park alone with a gun toy.

It was all caught on video, but the police department rebuked the view.
Evidence is ILL-HANDLED all of the time – the charges, ultimately subdued.

But Walter Scott’s exit has birthed new views, and new news,
Officer Michael T. Slager has been charged and wearing county blues.

The horrible IN YOUR FACE reality of white officers shooting unarmed black men
is quite the evil storyline and indeed needs to come to an end.

Black people aren’t up in arms today. Today their spirits are at rest
because the murdering cop is under lock. God Bless the bystander SANCHEZ.

A courageous Dominican Republican man – he was shocked at what he had seen.
He was on his way to work when Walter Scott was killed on the green.

divider blk_south

It appeared he was running from the cop
The cop asked him to stop
The cop tasered Walt
Then fired 8 bullets to insure the halt.


This — behind a traffic stop. This was caught on tape.
“Necessary Force” laced the reports that the police officers made.

Hm. God Bless Sanchez. The video record was a gut reaction move
Sanchez contemplated not turning it in – fearing retaliation brute.

But Sanchez’ spirit is good, and the lad could not rest
The decision he made was tough, but he did what he thought was best.

At first he took his recording to the cops when the officer assisting him, gave Sanchez the feeling,
that if he had given up his recording — he could be the next police shooting/random killing.

He was freaked out, left the police station and immediately got an attorney.
What an awesomely smart thing to do. He looked up to America, he’s now learning

that we (USA) are not as forthcoming in law or as clean as we want others to think.
In fact Sanchez was pretty disappointed to have to smell Americas unlawful stink.

No rose buds here. He noticed that we stink louder than countries abroad.
Police insist corruption isn’t amidst — then beat minorities like they’re Gods.

I’ve always loved a man in blue. I’ve always given the utmost respect
to those men wearing lawful uniforms with those badges on their chest.

A uniform man looks sexy and when he stands behind protect and peace,
I feel compelled to look out for him — he keeps order in my streets.

I have told my brother to speak to him and befriend him; [to the officer] extend your hand.
My brothers have been gunned down without cause. My brothers are all black men.

What now? They are being hunted and I can not say a word.
God spoke up for us all and the VIDEO has been seen and finally heard.

It’s ugly and I hate it…. for each and every person affected and involved.
Eric Garner’s video failed to convict — This video is from the almighty God.

While this is our current story, I’m still focused on the silver lining at best,
I’m Qui
Supporting the use of civilian body cams and God Bless SANCHEZ!

If Langston Hughes were alive, I fathom to think how’d he verse the day.
With one fist in the air and the other clinched around a pen — Langston Hughes would have his say.
With griot and respect, I accept the charge to record this lay.

Call for the DOCTOR

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SolangeKnowles on-her-game “Send for the pied piper to pipe our rats away!”
that’s a popular line Langston Hughes used to say,

in a favorite poem of my mine that he published when black authors were nearly stealth,
and still I was caught off guard by Karl Rove’s take on Hillary Clinton’s health.

Please call the pied piper! I think a rat is gnawing at Hil’s 2016 vine
— Just another desperate attempt by the elephant, in hopes to gain a little shine.

Surely Karl isn’t a comic – if he were we’d be throwing tomatoes and rotted cabbage.
For the rumors he’s putting out on Hill – I have to say he’s the one with brain damage.

Karl is no stranger to foul play or making up headlines to change up thangs…
Surely you remember the “racial child” rumor he put out on John McCain.

Still I have no beef with Karl Rove – he talks like he’s as high as a helicopter.
He should diagnose his own game, before playing Hillary Clinton’s doctor.

Somebody call 911! This girl is having a fit on Jay-Z’s vest.
Few had a front row seat to what Beyonce and the Body Guard saw best.

It was an upscale gala exit, there was Jay-Z, Bey, Salonge and the Body Guard,
once the doors shut on they elevator they entered, Solange went hard.

TMZ leaked the elevator video footage – it looked pretty nasty and rough,
Solange wailed on Jay-Z’s white blazered torso, before kicking him in the gut.

What?! No. Say it ain’t so. Is Solange ‘high as a helicopter?’
For all of the energy she let-off on Jay, I’d say she needs a doctor.

But if you watch the footage long enough, you can’t help but make the fit,
that Beyonce is a silent spectator because – Jay-Z deserved it?

I have no idea what the fight was about, but reactions speak volumes.
Jay-Z was in protective mode minus the necessary violated fumes.

You know what I’m saying? If you haven’t seen the footage, you can see it here.
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn, or her sister’s – if she is near.

Happy Hump Day dear kinsmen – t’was the headlines that I could not refuse,
thus I made a spur of the moment, you-don’t-have-to-own-it or condone it, News Peruse.

Today I feel fantastic. The back of my shirt says, “No one can stop her!”
I’m Qui
so very glad to be here with thee with no reason to Call for the DOCTOR.

Have a
Fantastically Healthy & Productive Day!

Riding it out

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When the going gets tough - The tough RIDE IT OUT...

When the going gets tough - The tough RIDE IT OUT...

This economy has been fire to paper on finances.
Many have given up on the American Dream and any chances
of finding another good gig to replace the one they had.
Obama’s trying to help us out – but the outlook looks bad.

CHEER UP whipper snapper. All is looking up.
Obama’s making good on those “promise checks” he cut.

I understand alot of jobs have moved away and have duly taken your positions overseas;
I also understand that there’s lots of infrastructure work to be done on our US streets.

If only it were as simple as putting two and two together
Infrastructure work would have been in play and we wouldn’t have noticed the weather.

The triple digit heat in Texas has finally broke
though jobs in the area are still on choke.


I have reason to believe that all will turn around
and everything that President O has promised is soon to go down.

My engineer guy surely lost his gig (shipped overseas) 3 years ago,
Now it looks like things are looking up in the technology world – YO!

He’s being sought out like a young girl in a polygamist community.
He’s got intellect skills that science can feel – paralleling 3G, (or some speed).

Ooo Wee.
He’s inhaling the attention like it’s the good kush weed. lol!

I kid thee, but the recession for him looks to be nearing an end.
It’s been a long 3 years from beginning to end — since this ‘thang began.

Riding It Out: – I wrote this piece, not to boast about one man,
but to encourage you (on your search) to ‘NOT TO GIVE UP’ on your stance.

Do not give up on your dreams. Remember that piece you once heard
written by LANGSTON HUGHES about living in A DREAM DEFERRED?

Keep going – keep going.
Positive seeds – you ought to be sewing.
Keep praying – keep praying.
There will be a better day and

Obama’s driving – Ride Out the weather.
Stay united – let’s be clever.
The world is looking; let us endeavor
to rise above appearances and be better.

It appears that we (as a nation) are not united.
I’m Qui
and a collapsed house is surely a house divided.

WE ARE AMERICANS. We don’t wince and we don’t pout.
We are Americans. Mount up & RIDE IT OUT.

How to Look & Feel 20 years younger

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I ran across a sensible and inspirational read on and thought I’d share it with ya’ in the event that you’re feeling like me and are “Getting your SEXY on“. The columns title spoke volumes to me — especially after I wrote the “Getting my SEXY on” piece –> I went straight away and joined a gym. So now that treadmill and steam room I was talking about…is at my disposal. Yippeeee! Also at my disposal (nudging me on to join) — was this priceless piece:

Do you want to lose weight, erase wrinkles and get energized? Bob Greene says it is possible. Along with a team of top experts—dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer, sleep expert Dr. Ronald Kotler and nutritionist Diane McKay—Bob has written a new book called 20 Years Younger that he says can help you reverse the effects of aging.

“The important part is you feel 20 years younger, and your body functions as if it were 20 years younger,” Bob says.

His program is built around four pillars: Exercise, nutrition, skin care and sleep.

According to Bob, incorporating these pillars into your life can change your physiology, which will slow down aging and cause your body to function as if you were years younger.

1) Exercise

Bob says there is one nonnegotiable element of his program: exercise. “Make it like an appointment that you simply won’t cancel,” he says.

According to Bob, everybody—beginners included—should start with a minimum of 200 minutes of cardio per week, which is about 3 and a half hours. He also says to never walk on a flat treadmill. “A flat treadmill is like walking downhill. The value of exercise isn’t in the burning of calories; it’s in the change of your metabolism the other 23.5 hours of the day.”

Lifting weights is also critical, Bob says. “The key to strength training is you tighten your abdomen. That stabilizes your whole body.” Finally, make sure to stretch it all out when you’re done.

“It’s really about challenging [yourself] no matter what level you’re at, and you’ll work your way up,” Bob says.

2) Nutrition

The next pillar is nutrition, because according to Bob, eating the right foods can add years to your life. “The 20 Years Younger diet was developed with many things in mind, but primarily [asking], ‘What elements do you bring to your diet that can improve your aging, and what can you take off that accelerates aging?'” Bob says.

Bob and dietitian Janis Jibrin say every meal should include superfoods that will help you look years younger, such as sweet potatoes, eggplant and blueberries. They also believe that half your plate should be covered with fruits and vegetables.

“I’ll go on record. I used to hate brussels spouts,” Bob says. “I hated them until I started making them the right way. If they’re sautéed and you use olive oil, which is another superfood, they’re fantastic.”

Bob also swears by replacing fattening starches—such as breads, cereals and pastas that are made with white flour—with whole grains, brown rice and lentils. He says good high-protein choices are fish, chicken or soy. Also, adding spice to your dishes can help you live longer. Herbs and spices, such as ginger and basil, can help fight infection and chronic diseases.

Even though the 20 Years Younger plan recommends eating about 1,700 calories a day, it’s important to remember that healthy eating isn’t just about counting calories. Janis says certain superfoods can be a fountain of youth and significantly improve your health.

“[For the plan] we chose specific foods—almonds, eggplant, high-fiber grains—that lower the cholesterol,” Janis says.

She also has an easy trick for packing more nutritional punch into every meal: Make your plate colorful. According to Janis, the more color on your plate, the higher the nutritional value. “You’re getting a wealth of phytonutrients that way.”

3) Skin Care

The next pillar to focus on is skin care. Dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer says he can tell if somebody is healthy ornot just by looking at their skin. “Skin care will make you look better, and mixed with a healthier lifestyle, you’re a winner,” Dr. Lancer says.

He recommends three simple steps to combat aging

Polish: Polishing removes the debris.
Cleanse:Wash off what was lifted by the polish.
Nourish: Add nutrients to your skin, which will improve its antioxidant and protein levels.

In just a few weeks of following this routine, Dr. Lancer says you’ll see a significant difference in your skin, and some may see results after the first use. He’s even made a believer out of Oprah! “I noticed a change in a couple weeks of doing the cleanse, the polish [and the repair],” she says.

On top of a good skin care routine, it’s important to avoid common mistakes—like going to bed with your makeup on. “That’s the worst thing you can do, because you have all those toxic chemicals there, just eating away the entire nature of the skin,” Dr. Lancer says.

One thing that might surprise people about the 20 Years Younger plan is that injectables like Botox are presented as an option. “It’s a personal choice,” Bob says.

Dr. Lancer says that skin care always comes first, but once you’re successful with that, you can start looking into other options to improve your skin. “It’s designed for minimizing or reducing the excessive muscle movement creation of lines and folds. It’s not meant to make you look like a mannequin,” Dr. Lancer says.

Botox and fillers are quick ways to soften unwanted age lines, and laser treatments can be used to reduce age spots, he says.

4) Sleep

The last pillar of the 20 Years Younger plan is sleep. According to the CDC, up to 70 million Americans say they don’t get enough. Bob says if you’re not getting seven to nine hours a night, you are putting your health at risk.

“We know that if you don’t get enough sleep, it can actually shorten your life,” sleep expert Dr. Ronald Kotler says. “It can contribute to problems like diabetes and obesity.”

Most people don’t think of sleep as something that can make them fat, but Dr. Kotler says it’s definitely a contributing factor. “While you’re sleeping, the brain makes this chemical called leptin. Leptin is involved in suppressing your appetite, sothat if you’re not sleeping enough and you’re not making enough leptin, you’re going tobe hungry all day. And if you’re going to be hungry all day, you’re going to eat and put on weight…then you put yourself at risk for sleep apnea, and it becomes a vicious cycle,” he says.

Dr. Kotler says our sleep problems date back to the invention of the lightbulb. “Televisions and computers and the bright lights they emit keep us awake, because light is a very important cue to stay awake,” he says.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is turning on the television late at night. “That bright light fools the brain into thinking it’s time to be awake when, in fact, you want darkness,” Dr. Kotler says. He recommends getting rid of all lights in your bedroom at night, except for maybe a very dim safety light.

The type of mattress you’re using can also make a big difference. “As we get older, we can’t sleep as well becausewe spend less time in our deep, refreshing sleep. We develop medical problems that make us more vulnerable toaches and pains. So really for the adult, a mattress is vital, and it’s a very important investment,” Dr. Kotler says.

Oprah, Bob, Dr. McKay, Dr. Lancer and Dr. Kotler too
were “key players” in my weekend of self preserving woo.

Ooo! Indeed – indeed, I woo’d myself.
I worked out and steam roomed my self to health.

No I wasn’t sick, in the sense of a having caught a bug,
but I was suffering from “ass-to-chair & feet-to-rug”
syndrome. Have you ever heard of it?
Too much lounge time can make one sick.

You already know it.
Worker out’er or not – your physique will show it.

You can “tell me” you’re big boned and that you’re doing fine,
but I’m reading the barrel of your fine dining waistline…
yours and mine.

I’m not much for food, but I do love to snack —
well that was before I decided to bring sexy back!

Hey! It’s only been 4 sweat laiden days and I’m feeling great.
I’ve also forfeited the snacks and fixed me a plate.

“Life is fine.
Fine as Wine.
Life is fine.”

[–Langston Hughes]

I’m Qui
and the time is mine.

in short order, I’ll be looking like I did at one-nine [19].

Unbelievable Week Start

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Recognize FEED
Wow! Sunday brought sensuality my way.
It wasn’t the physical but an intellectual play.

Not so much of…a lay…but I was massaged.
HIGH with creativity with no schtick involved.

hodge podge – I socialized with the likes
of film minded folk. It was quite the delight.

I had no sleep the previous night. Knowledge is a turn on.
I will glue-my-eyes-open to GET MY LEARN ON.

Wow! LIFE IS FINE. Langston Hughes said it best,
I’m Qui
Wishing Production to thee, while I cop a moment of rest.
I’ll produce a NEWS PERUSE – post this sleepless vex.

How’s your weeks beginning?

If you’re paralelling me – you’re grinning. 🙂