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Michael Jordan LAUGHTER.gif

We do a lot of things naturally, like expend and take-in copious amounts of energy.
If I didn’t break up the concentration of no-flux, what kind of friend would I be?

Reading is fundamental and is an activity that I enjoy best.
Good jokes appeal to me; I find them in the READERS DIGEST.

The world needs more smiles and less “do I still look happy” fakes.
If you reflect the latter of the two – please genuinely enjoy this LAUGH BREAK:






ADD it UP.
Laughter is good for the heart; Laugher is good for the gut.

Partake in a laugh or two, we really need three or four,
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee, show “smile-less” to the door.

There’s no reason to harbor it anymore – for goodness sake.
So never mind what thoughts plague your mind, let’s all take a LAUGH BREAK.


Today is a good day to

When I get my legs back under me…

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faintsWhen I get my legs back under me…

ish is going to go down!
However my first task, is to keep my ass
up off of the cold, hard ground.

So I thank God for ‘my boy.’ He’s always got my back.
I became a little weak at the thought of a mashadi hack.

Once off the court, I was pissed; from heaven-to-hell in rank,
for them catching me on film, passed out — and I ain’t drank.

What the L-you mean? That knife was 3 feet long,
so When I get my legs back under me… I’m going strong,

towards the house, to change my clothes. These fools done’ got me dirty.
I was on my way back out to the court, but my boy said he was thirsty,

from carrying me home – I guess. But no worry’s — none at all.
When I get my legs back under me, I’m hitting the court to play some ball.

You don’t think that mashadi guy will be there – do you? I ain’t trying to get cut.
I’m Qui
griot fiction-story telling she – making fun of the dude falling on his butt.