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In Griot, Self Improvement on December 17, 2018 at 10:59 am

yes-leisureOoo Lord, it’s almost noon.
I’m in love with life – in a bit of a swoon.

What’s new, you ask?
My next breath and not my last!

You can laugh – and it’s true.
Yes. I’m into life; I love the view.

I’m also loving on you. How are you doing today?
Did the weekend find you working hard? I pray thee did play.

Me? I did a little bit of both,
though collegiate work ruled the most.

When company dons next, I’ll hail a toast
for my GPA is something at which to boast.

Inside I am reel’y bursting at the seams;
visions of sugar plums dance in my dreams.

Yes. I am happy.
Hair perfectly coiffed in a natural state; nappy. 🙂

Yes, child. I am awake and still in my pj’s.
I have been a good lad – I’m going to enjoy this break.

What will this day find you participating in/partake?
Are you out and about, working it out? God is good and hooray!

Hey-ey! My wit matches my fashion.
5-4-3-2-1, I’m into R&R action.

Yes. Today is Monday, but I certainly wouldn’t know
save for my trusty digital clock that doth show.

I hope that when you get the opportunity to join me, that you do.
I know that you deserve a break today too –
and don’t spend your time eating McDonald’s food.
Let me spring for lunch. )))HUGS((( Boo, I got you.

Yes. Let’s break from it all
and take a well-deserved stall.

I’ll hit the shower if you’ll promise to catch this vibe,
I’m Qui
bidding a good afternoon to thee, let’s break, relax and live our lives.




Back to the grill again

In Communication, Griot, Networking, Self Improvement on December 26, 2011 at 7:33 am

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Where’s MC Search when you need him on a chilly Monday morning?

I’m up at the crack of spawn
which is usually 4 hours before dawn

bright eyed, bushy tail and yawning.

We’re Back to the grill again – whatever that means for you.

I’m not working today,
so for me it’s more play

thus I figured I’d kick it with you. Ooo!

MC Search on a Monday Morning on the way to work "the grill"
Click here to jam MC SEARCH – “BACK TO THE GRILL AGAIN”.

How was the Christmas Holiday for you? Did you get a lot of love?
Did you get a coat, a scarf, a hat or new gloves?

The Arizona weather requires none of the (materials) above.
So I gave and I received excessive amounts of love;
via kisses, extended blisses, rich wisdom and hugs.

I didn’t make a Christmas list – everything I wanted was a need.
I copped a house and a car — yielding me a few more keys.

I had my two kids by my side, (the eldest brought home a friend).
The dining score was 4:1 — as in women to men. lol!
The fun never ends

Are you going into the office, o’ workaholic honey?
Ain’t nothing sexier than those committed to making money.

Somebody’s got to do it – I just do it at a leisure pace,
I’m Qui
Back to the grill again
: Cheering you on as you run the race.