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The Main LEO: WHO

Day 1 is often nicknamed the start of a week; a Monday.
The day that I was born on is a Day 1 prelude – a Sunday.

The calendar date was 15; and today is indeed that day.
Born under the Sun in a Leo’s sum – today is my birthday.

And I just want to say, it “FEELS LIKE A SATURDAY.
I woke up to breakfast in bed; another “I matter” day.

Those LEOS.
I am a Leo
and I duly love being petted this way.
Good morning world, I’m a happy girl,

I’m feeling reckless this morning. I’m up for being naught.
I’ve got that work-out fun before the sun,
an authentic dance – not bought.

I got that ‘let’s shoot hookie’ feeling –and not caught.
I’m feeling fearless this morning. Perhaps we ought

to do what we can to implement as much play
as we can into the day because it FEELS LIKE A SATURDAY.

The day is coming in beautifully its only several minutes after 3.
My mom said I was born at an a.m. hour; an early start has always been Qui.

And so, I am most happy to be celebrating another year in leisure and grace,
I’m Qui
Honored to share this moment with thee, it sho’ FEELS LIKE A SATURDAY.

Let’s skate.

A Leo Day equals plenty of Play

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Getting Back To It

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Add it up.

As my collegiate graduation date starts to get closer than not,
I’m sitting back thinking, “I am one blessed lil’ snot.’

Academically It’s true.
I’m barely short of my desired GPA of 4.2.

Other than that,
I’m shaping up to be quite the cinematic cat.

A scientist for sure.
School is a curious kid’s cure.

Summer vacation came and went too quick.
I did a lot of editing & snacking; I got a lil’ thick.

It’s all good, child.
I’ve got a home gym inside of my domicile.

How are you doing this mornin?’
The sun in my hood – later on, will be scorchin.’

So I’m up early
exercising and feeling girly

before the sun comes up.
It’s Hump Day and I’m ISO fun.

Summer is still at hand, so whilst you can, please do pursue it.
I pray lunchtime finds me concluding my grind and Getting Back To It:

Letting my hair down if for no other reason
beyond life, love, liberty and the sunny LEO SEASON.

Leos ! ! ! ! ! ! We are back and good lordy!
Reality is long, so let’s all throw a party.

Are you in? Are you in?
Pink panties ain’t nothing but Pink Lemonade and Gin.

We can work on getting a few of those in.
Day 3 is about “we,” tho she feels like the weekend.

Let the fire season began. I’m happy to do it.
I want you to do it too; join me in Getting Back To It.

Getting Back To You and I… to me;  the two of us…
we” deserve a little more fun and a whole lot more love.

Come in a little closer and get this hug. Progress is being made.
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee, it’s Leo season. Oui!! Can you come out and play?

Leo cub Love.gif

PS — Should temperatures be soaring today – stay inside as not to fry.
Go on and turn the television on and watch BIG LEO testify.