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Let’s DO IT Again

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Let’s do it again. Do it, do it, do it again. Things look so much like yesterday that it must be a sin. The second impeachment trial did begin. The first impeach was half-done, so Congress is at it again. 

Reminds me of The STAPLES but the defendant isn’t able to move me. Pop’s single has a plea and it’s: “Qui, groove-me.”

If at first you don’t succeed, I suggest you retreat and commit to think. 

It’s just that I’m into thinking and re-thinkingit’s just where I am. I rarely respond to “do-over pleas,” unless it’s that The Staples jam. Then I commence to get down because dancing beats that gavel sound.

I’m not much for court. It’s a bit too formal of a reach. — So here we are once again held hostage by an impeach.

And as much as I don’t like court, I do support the rule of law. Congress is doing what it must – to stave savagery off.  

Formal procedure is often the cost when we override civil law. It’s either a cuff from a policeman’s rough or your parents’ paw. So, avoid trouble at all cost and as a rule of thumb: 

It’s Hump Day already and I am an incessant communications girl, 

I’m Qui

Doing most things only once, because there’s a lot to do in this big world.

Stay out of trouble and just so you know — DO NOT REPEAT impeachment offenses or volunteer-work on the rail road.

Without saying, it just goes.

Lets Do IT Again

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Monday is calling...

Monday is calling…

Last week you were a stapled win.
Guess what baby? It’s time to do it a again!

You remember The STAPLES, now you be that!
It’s Monday baby and you’re UP to bat.

Show ’em what you’ve got. Swang that thang!
Work it today, like you’re a Staple that sangs.

Then laugh at yourself – laugh at me too, if it makes you feel better.
Is your humor a little dry? Hang with me kid — I’ll get you wetter.

LET’S DO IT AGAIN by: The Staples

Make today a no forgetter. Go out of your way like you did last week.
We’re watching you differently now — we can see that you’re sweet.

Put your goodness on this Monday and watch it feel like a Friday,
I’m Qui
Taking my own advice
at 5am and claiming this one as a high day.

You know you like winning…

Let’s Do It Again

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Morning HappynessAt 4:45 am the alarm clock started to play
an R&B oldie by Sir Marvin Gaye.

Straight up in the bed – I duly did sit
with stretched limbs, I leaned over to duly stop it.

A few wiggle-of-the-toes, then on the floor and I am walking,
My brain is awake, my body’s on auto – too sleepy for any squawking.

A short walk to the shower, livened up the day,
Cafe Bustelo is brewed — and energizes my way.

Snap! Snap! I’m awake and in production mode, there is so much to do.
I have to shore up some film editing before meeting with the teen crew.

Teen Film Auditions went well this weekend and I’m sharply watching two
who showed up and showed out, relaying the script like it was their truth!

That’s what it’s all about! That’s show business my friend!
Sure more auditions are on the books, but these two are getting in!

Ah! The power of good talent, it will definitely connect ya’,
Teen Producers know this well and forward all talent to the Director!

I am she, the Program Director, and I am very pleased.
Filmmaking has its challenges, but the teens do it with ease.

And so today I awake with a smile on my face, because much has been done.
Now grant you, there is more to do, but my God, it’s so much fun.

Today I am giddy about the weeks plans. I’m feeling so very able,
I’m Qui
Jamming “Let’s Do It Again.” This weeks theme song is by The Staples:

Last week was great!
I’m looking forward to this weeks plate!