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Its the life – THIS is The Life…

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Jocelyn & Stevie sitting in a tree K-i-s-s-i-n-g...

Jocelyn & Stevie sitting in a tree K-i-s-s-i-n-g…

[Episode: Bait and Switch 8/10/15]

Jocelyn is the -ish. I really do love ‘baby girl.’
I see her handling her business without Stevie heading up the world.

She looks good on ‘the twirl,’ and I know that she understands
a queen will indeed run her scene without letting go of the kings hand.

And now she’s on the look out for a new band. It’s seems all is good.
She’s been offered to do a show sponsored by Gayborhood.

It’s an LGBT organization and Jocelyn Hernandez is all in.
She feels she’s a perfect fit to deliver the spit, her bisexuality grants her ‘kin.’


Kirk has done Rasheeda RIGHT!

Then there’s Rasheeda and Kirk and the store.
He gave her what she’s always wanted- now they won’t fight no more.

I love happy endings. It’s the rise after the fall.
I see Kirk went all out and leased Rasheeda space in Buckhead Mall.
Get-get-it y’all.

Me and my reality show perusing. It’s a pleasure with no strife,
and I love that little show intro hook, “Its the life – This is the Life.”
It gets me hype.

We then slid into the studio and wouldn’t you know
It was Dime on her barred line in the House of Margeaux.


Margeaux is literally ON TOP of her game – Jessica is at the BOTTOM with her track: DISRESPECTFUL. Click “not on point” to see video.

Jessica Dime is not “on-point” line for line; her product shows.
And if she hears about this and get’s mad – caveat, I’m the real deal griot!
I’ll re-write your persona show
and shut it down – no blow-for-blow.

Yo! Its literally how I roll and Dime’s lack of talent is just my opinion.
HOFM is good all by itself without the wretched minion.

Then the show dropped in on Kaleena, she’s got post pardon depression
And Scappy doesn’t want to give Moma Dukes away if Erica’s presence is in the mention.

Stevie J confronted Jocelyn on working with his associate Lo
and Jocelyn flipped the conversation and said, ‘it’s because of you‘ – yo!

Wait. What? – Yes. Word.
Jocelyn is in the studio because she wants to be heard.

She told Stevie J she would have much rather cut the track at home,
but he’s working with Tiffany Fox, so Jocelyn had to go on the roam.

Stevie J was taken  indeed aback,
he remembered Jocelyn asking him for another banging track.

Jocelyn ended the conversation with a queens plea to her hubby
to support her at Gayborhood… ‘to support is to love me.’

I know Stevie J loves her, and I hope he shows up.
I’m pulling for Jocelyn in Washington to do her thing and turn up.

And that’s enough of Love and Hip Hop right now,
I’m Qui
That Griot She — all the time, anyway and anyhow.


Rolling the DNA dice

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Generation Y2-weeks ago our HOA neighborhood hosted a GARAGE SALE weekend. While I didn’t put anything on the lawn to sale, I strolled the yards with cash in my pocket hoping to come-up on some good finds. Just a couple of days prior to the garage sale weekend my HP Printer/Scanner died on me, mid-print and my shoe string budget refused to yield me an allowance to replace it. At The first lawn I came upon, I found an awesome wi-fi printer and what’s better, my neighbor said,

Neighbor: Do you like that printer?
Me: I sure do. Especially since mine just died during script printing.
Neighbor: Oh no! Well please take this one for free and promise me you’ll smile every time you use it.
Me: (smiling big) Why wait to smile? Thank you so much.

Clutching the wi-fi printer close to my body, I was feeling quite complete in my search, I turned to go home when a second neighbor started to strike up an conversation with me about life, children and parenting (in general). For the most part it was small talk, until her 6-year old son walked up and interrupted us. His mother insisted he say excuse me upon cutting off our conversation to start his own with her. As the child began to walk away my second neighbor says to me,

Neighbor #2: Look at his nails.
Me: They are painted green. Did you do that?
Neighbor #2: No he did. I think he’s going to be a tranny.
Me: No. MOTLEY CREW members painted their nails. So your son is okay.
Neighbor #2: No. He’s 6 now, and for as long as we can remember, he’s been telling us he’s a girl.
Me: (speechless)
Neighbor #2: That’s why I tell people, “DO NOT HAVE KIDS, it’s like Rolling the dice. You never know what you’ll end up with.”

Thing is, she is right! I agree whole heartedly. I have two children and she has two children. Her oldest one is 22, (the same age as my oldest one). Her oldest child is male and mine is a female. Her oldest child has no job, lives like a nomad and is content … so is my oldest child. They are Generation Y. And I all I have to say about that is “WHY!??”  What is it about our two oldest children that invokes them to lean to the lazy side?

Neighbor #2 described having children as “Rolling the dice,
It may not sound nice, but my God it sounds right.

Generation Y was born in the “Time-Out” era,
where disciplining kids, was an unlawful terror.

Year 1995: For disciplining your kids & encouraging their best,
you were certain to end up in a court battle with CPS.

I was caught up in a battle and at the truth I laughed.
My kid disrespected me by raising her hand and I spanked that … fast! 😉

The grand jury quickly saw and dismissed my case
but the repercussions of a generation, were all in our face.

Neighbor #2 nor myself appreciate the “era” day.
Neither of our Generation Y children have their own place to stay.

We both love our children, though they (sometimes) treat us like fools;
and they can’t stay in our homes, because they don’t follow the rules.

As for our youngest children – they are in two different generations.
My 15 year old seems to get it: Lifes rules and regulations.

Neighbor #2’s 6-year old son, is an artist indeed.
He’s being reared in an era sensitive to the LGBT.

It is what it is, and we love them all the same – Irreplaceable LIFE!
I’m Qui
and Neighbor #2 is still correct in saying “having kids is like Rolling the dice”.

Nourishing in love is what great parenting is all about.
However when you roll the DNA dice, there’s a chance that you could