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Absolutely Cellophane

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Who’s the Navy Bean today?

I’m looking towards the future and I can see it clear and plain.
I’m putting in the work to increase the skill capacity of my worth;
my moves are cellophane.

You could call me vain, but I’d only argue that you’re a lot like me.
With all that you’re doing in your life to not live trife?
I wouldn’t label that vanity.

To prepare for the future is to operate within sanity. That’s you and me, main.
Show your hand; how do you plan to lead your band? Make your intentions cellophane.

It’s Monday morning again. I arose with no hidden agenda.
The week is young and Omarosa still has her gun.
In media wrestling, she’s no beginner.
The Whitehouse is really hoping to pin her
to the mat
for being a Republican and being Black.

But what I’m finding is that Blacks are familial pansies.
They may not like Omarosa much, but heck! She’s still family.

She’s making her rounds
sharing receipts via audio sound.

Omarosa is out making waves.
She’s dirty, yet quite cellophane.

Have you heard?

I’m looking towards the future and with my pen, I’m shaping reel.
I’m looking at the people; they’re looking to the hill.

The Whitehouse is piping hot, like tea and looks like it’s about to spill.
I really thought I’d craft a fictional piece, but I’m heavily leaning towards the real.

Life. It is but a necessary game.
It must be played – the consequences are made.
People pretend to be cellophane

until the legend becomes a fact.
Omarosa has audiotapes and folks, that is that.

Whether it proves any leaders to be in the damnation of wrong, is yet to be heard in any direct frame,
I’m Qui
Good Monday morning to thee, avoid miscalculated pains. Live like a Vegas dealer; live cellophane.

Trying to walk back loose-conversation is confusions reign.



In Communication, Griot, Networking, TV Shows on May 11, 2011 at 7:56 am

Operation REPOSSESSION is in effectHave you seen TRU TV‘s original series: OPERATION REPO? It’s interesting. I wouldn’t call it “entertaining”, but because it is a direct reflection of “a sign of the times”, it is fast becoming an entertaining outlet via satellite and cable reality shows.

While surfing TWC – I landed on Tru-TV
and saw a tow truck hooking up me.

Not personally me, but my middle class peers,
because they, (just like myself) are living in the rears.

Playing catch-up isn’t fun; tapped out from rendering all of the money that you have.
So when your all doesn’t cut it — that’s when I recommend you resort to LAUGH.

It’s a game – quite entertaining – so follow the rules and conquer the lessons.
And if you should run out of monopoly cash – look forward to repossession.

Don’t let it stress you out. The world has only been this way forever.
If you know the gauntlet’s coming, recalculate your game & get clever.

Ahhhh, they can’t get you, if you get them first.
To hook you up on a tow truck is what creditors would prefer.

So I suggest living lawful and always being timely in paying your bills,
if you should become bored during your debted score,
peep TRU TV for consequential thrills.
For the Middle Class: the sad reality of entertainment is ALL TOO REAL.

God is good: I still have my car and my home — my valuable possessions in this world.
My gf said, poverty sleeps in her bed, and that I have the problems of a lofty white girl.

My gf has lost everything; she and her 3 kids live at home with her mom again.
She’s still hanging onto her rope, by the unravelling knot @ it’s tied end.

She’s degreed [BS] and has a job, though it feels like she’s working for free
I believe she only makes $300 a week, employed by the conglomerate AT&T.

Oooo weee. This is not the life I want for Qui,
still I notice the growing trend (as clearly shown) on TRU TV.

Have you had a chance to catch OPERATION REPO? It will really make you think.
Just in case you haven’t done so, grab some popcorn & click the link:

Operation Repo.
Fast becoming AMERICA’S REALITY show.