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With everything that’s going on in the world, I am still happy about the sum.
Life is good, there’s civilization beyond the woods —
relax and allow the holidays to yield us some fun.

Last night I slept hard and this morning I arose early — then dozed off again.
I’m really enjoying this Christmas Break. I pray this vibe to be slow to end.

Today is Friday, a calendar high-day, my friend
I’ll be inside, but my thoughts will reside in the wind.

My mind is in a Christmas bin. I’ve got a wee bit more of wrapping to do.
Though, before I arise to do any of that – I wanted to check in with you.

What have you got going on, Boo? Are you on a long weekend that will roll you into the year 2019?
Or are you closing shop today, fully expecting to work at some point over the next two weeks?

I pray it’s the former of the two that I speak,
In any case, I bid thee, “a Happy Holiday and Prosperous 2019.”

I’m done with the shopping and am free to kick it with you
though I must admit I haven’t created my Christmas menu.
Have you?

whip-cream-strawberry-chocolate-cupcake.jpgI am feeling a little more frisky than usual in the kitchen,
last night’s grocery list did include whip cream in its mentions.

Yes, I bought it.
Wish me well to utilize; naught it.

Are you up for it? Are you down?
You can still get it when the family is around.

Just find a private place and don’t make a sound.
The feeling is autonomous when the holidays are bound.
Ain’t nothing wrong with 6,9 or the downward dog pound.

Still, grown people often miss it.
If there’s an opportunity under the mistletoe – I want to kiss it.

Kiss me back.
Dear Christmas: Be a meal and not a snack.
Fill me full and let the calories lack.

Intellectual Kinsman: I’m sure that you can feel that.
Dear Santa: Come with a new jib in your bag.

elf-n-wife.jpgI could certainly use that.
When I’m not creating scripts, I’m a hands-on filming cat.

Couple that with my propensity to prosper with gadgety things,
and you’ll have insight into what makes my bell ring.

Alas, the weekend is ours to give and the weekend is ours to take.
I really hope that you relax this weekend for your own sake.

Rest shouldn’t be reserved for Christmas Day.
Getitin this weekend and don’t forget your play.

After such is done I hope to retreat to the kitchen and craft a view
that looks something like a traditional Christmas Day menu.

Are you down to be up? Are you up to be down?
I’m Qui
Still into thee and challenging you to do the downward dog pound.

Because you’re far less stressed when naked yoga abounds.

Get in. I got you…

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ride-w-QuiWhat’s up baby, what it do?
Buckle up, lets ride. ‘Gone relax. I got you.

When you need a ride or die chick – you know I’m gone roll thru.
I got jokes for the miles, I’m trying to deliver smiles to the awesome, you.

What it do? What have you got on your mind?
What do you think about cutting a corner for a little  proof shine?

80 proof that is! The first round is on me. Right?
I’m serving up that blue bottle, a double shot of SKYY.

Life is good and the Arizona skies are smiling
on a girl named Qui. I’m out here H A P P Y wilding!

I’m driving Get in. I got you.
Let’s goto the farmers market and get some fruit.

You sip raw juice? Heck – sip it today.
Chase the mundane of over processed products away.

I’m 30lbs down and still holding.
I loss a little more and daddy started roarin.’

I told him, “I’m in control” and I continue to drive.
Sipping raw juice has yielded me a new spin on life

and so it’s swell that I have you riding shotgun.
I’m thrilled to have thee with which to share this fun.

Let’s rack up good memories in a NO LIMIT sum!
NO JUDGMENT is still Rule #1.

Ride with me baby. All I want from you, is for you to look good.
Let’s roll slow through the downtown ’round and straight into the hood.

Where it’s always all good.
Where a good time is easily understood.

It’s the weekend baby, 
I’m an accommodating lady.

I’m in the drivers seat and I’m comfortable too.
Go ‘head, Get in.  I  promise, I got you.

Vroom! Vroom!
I’m Qui
Don’t forget to crank the tunes:

Feeling Nostalgic

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Casa Blanca

Remember CASA BLANCA!!!

Happy Friday to you! (right off the back)
I woke up this morning feeling a Casa Blanca track.

I woke up this morning, a reminiscent “cinematic ma’am,”
and rolled over to my guy and said, “Play it again Sam.”



.divider blk_southHe doesn’t play the piano and he doesn’t sing either,
but when it comes to nostalgic romance, he’s a giver – I’m a receiver.

He didn’t sing the hook, but he did hum the song.
Life is good on this Friday. We’ve got it going on!

I’m Feeling Nostalgic about November. Believe or not I’m still crying.
The kids are in mourn too… to be strong for them, I am trying.

There’s no denying, I’d like to take him for one more walk,
or sit on the porch while he listens and I talk.
He was a such great listener, he never squawked. 🙂

I’m doing much better today. I am one rebounding Moma.
Still, I woke up feeling that joint by Sam in Casa Blanca.

What’s on your mind today? Express yourself through dance, song and write,
I’m Qui
Feeling Nostalgic… and that’s okay, for now. Right?

Enjoy the weekend,
I’ll spend the next 24-hours NETWORKING with friends.
Ciao bella, until we meet again…
Qui Kisses