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Do you know Theresa Caputo

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I love her! Big Hair and sixth senses – she’s got it down!
When it comes to being a “Medium Socialite” – she wears the crown.

Theresa-Caputo-LongIsland MedWho doesn’t miss family that has moved on from the physical world?
Theresa Caputo is a very special girl.

For me, watching her show is like going to class,
— me thinking, “I’m not crazy? Thank God and alas!”

Energy is real dear children. I feel it all of the time,
and every so often, I sense memories that are not mine.

It usually happens when I’m in the company of others
that I pick up on their late and still beloved mothers.

I’m not limited to female spirits, boisterous males have come through
talking to me, as if our conversation was in-process and imminently due.

Telling me things that I felt were (pretty much) a familiar miss,
shortly thereafter I find out the messages belongs to my big sis.

Her childhood friend died 4-days prior to showing up in my bedroom.
He was alive, boisterous and full of vigor; no dead-man doom.

I simply relayed the message and I haven’t seen him since,
but others have surely dropped by. I’m in tuned with my sixth sense.

Do you know Theresa Caputo? She’s a teacher regarding spiritual intuition.
She’s pretty phenom and has it going on – to the point that I had to mention.

We’re rarely ever alone, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,
When you’re loved ones pass on, they are free to travel with the wind.

So it does not matter, you’re not crazy when they cross your mind.
Go on and strike up conversation and you’ll sense their response in kind.

You’ll hear them with your heart via conversations from the past,
I’m Qui
Reminding you that flowers die, but energy seems to last.

Nope! You’re not crazy. But then that — you already know.
Get closer to your sixth senses, tune in to Theresa Caputo.

She’s the LONG ISLAND MEDIUM – a socialite many would love to meet.
You don’t have to travel or get in line to see her, tune into TLC.


The HAUNTING Of with Kim Russo

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The HAUNTING OfHave you seen this show? Perhaps a better question is have you seen a ghost? If you have, the next step should probably be to call Kim.

Kim Russo is of Italian decent and has East coast roots just like Theresa Caputo [Long Island Medium], however, regardless of the height of their hair, the two pyshic mediums are not related.

So this weekends broadcast aired 2 episodes back to back that I had not seen before, and one was The Haunting Of Michael Rappaport. Remember Michael from the 80’s? He has got to be the finest red headed, Irish-Jewish guy I’ve ever met. Ow! I’ve been crazy about him since the days of Spike Lee’s BAMBOOZLED. Or so I think, though my better half tells me, Spike’s cool recollection of Michael Rapparport came in 1992 in a film called ZEBRAHEAD [Interracial love story set in Detroit], by Anythony Drazen. I personally don’t remember Zebrahead or being smitten by Rappaport in the interracial-love role, (though somehow I feel that I would have), all the same, he is one sexy guy!

I don’t know if you happened to have caught Michael’s paranormal experience story on Celebrity Ghost Stories (2010), but his experience happened at Earmus High School in Brooklyn. He and a friend, Gerald, were fined detention for mischievous classroom behavior and as punishment, they were made to clean up a room in the basement of the school. The room was locked by padlock, Michael and Gerald had the keys, opened the lock, removed it and had Michael had it on his person. They began organizing a massive pile of desks, (re-enactment showed one-piece desks stacked high, nearly to the ceiling). One they had a few lined neatly in a row, the remaining desks in pile began to rumble and release a thick dusty smoke (from debris under the pile, Gerald noticed a few cat carcass). Shortly thereafter, there was light flickering and the two began to see figure shadows here and there within the room. Michael and Gerald ran for the door and it was locked. They were trapped. But how could it be, Michael had the padlock on his person? The door locks only from the outside with padlock.

Michael called upon Kim Russo to help him make sense of the incident that originally happened in 1987. Kim agreed to meet Michael and Gerald at Earmus High School. Did you see it? Awesome broadcast. It all boiled down to being ‘the mischievous spirits that were trapped in the basement were indeed the spirits of a couple of boys that had died in the school in previous years, before Michael and Geralds tenure. The spirits were mischievous in nature and felt, at the time, that Michael and Gerald were like them – so they taunted them. In part, because of that experiment Michael transferred and spent his graduating year at Martin Luther King High and redirected his energies towards the arts. IMDB has his film and entertaining credits dating back to 1990. Kim was able to connect the dots for Michael and Gerald and show how those mischievous spirits were able to help influence the (then) adolescents to change ways.

In the end, Earmus High School is still haunted with those spirits that roam, as Kim, Michael and Gerald on two different occasions heard the collective voices of children, (likened to what you’d hear in a school hallway), but they aren’t angry or looking to necessarily taunt Michael and Gerald anymore. Maybe.
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When I think of Kim Russo, I think psychic mediumdetective.”
Her work is so accurate, in past energy; reflectives.

Kim Russo is the real deal as well
she taps into the spirits on a “social spell.”

Rarely does forceful energy rise up in Russo’s reading-world.
She’s a no-nonsense, smudge cleansing cinch, big-hair-wearing girl.

Brightly perched on Long Island was Michael Rapport re-living a dark scene
with Kim (at Earmus high school) and a few spirits from the in-between.

Kim Russo is confrontational and left no investigational stone unturned
Michael and Gerald were the recipients of understanding and life lessons learned.

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The other story that ran back-to-back last night
was the story of Jack Blades under the Apache moonlight.

It was a good investigation as well, under any kind of light
Jack was told by Kim Russo, that he once had another life.

Revealed were antiqued artifacts that Jack picked up at trade shows
that angered past native american spirits and sent them into scold.

In the end Jack Blades had to offer the spirits a gift of peace
and believe it or not, he granted the angry energy sweet release.

And this is what Kim Russo does. She takes a situation that seems crazy and daunting
then she walks you back through it, to make sense of your haunting.

Do you watch the show and what do you think?
I’m Qui
Enjoying it very much
, so much so, I had to wordpress ink.

You’re so sensitive

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Did You HearWhat’s your take on the rash of paranormal series that have infiltrated the satellite TV view? Do you find them enlightening or perhaps entertaining? Have you learned something new? Are there spirits around you?

Let’s do a quick assessment…

Question: Are you a sensitive?
Answer: In general, if you have to ask, you’re not. Most people who are know that they are, and tend to keep it to themselves, or within a small circle of family or friends.

Did you hear about
Giancarlo Espisito’s ghost story or Billy Dee Williams paranormal experience?
I did and they were both pretty jarring.

Believe it or not, most people usually have something about them that attracts activity to them, or so I’ve heard. I have also  heard that people who have had near-death experiences are more likely to experience a heightened level of awareness, sensitivity or sixth sense.  And while that might be true, I personally can’t recall having had any near-death experiences in my life – Thank God.

Question: Are sensitive gifts passed down through genes?
Answer: The answer is scientifically inconclusive.

It seems that most psychics and sensitives may have a like-family member that came before them, (a parent or grand parent), that has (or had during their lifetime) a sensitivity to sixth senses. In my case, it was my fathers grandmother. I remember sitting on the porch with her, (during a day out of school due to asthma) and a young lady walking down the street stopped off to have small talk with her. She talked about quite a few things, but I remember her mentioning that she could not find her purse. I don’t recall my grandmother responding to her, anything in particular, but several days later the same lady came strolling by again. This time she just waved and said, “Hello Mrs. Adele.” My grandmother called the woman over and told her, “That purse that you’ve been looking for is in your closet.” The woman said, “Really? Which one [closet]?” Grams said, “I’m not sure, but you rarely use this closet and your purse is sitting to the right on top of the shelf.” The very next day, the lady came running into the yard screaming my grandmothers name and waving a purse. My grandmother hardly looked surprised or very interested in the story behind the purse, however, I was head over heels about the predication and the find. I was only about 7 years old or so and I was completely blown away. I began to wonder if I should ask her about my black church shoes? I’d misplaced them days prior and mom and dad were really riding me about them…

Question: What if I do have sensitive or sixth sense gifts? Will watching reality shows like Paranormal State and Long Island Medium help?
Answer: If you want to learn how to utilize proper english, you take language arts course. If you want to learn to speak spanish, you take a spanish course. If you want to learn how to hone your spiritual gifts, you might want to take a psychic or medium class or you could DVR any one of the satellite flooded paranormal reality shows and learn a few pointers .

Crossing Over with John Edwards was an afternoon show that would come on CBS in the early 2000’s. John Edward is a medium and would enter a room full of no less than a hundred hopeful guests and began doing random readings. It was awesome! But something must have happened, because just when it seemed the show was opening up, gaining a following and a showcasing a decent budget – it was cancelled. There’s wasn’t ever a trailing story that Mr. Edwards was a fake or anything defaming, yet the fact remains – the show is no longer in broadcast or in syndication.

Did the spirits object to signing the television waver or something? I really don’t know, but several other paranormal shows now vie for the  top spiritual spot and I DVR at least two of them. I’m learning…

Question: Where can I find a psychic medium class?
Answer: That’s a good question and actually a pretty easy one to answer, just type your question +  your city and state into a search engine box and enjoy the results of all kind of classes, courses and seminars. You can also inquire about information on such classes at authentic herbal stores. The herbal store clerks seem to know about everything off-of the beaten path. Drop in and inquire.

Me? I’m already pretty sensitive – my friends and family very well know.
I’m Qui
and I’ve got one question for ya, Do You Believe in The Paranormal – yo?