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Do You Feel That

In Communication, Video on March 22, 2023 at 5:54 am

The day is fresh with a seasoned hue.
Dry land is covered with a moist dew.

Some may call it Spring, but I call it New.
There’s something different about the ambient of me and you.

Please tell me that you feel it, too?

Peace and organization have increased in my space.
The Heavens are beautiful, and I am amazed.

The first thing that I do upon waking up
is to bow and thank God for his merciful love.

Truth be told, someone crossed over from natural causes last night.
With a smile, I arose from bed with no beckon from daylight.

I was up shortly after 3 this morning.
I feel amazing, and my TMJD is yawning.

My smile is amazingly true.
I’m looking in the mirror and smiling at you.

Yes, you. I am a reflection of my environment.
It is with thee that all of my time is spent.

As long as you walk the Earth, we’ll always be close.
You are the society that I learn from the most.

I think that you love me…but sometimes you may not know.
You mean to be expressive but don’t know how to produce a “show.”

No worries, though, because as long as you’re alive,
there’ll always be time for you to recognize and vibe. 🙂

Good morning, Beloved. Yes, I am still talking to you.
Feel the love around you because you are due.

Accept no less and participate to make it true.
I hope to be among the first today to tell you:

On your next inhale, accept that you deserve that fact.
Then pay forward the feeling because you feel that.


In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on January 18, 2023 at 5:05 am


In a time when it seems that everything is moving super fast and awfully slow,
when energies and agenda’s are moving to and fro

without being led by prayer and God, so
confusion reigns and mayhem is a go.

I want you to know that you are not alone.
You do not have to face this on your own.

Who sent you here? Who gave you a family?
We’re all connected by spirit; you are kin to me.

Perhaps you forgot?
Aren’t you and I children of God?

It’s not an easy thing to forget, but it does get loud
with sound waves from technology floating around —

still I can feel vibrations of unity.
It’s content and peaceful; it belongs to you and me.

The feeling is subtle and almost faint.
Revive the vibe and be a saint

for the sake of our tomorrow.
Don’t strengthen the energy of sorrow

by passing it onto others.
We are not enemies – we are lovers.

I love you. It’s good practice for you to love me back.
I’ll watch for you and you for me. We can’t beat that!

Let’s be a team of flippers and lay hate flat —



out on the floor, a repetitious chore
sweep it up and put it in a bag.

Then put said bag onto the curb.
It’s easy to do and LOVE is the word.

Love is the GAME CHANGER
and you are an “Energy Wrangler.”

What’s a wrangler, you ask?
A person skilled with a complicated task.

Deciphering energies; which one leads where.
We master this by reading and listening with care.

This life is not facilitated by the TITANIC – we all need not to go down.
This life is best conveyed through good deeds; sewing good seeds in the ground.

Foundational love. Start with yourself first.
You cannot be love-void and quench this thirst.



Love yourself. Love yourself. Love yourself, then love others like so.
If each of us will love ourselves first then for others we’ll be good to go.

So I’ve been loving-on myself – hard, as of late.
I’m on it 7-days a week, 24-hours a day.

I feel A-OK and I’m in good shape to love on you.
Good morning beloved, let’s love this day through.

Don’t tire yourself out; be a 24-hour hanger,
I’m Qui
and LOVE is the Key. It is our collective GAME CHANGER.

Christmas Countdown

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on December 23, 2022 at 5:35 am

rudolf-elf-christmasGood Lord, it’s Friday already and my week has been super sweet.
I’ve shopped with the masses and forfeited latte molasses –
no doubt, ditching calories.

There’s love in every breeze, I can feel it and with specific reason.
The nippy weather requires a sweater and reminds us of the WHYS of the season.

Food, wine and good tidings wrapped in gift paper does please us —
Though in the Christian Faith, the season and the 25th day is all about Jesus.

Not boots, not hats, nor gloves or a winter chill takes such bank.
This holiday is filled with grace and mercies… let’s give God some thanks.

I’m done with my shopping and I’m nearly done with all wrapping.
I’ve got a cute red bag to hide my stocking stuffer stash — I’m the winner of gift stacking.

Christmas Day is Sunday — and I pray that you are able
to gather with family and friends to no end, and break bread around the table.

In the event that I don’t hear from you on Sunday, please DO hear this:
I love you, wanna’ hug you, consider this season to be aW,”
God is good and