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So the President gave a speech the other day
and a heckler showed up  – who wanted to play.

She interrupted several times to talk about the nature of drones
and the American lives that are lost during their execution roam.

She asked the president if he were prepared to take the blame?
He was gentle in his response and yielded her no shame.

President Obama said her points are worth listening to, because of her passion.
His assertion of disagreement with her points was done in tactful fashion.

He listened to her intently and handled the discord with ease.
He is one cool brother. Gotta dub him President Smooth B.

He listened before responding. There was no yelling or talking above.
You don’t have to be in agreement with another to show a little respectful love.

I appreciate his show of decency it is historically noted: a presidential good look.
Seems Don Thompson, McDonalds CEO, is taking notes from Obama’s play book.

Don is in todays news, because he was called out to the front of the line
by a thoughtful and precious consumer – who wiser than her years, is only nine.

The young lady wanted to know, why McDonalds uses gimmicks to get kids to buy
food that isn’t good for them, yielding obesity and diabetes – a less quality life?

Don responded to the young lady in all due respect
and said it is under his reign than MickyD’s has made the fresh fruit connect.

There’s apples instead of fries and the giving away of free milk.
These are healthy concepts that were executed under him.

Then CEO Don went on to insert more marketing ideas – quick,
stating they’re testing a new menu item called ‘kiwi on-a-stick‘.

He lightly put it out there, that wether it succeeds is up to the tests.
But under his MickyD reign their nutritional menu is at its best.

This was good audio to hear and really explained a lot
since McDonalds has gone healthy, their demand is not hot.

I didn’t know what the reason was that kids stopped flocking to it like they used to.
But it stands to reason, good health is in season and kids have to be made to eat fruit.

An apple a day will keep the doctor away
and marketing will suffer during the transitional phase.
Have you had anyy Mickey D’s today?

Pa-dup-Pa-pa-Paaaa! I’m lovin’ it.
I’m Qui 
Happy Weekend to you – I’m NEWS PERUSE huggin’ it.

It’s the weekend Yo!
You be the CEO!

Getting Back To It

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The Grind


7-days til’ school starts across the Lone Star [state] mix.
A-Z started a few weeks back; to be exact, about 6.

I’m sitting here in Chandler, on this Monday Morning
where 5 am promptly ceased my sleepy-eyed yawning.

I am an involved parent, who likes to be all-up-in-it.
I chauffeur to and from school, everyday: 80-minutes.

There’s a school bus stop by my home to a much trendier place,
they call it a school, but it’s much too cool for my kids innocent space.

It’s the assigned school zone that I live in & my neighborhood is the best.
But the school itself, is built on wealth and parallels a popular school from the west.

Beverly Hills 90210. Do you remember that show?
The kids were rich, [the ratings were sick] and drama was good to go.

My kid attended last year – but she doesn’t want to go no ‘mo.
So I chauffeur the distance, for her academic growth.

I do what I’ve got to do and now I’m fixed on my grind – talking to you.
I’ve got some marketing research to do – to elevate a clients ‘web presence‘ view.

I’ve got some customer service calls to make.
I love my clients, but some need reminders to pay.

I’m happy on this Monday Morning: I’ve got my life, health and strength.
I’m happy on this morning because I’m paid up on the rent.

I’m happy on this morning because my cup of jo’ is on point.
I’m happy on this morning because my space is a positive joint.

How are you this morning, and what good have you got planned for the week?
I’m Qui
Feeling high on “THEE” for dropping by to peep my feed.
Ooo Weee.
I’m sweet on thee.

Good Morning and Thank You very much.


How do you legitimize rape?

[ Reports] Representative Todd Akin of Missouri, who also happens to be the state’s Republican senatorial nominee, has some important information for women everywhere:

Now, what is the difference between legitimate and illegitimate rape? Akin, who is somehow a member of the House’s science and technology committee, did not explain. (Perhaps the only way to know for sure is to wait and see if you end up with an illegitimate child.)

Akin added that he does not consider the failure of the uterus’s natural rape-defense mechanism to be a legitimate reason for an abortion …click here for more enlightenment and definitely sign the petition to remove this representative from congress:

No sooner than the week could officially begin,
Republic Representative Todd Akin had to weigh in.

And now you see why I keep bringing ‘My VAGINA’ up
‘She’ needs protecting from these right-winged nuts!

Airing It Out

My Flower. My Kitti Kat. My VAGINA!

Come on. We have to talk about it sometimes. Don’t let those pushing to take away womens rights be the only ones talking about it – even though they don’t like to call it by its name. “Vagina.” There! I said it and sometimes the word needs airing out.

I’m obviously worried about my own vagina too;
as it relates to politics and the birth control issue.

I’m worried about rape and hoarding unwanted batter.
I’m worried because Republicans said – the HOW’s don’t matter.

If you’re impregnated from a rape, be informed young lady,
The Republicans said NO RIDDANCE – you must have the baby,
click here to read more