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Stop to admire.

Sometimes I have to stop. Do you ever do that? If for no other reason than to just look back…


to see how far you have come. Sometimes, I need to stop and stand in the sun. The rays shine through my torso and into my lungs. 


I, in hiking shoes, climb towards the fun; a mountainous sum.


Heights that resemble life… I keep going. Reflections and thoughts of new love… I keep sowing.


Self-Preservation… sometimes I have to do it. A remote find, relax & unwind; it’s the best way to work through it.


Looking to change things up? Get to it! — Fast forward, rewind; find opportunity, and pursue it.


The hillside? I ran all through it. I ran into a Javelina – who was “self-preservation” fluid.

Photo by: GatewayToSedona

He was feeding on a bush on my resort patio. I was just about to go out and stargaze, but thought, “Nope.”

Because I’m not used to collared peccary on my patio. So, I stayed inside and played a game of roll-o.

Yes. I brought a mate along with me, yo. We forwent stargazing to make the percale glow.

And it did. Percale glowing is something parents forbid… good thing I’m not a kid.

I love life. I love you. I love nature. I love sharing the view.


This resort finds me preparing to retreat. Life is a party, but I don’t live on the beach. 


I am the beach. It’s not a Freudian slip. Without preservation, one could become the bitch.


Sometimes we all have to stop. When faced with a mountain — go on and climb atop.

I will see you there. In love and self-preservation – all is fair.


Forget about composing war. Stargaze and/or make your own stars.


A successful life is often lived in the fast lane. I challenge your comprehension of that frame.

Slow down. Look around. Meditate & pray; keep your mind sound.

You deserve more. Please don’t run yourself raggedyto relax is a verb.

I’m Qui 

Sometimes it’s not all about me. But when it is, self-preservation is word.

Leave the fast running to a story that you heard: 


Keep On Trucking On

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black-truck.gifAnother morning to another day full of opportunity.
Rise early to get a start on what is about to be.

You do want IN on this – don’t you?
Good morning beloved, it’s Day 1 after 2.

You got that, right?
I slept rather hard last night

after putting in a whole lot of work.
Hard work could kill – so thank God no one was hurt.

I dated a shoot; with “the script,” I’m a flirt.
Directing myself in a scene isn’t easy; a talented skirt.

I pulled it off.
The challenge was great – I didn’t choke or cough.

It was a good time had; storytelling is something that I love.
I’m in two scenes out of seven – pulling a Spike Lee can be rough.

What about you? What have you been into?
It’s Day 3 for you and me. Let’s jit-up to push it through.

I think that it’s going to be good for you. Are you ready?
Previsualize and focus, enter with intentions; keep it steady.

Aw yeah! You’re ready! There ain’t nothing that you can’t do.
When a problem arises you just Keep On Trucking On through.

I dig that about you. Do it again today!
Tell me, love, do you meditate, do you pray?

I do, and I pray that you will be stronger all the more.
Time with you in the morn is time that I adore.

Goal!!! Let this Hump Day be a score for us,
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee, I’ve got nothing but pallets of love.

Keep pushing positivity. The route is to be dug.
You’s a MAC on the 10 – let me see your best TRUCK.


What’chu packing?


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Good morning, good morning – it’s early right now.
I’m up sharpening techniques that will feed my cash cow.

I’m Science researching & script rehearsing – I’ve got so much to do.
But not too much to the point – that I’ve no time for you.

Good morning sweetheart and how do you do? Are you ready to begin?
I’m no Jerry Epstein, I’m content with you – no need to bring a friend.

What is this “skull & crossbones gin” that mass men have been drinking?
Enjoying a culture of “rich perverted vulture;” positive morale is… stinking.

The Epstein case sounds like an industrial pack of Black Cats mid-popping at an early stage.
We’ve got a long fireworks show to go because Jerry likes girls of a very young age.

Ah. Remember when fireworks were all the rage?
Teen love should not be an Elders lay.

Amen and clear-the-phlegm; that’s all that the law has to say.
Beyond that, do have an enlightening and exciting Tuesday.

I really hope that you do.
I’m up to meditate; praying for positive vibes to come through.

I’m in love with humanity; I’m in love with you.
I’m grateful to God for your life and glad that you were able to roll through.

What good will the next twelve hours introduce you to?
Me? I’ve got a project before me that I need to see through.

Mostly editing work.
I’ll do it inside in heels and a skirt.

May as well. Tuesdays are all-the-way live.
Besides, I’ll be walking on the carpet; it’s too hot to go outside.

How’s the weather where you are? Comfortable – I pray.
I won’t lie to you, kinfolk, I keep the air conditioner between 75 and 68

with dreams to drop the degrees by an additional ten.
Energy is real; I’m mindful to not overspend.

So what will this day find you getting in?
Whatever you choose, I bid you a win.

Life is short – do not take any of it for granted.
Get up and do you; tell the universe: you ‘demand it.’

Self-light the fuse that will deliver you to your worth;  reap truer pay.
I’m Qui
about you and me, the collective we and the opportunities of a Tuesday.

Pick & choose your fuse.

loony-TNT magnet

Self-inflicted DYNAMITE VICTIM.