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Good Morning Monday

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Evolution is inevitable.

Good morning Monday, I’m so glad that you’re here.
My weekend was fair and yielded my thoughts clear.

The television did reign and sports did re-start;
baseball and basketball delivered with united heart.

It was good to see; team building & professional balling is great
but it doesn’t make a dent of difference against racial hate

or Portland, Oregon’s reality and fate. Their peace is on pause.
If we don’t support them – their issues may be the case of us all.

Music marks great moments; music inspires unity and a call to action.
New music is born for the #BLM, but Portland get’s Michael Jackson:


If we are not careful this will be the song across all 50 states.
Thank you Portlanders for pushing-back against hate. It’s not our united fate.

I care about you and what you’re going through.
Change is necessary; MLK did it too.

God bless New York, California, Chicago and other states
that have found that they are bound to jam Michael Jackson today.

It’s comparable to a black person’s historical and present fate.
Do unto others what you would have done unto you — is on the way.

Karma does not play. Stand strong for unity, civility and what you believe.
Tyranny gall will have to fall; protest until tyranny cannot breathe.

A new day yields a new breeze; resume your purpose after prayer.
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee, if you bent a knee, divine help will always be there.

Discerning The Truth

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MJ and Brandon Howard - Jackson— My kids think I’m psychic – on the contrary, but I will admit that I can pick out a lie in a conversation of truths,  easily.

I have said on a number of occasions to my children and others, “Stop. That’s uneccessary information,” when I notice their iambic pentameter change in conversation. No matter how subtle the “additional information” ( the lie) is added-in, the energy, tone and cadence of the speaker takes on a new element. That element is the yielding of additional and unnecessary information and to me, it greatly effects the delivery tone of the speaker. All I see are red flags. It is then that I will advise the speaker to stop (if I know them personally – if I don’t know the person personally, I’m usually just embarrassed that I know the information isn’t true). I still listen, but less intently, because I really don’t want to hear anything that the speaker could be held accountable for later. I know a later is coming.

Case in point, it was 1982 when Michael Jackson’s THRILLER album hit the scene, I was excited, we stood in line for ever at some generic looking record store front and no one could tell my big sister ‘anything’ that would stop all of her anxious twitching and tears because she was among the first to own the record, not to mention the first 104 patrons would receive an MJ poster. My sister was #86. Talk about giddy — she was beyond approach.

I saw Michael Jackson as a sweet singing, cute guy with a lot of thrusting hip work. That coupled with the flooding pants, sparkly socks and penny loafers made him an iconic hit! The world was on fire about THRILLER and it’s short film music video. Excitement was in the air and ruled that moment in history. However, I was a little thrown by the BILLY JEAN song and the detailed story laid out therein. I was thrown because like I said earlier, I thought MJ was a sweet singing, love-song kind-of guy but Billy Jean was a clear-cut, diss-and-remiss song. I wondered why and often voiced my curiosity aloud, only to have my sister reply, “Who cares why he’s singing it? You’re missing the point,”. No – she missed the point. I was only curious because as far as my adolescent-self knew, ‘no one was accusing the young pop star of fatherhood’, so why would he even inject such a song into his repertoire? For mere entertainment? No one else seemed to care, so we jammed the joint until MJ’s sundown and beyond. It still jams today and I’ve steadily remained curious about the true backstory of inspiration.

Upon waking this morning  and checking recent news, I am introduced to 31-year old Brandon Howard, the son of Miki Howard. Miki Howard was a young solo r&b singer in the early 80’s. I was between 8th and 9th grade (if my memory serves me right) when I first heard a Miki Howard joint. I liked her voice. Here style was reminiscent of many r&b solo women that were out in the early 80’s, so I really didn’t set her apart from the pack and because she wasn’t in heavy rotation on the Dallas, TX radio airwaves, I missed out on the capacity of her talents – I’m sure. I also did not know that in 1982 Joe Jackson was managing Miki’s career and it was that same year that she met his son, Michael Jackson. It was during this period that Miki was receiving a favorable amount of international airplay, but then she dropped off of the radio radar when Joe Jackson ended the manager-talent relationship. Shortly thereafter Michael pumps the Billy Jean joint into our musical veins. Was it fantasy song writing? Ha! I don’t think so.

When Discerning The Truth it is crucial to tune into the speakers conversation, and be sensitive to the interjection of unnecessary information. Michael wrote a song about it, meanwhile, Miki never spoke on the subject. Then again, the internet did not exist in the 80’s and once a big name like Joe Jackson drops you, you don’t just bounce back. In the 80’s no big name management often meant little to no visual presence in studio or on stage. Today the same may be true, but Beyonce has shown us, that you don’t have be boxed in, you can always go i-Tunes.

So Michael made a hit song out of denying something he was never accused of (a sign of anxious anticipation?) and now there has been a paternity test done that proves with 99.9% DNA certainty that Michael Jackson is the father of 31-year old Brandon Howard!

Of course I checked out Brandon’s picture and then I looked at one of his music videos and concluded – Yes! The kid has talent. I do believe, ‘the kid is Michaels son.’ He sounds eerily like Michael Jackson as well. Check out B Howard’s video DANCEFLOOR for yourself and then you tell me if you still believe MJ when he said, “Billy Jean was not his lover” :

Also, I’d like to add to this, that Brandon closely resembles MJ’s nephews, who are the musical group 3T:
3T Jackson group

musical divider

I knew the moment I learned the words to MJ’s Billy Jean
that a back story to that song was pending to hit the scene.

I was just a young girl, but wisdom was obviously strong,
and seeing Brandon today – confirms my curiosity wasn’t wrong.

Things are starting to look like, the King of Pop has left us an heir,
too bad he denied his future legacy when he had the chance to “be there.”

Instead we called Mike “Jack-o” and a ‘whacko who touches kids,’
When what he really may have been yearning for is the company of his (own known) kid.

God bless Michael Jacksons soul and let this be a lesson to us all,
there is no win in denying your kin, lest your legacy be cut short and stall.

Be proud – if you have kids, knowing that your legacy will live on,
I’m Qui
and if it’s true what the tests say, I feel for MJ – if he didn’t know his son.

See DNA results video Here

Zoe Saldana plays Elizabeth Taylor

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Could you imagine a biopic of Michael Jackson being portrayed by a white guy, or a biopic of Elvis Presley being portrayed by a latino or perhaps the story of Che Guevara being portrayed by a black guy?

Sure in the 1920’s during the black-and-white film era white men played the part of indians in classic American ‘cowboy and indian’ tales and let us not forget about the rise of black face in 1830 that spanned entertainment for roughly 100 years – with a whites only cast playing to a whites only audience. Who was going to protest?

Todays SAG roster hosts a plethora of fantastic actors of every race. So why are some filmmakers still opting for the ol’ switch-a-roo?

A lighter, less black version of Nina Simone is the current biopic portrayal in question. “Born the sixth child of a preacher’s family in North Carolina, Simone aspired to be a concert pianist. Her musical path changed direction after she was denied a scholarship to the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, despite a well-received audition. Simone was later told by someone working at Curtis that she was rejected because she was black.” –[]

[Click here to listen to Qui say the following:]

She lived the life of a true black woman in the darkest shade of stride.
She embraced her reflection in the world and rode gracefully on the highs.

It’s only been 9 short years since Ms. Nina Simone has died;
And film producers have chose to cast her in a Dominican/Puerto Rican light.

Not that there is anything wrong with a lighter skinned sister,
But Nina was black – the sun god of Africa surely kissed her.

Cleopatra was born of Greek & Egyptian blood then portrayed by Elizabeth Taylor.
Liz’s performance was stunning, but comparable to the tanned Cleopatra? No nailer.

The importance of LIKENESS’ is important – history is always at hand.
I really couldn’t imagine MLK being portrayed by a white man.

And even though Michael J. narrowed his nose and bleached his dark skin
I couldn’t imagine a white guy playing his Jackson 5 beginning or his end.

And even though Elvis P stayed high and kept a default set of bloodshot eyes,
I couldn’t imagine casting his portrayal as a bellbottom sporting black guy.

I’m all about artistic likeness’; reeling reality is what sustains her.
I’m wondering if Elizabeth Taylors life could be portrayed by Zoe Saldana?

I’m thinking about mistold stories – if mistold enough times they will be come fact.
Imagine someone portraying Ms. Nina Simone, but the actress isn’t even black.
Don’t do that.

Everyone deserves to see history in the correct likeness, forfeiting legends and reflecting the facts.
Likeness is an important part of our historic culture – even Barbie doll manufacturers understand that.

Jill Scott recently spoke on the news that Zoe would be portraying Ms. Simone,
and commented Zoe’s a great actress, but “may need a prosthetic nose…”

Jill also commented that Zoe Saldana may need a darker shade of foundation.
I’m Qui
Passing the mic to theeHow do you feel about the likeness of cultural relations?

If accurate depictions of icons is vastly important to you
Sign this petition before Elvis is played by a brown dude.