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FUN at the Homecoming DanceThis weekend Perry High and Hamilton High are celebrating their homecomings. I remember my own high school homecoming. The football game was pretty cool (for a social networking ground) and the homecoming dance was off the chain. I did the smurf, the sheik, and the South Dallas drop. Do you remember any of those dances? Which ones were you doing? Good times, for sure.

Today twerking seems to be all the rage, but it’s certainly not new in my neighborhood. I suppose the scrutiny spotlight came on once Miley Cyrus tried to do it at the VMA’s. It’s certainly not for everyone. But she’s young and she’s hype. Personally, I would rather her do it today – at 20 years old, than to wait until she’s 40. If you think her muscleless hiney was flabby at the VMA’s imagine its hideousness 20 years from today. No sir. You don’t want that. 🙂

All twerking aside, I turned to Tim Milgram to cop some new moves. Tim is a choreographer and he’s light on his feet. If you’re still doing the cabbage patch, or the running man, STOP NOW and cop some of these moves:

If you really want to jam
Peep this white girl that gets down.

I don’t know her name, but she headed up Missy’s HOT BOYZ vid,
They had to put her in front – her precise moves should not be hid.

Each step is on point. Every dancer kept it real.
Choreography credits go to Martijin Sedgfield.

Check the videos and cop the moves that you can bust,
I’m Qui
on this homecoming weekend at the crib, kicking up dust.

Dancing is an awesome sport and great exercise too.
When you drop your kids off at the dance – take a minute & roll thru.
I’d love to dance (ie,…kick dust) with you.

Remember How Goofy You Were

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miley cyrus twerk teamWhen you were 20 – weren’t you a bit of a mess?
The party actions of Miley Cyrus may remind you best…

The only reason why you passed the global idiots test
is because you weren’t born on the global stage of fest.

Last night at the VMA show Miley Cyrus showed out!
But isn’t that what being young is pretty-much all about?

How dare we point the finger of shame at a child
who’s 20, enjoying life and acting a little wild?

divider AbstractSee video HERE


I personally believe
our youth should get a “role model reprieve.”

If Miley didn’t act out on stage last night –
When would be a good time to do so in her life?

Would you be more open to her twerking at the age of 42
with children, a spouse, softened abs and worse glutes?

Perhaps Miley’s behavior would be more acceptable
when she’s 25 and her curves are more delectable?

A womans body is its tightest when she is young
and I believe a 20’s frame is best built for fun.

Last nights VMA scene was fun, but lets keep it real,
perhaps our hyped-up Miley was on an ecstasy pill?

Doesn’t make it right – but she is grown.
We don’t pay her bills – so let’s leave her alone.

Those that dig her music will keep her record sells alive.
The rest of us should stay focused on own situational thrive.

Remember How Goofy You Were when you were of a younger look?
Perhaps you’d like to forget the past – but you posted it on Facebook.

Sex sells – Miley & the VMA’s are in the business of making money,
I’m Qui
And MC’s publicity stunt is working so well – it’s bankable funny.

Young folks being young – is really not that serious.
Let’s focus on bigger global issues like the genocide in Syria.