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Foot-IN-Mouth Disease

In Communication, News on August 19, 2010 at 8:58 am

The funniest thing happened on the way to the store the other day… I pulled up to the grocery store and saw the cutest little hispanic lady with 4 tiny children, sitting on the curb eating drumsticks (ice cream dipped in chocoalte & sprikled with nuts). As I approached the entrance of the building the cute ‘family of 5′ stood up and begin to prepare to leave, (it looked as if they didn’t drive, but walked to the store – thus the ice cream break). Very cute.

I noticed when the woman stood up, she was a tiny 4’8 or so and was well into her “due date”. She looked to be in her 3rd trimester of pregnancy. So as I approached the ’5-fam’, I said, “Hello”. The children smiled and said likewise, but the woman just stared at me, while licking her ice cream. So I spoke to her again and told her how pretty her “bundle of joy tummy” looked . Again, the woman just stood there, staring, licking her ice cream. Curious as to why she didn’t say “hello” and seemed to be continuously “stuck on stare”, I asked, “No habla espanol?” She replied, “Yes I speak English — but I’m not pregnant“. LOL!

Oh Damn– (too bad she just didn’t say “hello” – when first I spoke) 🙂

This was definitely an innocent case of “Foot-in-Mouth” Disease. When the cute hermana revealed she wasn‘t pregnat, I immediately dropped my full grill smile and went into straight SERIOUS FACE. My exact words were (while focusing on the barrel that was her belly), “Oh damn. I am so, so, so sorry“. Then I tried to close with something cheesy like, “…but you’re so pretty and little, and“… After an awkward silence, (so big that a MACK TRUCK could have driven right through it), I concluded, “Oh well….GOOD DAY!” and with a pep in my step I proceeded to enter into the grocery store.

My comment had nothing to do with intentional derrogativeness, but was an untimely compliment. Dr. Laura Schlessinger and Mel Gibson did not share my “intentions” during thier exhibitions of “foot-IN-mouth disease”. They were being honest with their emotions and orally responded how they felt; each one utilizing the word “nigger” to invoke some type of negative emotion. In fact, Dr. Laura said it 11 times and has since “decided” NOT to RENEW her RADIO CONTRACT because of it:

I fault no one for being honest with how they feel. I fault no one for having foot-IN-mouths disease out of the best of intentions. I do, however, have a problem with intentions to invoke pain by usine oral power. Which is exactly why, (like D.L. HUGELY), I did not go along with the “burrying of the N-Word”. No one can kill a word, let along “bury it”. Come on black people. You don’t have to use the N-Word, but I strongly suggest you don’t put it “out of sight – out of mind”, because many of our peers, (like Dr. Laura and Mel Gibson) have NOT burried it. Common sense. This is America. Founded on slavery and the country that “invented” the negative history of the N-word itself.

I am a word artist so please believe me when I tell you that WORDS have POWER. If you don’t acknowledge the power of a word because it HURTS YOU….trust me, someone soon is going to offend you with the very word you thought you buried. AGAIN you don’t have to use the word, but please know that not doing so is your personal choice; thus when it is being spewed out just remember it is A WORD and not a RESURRECTION. The word “nigger” never died and has gone no where.

TERMINAL Foot-IN-Mouth Disease is what our forementioned peers are diagnosed with. I don’t know about you, but Laura is no Dr. that I’d ever trust and Mel Gibson is an old white dude that’s quickly being forgotten. AWESOME! …and that’s too bad. I wonder how Danny Glover feels about “the condition” of his former Lethal Weapon Co-Star? Danny’s an intellectual, and like most intelligent folks I know, I’m sure he has “charged it to the game“.

Momma always said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say nothing at all,
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We could learn a few things from Laurel & Hardy…..SILENCE is GOLDEN.