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alison and mitch 10_2014Alison Grimes looks like her campaign will be left behind as she continues to avoid confession.
She’s really stumped on Old Mitch McConnells grunt as it pertains to the last prez election.

Mitch McConnell: Who did you vote for in the last presidential race?
Alison: (the look of encroachment is all over her face).

But why? Why the un-comfortability? It’s really not that serious.
If you voted for the loser, you weren’t the only one delirious.

KY has their hands full, as we all do with the upcoming month.
Today is the perfect day for a NEWS PERUSE hump.

Happy Hump Day babies! I hope you woke up smiling,
I did, in addition to my hearts emotions wilding.

2014 HipHop AwardsThe BET AWARDS went HARD last night.
It duly interrupted my thought of write.

I duly enjoyed ‘the cypher’ intro’s
and each talented player throwing lyrical blows..

Doug E. Fresh took the mic and his mom was in tow.
Doug E. Fresh kept it 100% and stole our hearts during the show.

David Banner was in a cypher line up and Common was featured on stage,
flaming last nights #HipHopAwards fire that still burns today in rage!

I jammed non-stopped. I’m surprised I’m not skinny.
Because when it came to old school dances, last night I pulled plenty.

The news is full of music and politics.
One burns calories and one will make you sick.

I don’t have any bones to pick with anyone. I’m ready to cast my vote,
However, I am curious as to why dems would distance themselves from President O?

Health care numbers look good and folks are paying back taxes.
I know that I’m not lying, the IRS found my rears axis.

I duly got behind
during that 3-year recession bind.

I’m happy to report, I’m currently “tax up-to-date”
and am happy to pay into America’s healthier fate.

Other good news is:  unemployment is down.
That’s great! No one wants to wear the unemployment crown.

COWBOYS RB Joseph RandleAlso, in the news, a lone situation with a real weird handle:
Frisco PD arrested Dallas Cowboys RB Randle.

It appears to be a very curious charge
citing Randle stole cologne, $40 and drawls.

Really? The dude on the roster of the team that won Sunday?
Felt compelled to steal some smell goods and other sundrys?

I’m a true COWBOY fan, but not much familiar with RB Randle.Dallas Defense Takeover 2014
I’m confident in whatever the details – research and law can handle.

Speaking of The Cowboys, have you been watching?
The defense is sick and the offense ain’t stopping.

I’m glad about it. Romo and the boys make it look fun.
I’m going to take this day to celebrate The COWBOYS 5-1!!!!

It’s Hump Day baby and it’s been a long time and I simply couldn’t refuse!
I’m Qui
Keeping it true and humping headlines with you in this inspired NEWS PERUSE.

Get out there and do some good,
someone will be expecting you – in your hood.


PS… Today is also the day we celebrate the home going of TINA REESE in Arlington, TX @ 5pm – Moore Funeral Home. Just another reminder that LIFE IS SHORT – LIVE BIG.

[Tribute to Tina Jo Reese: The Coaches Plan, October 15, 2014 document and audio byte]


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Bad news is rampart: Constant green lights with no stop.
Headed up by News of the World Corp and Rupert Murdoch.

He’s old, he’s white and he’s a powerful billionaire,
whose not beholden to respect – whose not beholden to care.

Or so it seems.
His various subsidiaries have been hacking @ privacy seams…

It’s not his first time being involved in such matter and it won’t be his last.
Paying fines is quite alright when you’re backed with crazy wealth cash.

Meanwhile an equivalency blanket has been given to heron, weed and hash:
The DEA sees no medicinal play and collectively labels all as trash.

Yielding International FINANCIAL Aid has long looked funny,
so when it stalled on aiding PAKISTAN – they said, ‘Keep yo’ money’.

So we shall….
and necessarily spend it on this US gal.

Mitch McConnell has yielded us a positive Senate feeling,
When he announced the go-ahead to raise the debt ceiling.

I don’t understand why it was a problem at anytime,
However born the conclusion – tis’ makes the President shine.
and proves we can all be adults amidst party whine.

I still can’t get over the US Womens Soccer Team and their stun on Brazil.
The femme players that represent our country – are authoritatively FOR REAL.
They yielded Beckham and other counter parts a little something they can seriously feel.

Foul Ref’s all about them didn’t invoke our team to go cold,
but rather pulled the fire to the forefront – rendering them the Winning GOAL.

Other cool news from the 2 point line
is ALLEN GEUI and his $40K shine.
If you hadn’t heard of his story – let me be the first to shoot it from the hip
Allen gave away $40K won in a dunk contest because he’s got a full scholarship.

All participants in the dunk contest were children seeking college funds.
Allen won the contest and then shared the profits with all runner ups in $5K sums.
A giving heart yields the best feeling: YUM! YUM!

Halle Berry called 911 twice last weekend – though not because she’s a boys in blue fan,
but because there was an intruder stalking her across her residential land.
Precautions are taken often – as evil doers are increasing earths girth.
Unfortunately being Ms. Halle Berry is a beloved Blessing and a Curse.
Do pray for her.

Ooo La La – it’s HUMP DAY and I’m up for the challenge,
I’m Qui
On my literary job feeling majestic and valiant.

How about you —
amidst this mid-week NEWS PERUSE?