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The FALL Line Up

In Griot, TV Shows on September 23, 2010 at 1:04 pm

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The FALL Line Up has to include COUGAR TOWN and MODERN FAMILY .
They both premiered last night and made me quite happy.

Now I wrote about them last season, but I didn’t know for sure, if you were watching;
The new season started Wednesday night – so you’ve plenty of time for ‘new show clocking’.

Set your DVRs to auto record them both,
So we can laugh @ our class – inside of the mid sized boat.

No. There are no black people in any of these middle class casted hoods,
But it doesn’t have to be ‘a race thing’ to convey a few “common goods”.

Last nights COUGAR TOWN included the ‘friendly’ Jennifer Aniston quite proper;
She was Courtney’s charecters sexy and inconsistent confidant/psych doctor.

The writing was hot, the casting was cool and the networks viewing sex appeal shot up amply,
Until that show went off and my other one came on: The dysfunctional MODERN FAMILY.
it’s charmingly corny and hammy.

The forementioned shows are more relatable than you think even though they’re not casted black,
I’m Qui
Creatively Writing and Final Draft typing
-to help primetimes reflective view with all of that.
Ice Cube should know: I’ve got his back…

Primetime TV Shows that Blow!

In Griot, Movies, TV Shows on April 29, 2010 at 1:38 pm

Blow as in ROCK! Blow as in are relative to “grown folks striving to be successful in a famililal life”. TrueMODERN FAMILY does lack the darker pigmentation fact, but the scripted instances and obstacles that lie in the middle of their familial roads – preventing “smooth sailing” is catchy. The writing reflectively ROCKS.

Modern Family comes on ABC and has Ed O’Neill, (formerly AL BUNDY from “Married with Children”) as JAY – the straight laced patriarch of this family is in his second marriage to a (spicy latin) woman several years his junior played by Sofia Vergara. Sofia (GLORIA) also played a flight attendant on the hood elevated film “SOUL PLANE“. Remember the purple flight attendant (hoochie) dresses? She rocked it! However in Modern family, she’s a Columbian who met and married a successful white collar entreprenuer & moved to the US to marry him, with her middle school age columbian son, played by Rico Rodriguez. Rico (MANNY) plays a middle school aged renaissance man. He’s a charming heart stealer.

Jay (Ed’s character), already has grown children from his previous marriage, so Manny is the only child at home, being raised by a latin spicy Mother and an older Al Bundy. 🙂 The familial influences they bestow upon the child is crazy. Jay’s two biological (grown children), don’t live in the home with him, but they do live in the same city and visit often. His 30-something blonde daughter CLAIRE is played by Julie Bowen and is married to a Mediterranean/Italian/Greek character named PHIL (played by actor Ty Burrell). They have 3 children between them, two girls and a boy. There’s the tan older (high school) daughter named HAYLEY (played by Sarah Hyland) whose role is lightly reminiscent of Marlerie from Family Ties, their witty high IQ’d (middle school) daughter ALEX (played by Ariel Winter), and their innocent comical red headed (elementary aged) son LUKE (played by Nolan Gould).

Jay’s (grown) son is a red headed successful lawyer and emotional puff named Mitchell (played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson) who is married to a fabulously flamboyant man named CAMERON, (played by Eric Stonestreet). Cameron is a stay at home dad who loves every minute of raising their Asian (adopted toddler) daughter, Lilly.

So in short, we’ve got a show about a straight laced older white guy
whose married to a Columbian woman that’s full of sexy latin spice.

She arrived with her son from a previous marriage (her ex is played by Benjamin Bratt)
Which explains why lil’ MANNY is so “Renaissanced” like that.

Jay is successful by all accounts & on the “hetero” straight and narrow,
but his (red headed) son, Mitchell’s etux is cupid – complete with wings and an arrow.

He’s married a “cherub fellow” named Cameron; the fabulous mock stay-at-home lady,
Who loves being a full time flaming dad to their Asian toddler baby.

Claire is Jays oldest child whose blonde and pioneers (her own family) at will;
She’s married to (the ditsy comic relief & often misunderstood) Phil.

Their three kids are awesome. They’re relative characters of Primetime TV–
The oldest child is a beautiful ditz and reminds me of Family Ties’ Malerie.

Their middle child, (Ariel) is definitely the smartest of the bunch
and lil’ Luke doesn’t have a clue — though Ariel’s sarcasim should be a hunch.

Jay and his wife Gloria are the perfect “older guy/hot younger woman” two-some;
and adding Benjamin Bratt to the schtik mix makes for a menage of talented eye candy fun.

Imagine a straight dad, who hardly notices his (only) son is gay
But by no means is he disrespectful to the fact of, in any way.

Imagine Phil (Claires spouse) being enamored by his young hot mother-in-laws latin accent
And how indistinguishable her word pronounciation is…misunderstandings that can side split.

Imagine the stay-at-home Mom like Dad being a big fluffy bear,
And how meticulous he is to lace each moment with feminine care;

Not wanting to work out side of the home – for “distance” seems to be too long of a verb –
When you’re hoping to influence your (not yet talking) daughter & her soon to come first words.

Disfunction, dysfunction — yet relativity is all in between,
I’m Qui
Hillariously Blown by the writers wit – scene for scene.
So…Are you watching?

MODERN FAMILY comes on Wednesday Nights on ABC @ 8/7c