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Monday Morning

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Monday Morning:  Things are getting world-wide-weird again. — I stopped fracking with social sites because bots are not my friends.

They pretend to be social kin  and have formed decoy sites — to anchor Gravatars while they peruse and LIKE writes.

Butt for what? Ain’t nobody giving bot love.

Monday Morning, I’ve no time for late introductions or yawning. I pray the polls be on ‘swoll with our collective-unity spawning

in just a few weeks. Let no American be vote-shy or poll-weak.

Image by: ClipArtKey

In November I intend to vote my interests and base them on the facts. I know that the IRS can reach you best if you forfeit on a tax.

I’m no expert, but on this I do know — because in 2011 the IRS came for me, yo.’

In reference to taxable dollars that went unpaid – on a lump sum that I received from closing out my 401K.  I really had no choice my job closed shop and moved away.

This was back when the 2008 recession hit.  Who knew lucrative gain would not return for a bit?

Business finally resumed about 3 years later — and the IRS came for me like Cruella Deville on gators.

I recall that I had just logged 3 new clients, with promissory notes to pay me — when the IRS entered stage left and emptied-out all of my savings.

Aw frick-frack and what the heck! That was quite the “wake-up” point. So, are we sure the IRS doesn’t know about the 1st fam’s tax-less  paying joints?

The U.S. is a lot sharper than that. — The U.S. is funny about folk not paying tax.

It’s just who we are.  The IRS is filled with the best contact-tracing stars.

They are quick if they think that you owe them a check.  Paying taxes is our way to show country love; we invest.

Monday Morning, what new headlines will be born out of today?  I’m a writer with a griot lighter – I’ve already meditated and prayed.

I am awake and ready to participate. What give’st thee?

I’m Qui

ISO the good of we; utilizing Monday as opportunity.

Good Morning Honey!

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And the day looks better; today resembles a better day.
God bless the Biden campaign; I’m praying for a united hooray!

God bless the Harris campaign. She knows what’s going on.
A woman ain’t a woman if she isn’t firm and standing strong.

Therefore, Elizabeth Warren’s plans are not wrong.
She’s on a 1-woman mission to educate America’s song.

Dust the jock-itch off of the throne and wipe it down with Pledge.
Though please leave room for Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

He is clear in his comments; I appreciate him town hall’ ing on Fox.
Pete Buttigieg is doing his thing – out of the closet and not in a box!

That rocks! The Democratic field is so diverse.
America is in for a treat — we can meet her thirsts.

Let’s send discord away in a hearse with a nitrogen boost.
A better message is brewing – massage it to roost.

Good Morning Honey! I’ve missed you so.
I’ve missed the unity that we had to and fro.

Remember that?
There are 23 running Democrats
who say that we can get it back.
What do you think about that?

I think it’s rad, though we’ve so many months to go.
Biden is at the top so far, but we’ve seen races befo’

where the front runner drops back midway during the run.
Truth be told, I like ol’ Joe and Kamala’s moxie can’t be undone.

Republican Congressman Justin Amash put out an interesting tweet the other day
with a point-for-point list of what has gone awry and away during this administration’s sway:




Good Morning Honey! It’s Monday morning again.
I’m up watching a race that someone’s going to win.

Let the winner be for unity bearing an all-inclusive grin,
I’m Qui
Good Morning Honey! Pay close attention for you and a friend.

6 in the morning

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Hostages of the corporate world

First of all it’s Monday but I’m trying to make the weekend last
So I coupled my 5am cup of jo’ with OTIS’ OL FUNKY ASS:

He’s good company being steered by the lyrics of Loco and King J,
Throwing me in the back of the Cadi as we peruse the highway.

Memories are good and last weekend lent us some.
But losing Chris Kelly was not on the order of “fun”.

An overdose of heroine and cocaine isn’t the type of headline you want to hone.
But it is what it is, and our dear CHRIS has CROSSed over and gone home.

I’ve got to get out of here to take my child to school and hit the boot camp field.
I’ve turned my back on fat, sugar, bread and salt — a journey full of hills.

But for real, the day is early and I’m feeling fresh and cool.
I’m Qui
Done with yawning at 6 in the morning – let me get my kid to school.



Once I returned home I tuned in to CNN‘s hem –
the time was approximately 


I’m certain the AK47 was not remotely made
for high traffic areas at the start of your day:

All this is happening while GUN REFORM is in the front seat and the topic is hot.

The guy in the (uncensored) video unloads on the cops and yells out, “Kill me“!
Background checks could sure help – most targeted officers should feel me.

2 cops pulled the dude over for running a stop sign
not knowing they be the executors of his lifes end-time.

It’s unbelievably serious – I’m just relaying it in rhyme.
Houston hosted the NRA last weekend & they were on clown-shine.

Cause moonshine don’t make you talk like you’ve got your gun and don’t care.
This rallying of the ‘clowning crew’ is being headed by Wayne LaPierre.

Good thing the cops in the video had trained for this stuff, (whether support or pout).
They were better equipped to report it, call-for-backup and take the clown shooter out.

Being that it’s only 8:30 a.m. – More new is sure to follow,
I’m Qui
Serving it up with coffee, in attempt to help you swallow.

Getting Back To It

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The Grind


7-days til’ school starts across the Lone Star [state] mix.
A-Z started a few weeks back; to be exact, about 6.

I’m sitting here in Chandler, on this Monday Morning
where 5 am promptly ceased my sleepy-eyed yawning.

I am an involved parent, who likes to be all-up-in-it.
I chauffeur to and from school, everyday: 80-minutes.

There’s a school bus stop by my home to a much trendier place,
they call it a school, but it’s much too cool for my kids innocent space.

It’s the assigned school zone that I live in & my neighborhood is the best.
But the school itself, is built on wealth and parallels a popular school from the west.

Beverly Hills 90210. Do you remember that show?
The kids were rich, [the ratings were sick] and drama was good to go.

My kid attended last year – but she doesn’t want to go no ‘mo.
So I chauffeur the distance, for her academic growth.

I do what I’ve got to do and now I’m fixed on my grind – talking to you.
I’ve got some marketing research to do – to elevate a clients ‘web presence‘ view.

I’ve got some customer service calls to make.
I love my clients, but some need reminders to pay.

I’m happy on this Monday Morning: I’ve got my life, health and strength.
I’m happy on this morning because I’m paid up on the rent.

I’m happy on this morning because my cup of jo’ is on point.
I’m happy on this morning because my space is a positive joint.

How are you this morning, and what good have you got planned for the week?
I’m Qui
Feeling high on “THEE” for dropping by to peep my feed.
Ooo Weee.
I’m sweet on thee.

Good Morning and Thank You very much.


How do you legitimize rape?

[ Reports] Representative Todd Akin of Missouri, who also happens to be the state’s Republican senatorial nominee, has some important information for women everywhere:

Now, what is the difference between legitimate and illegitimate rape? Akin, who is somehow a member of the House’s science and technology committee, did not explain. (Perhaps the only way to know for sure is to wait and see if you end up with an illegitimate child.)

Akin added that he does not consider the failure of the uterus’s natural rape-defense mechanism to be a legitimate reason for an abortion …click here for more enlightenment and definitely sign the petition to remove this representative from congress:

No sooner than the week could officially begin,
Republic Representative Todd Akin had to weigh in.

And now you see why I keep bringing ‘My VAGINA’ up
‘She’ needs protecting from these right-winged nuts!

Airing It Out

My Flower. My Kitti Kat. My VAGINA!

Come on. We have to talk about it sometimes. Don’t let those pushing to take away womens rights be the only ones talking about it – even though they don’t like to call it by its name. “Vagina.” There! I said it and sometimes the word needs airing out.

I’m obviously worried about my own vagina too;
as it relates to politics and the birth control issue.

I’m worried about rape and hoarding unwanted batter.
I’m worried because Republicans said – the HOW’s don’t matter.

If you’re impregnated from a rape, be informed young lady,
The Republicans said NO RIDDANCE – you must have the baby,
click here to read more 


News Peruse

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Happy Birthday To QUI

Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker [August 15, 2012]

Happy Birthday to me! I’m content in A-Z.
Happy Birthday to me-eee. I’m just passed 23. lol!

So today is my birthday. I’ve officially been celebrating since August 1st. THANK YOU to everyone who has found me on every social network that I am registered on to Wish Me A HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I’m taking your fondest advice to heart.


This is my first birthday [ever] in another state away from the familial roots, and you know what? I kind of like this no-one-knows-me, so I can act-a-fool-at-the-bar type of freedom. Too bad I don’t drink [like that]. Imagine how people are looking [at me] once they realize that I’ve been drinking water all night.

My reason for wilding out: It’s MY BIRTHDAY darnit!

And while I dance atop a few bar tables
I thank God for my birth – the proof is my navel.

I thank God for my life and to have another chance
To kick it with you and to bar table dance.

I’m thankful for water. It does fill my cup.
I’m thankful for your support – so very, very much.

I’m thankful for the Birthday Wishes, I’ve received thus far,
I’m Qui
Living in the A-Z and feeling like a global star.


So it’s a new day at the start of a new week,
I pour myself a cup of jo and make it Nestle sweet.

My inbox is caught up – so today I can pick and choose,
thus I decided to satellite surf and peep the current news.

I know that you’ve heard the Elephant say,
Mitt chose Paul Ryan as his running mate.

Paul Ryan’s the guy with the big blue eyes,
youthfully chiseled and closed smile – wide.

He’s a good looking man and the official republican running mate,
so why did Mitt introduce him as the next President of The United States?

I’m not making this up. It happened indeed.
Check it out for yourself, per the following feed:

Greatness is cut from a cloth of which there is no template,
God bless the athletes who repped us well at the Summer Olympics.

Gabby and Aly were golden as their teammates followed medal suit.
Then Phelps & ‘nem went for a swim and picked up a few more too.

Competition was stiff – countries lined up for the hit or miss.
Bottom line, the USA did fine and the winnings went like this:

We went for and conquered THE GOAL & a whole lot of GOLD in the process

Click the pic to read the details of each team who won what medals in particular.

The heat wave is letting up this week across the nations board;
satan vacates from 48 states, its TX & AZ — he hoards.

Today Phoenix’s HIGH will be 115 degrees
It’s 12:30 now @ lunch time chow and already 102 with ease.

Texas is slated to warm up to 100 degrees tops.
Arizona keeps the sun-on-ya so the ‘temp rise’ don’t stop.

Congratulations to the other 48 states. I hope you enjoy the break,
I’m Qui
Perusing the News
& sharing with you: A mixed bag of give and take.


Happy Birthday LEO’s

[August 14, 2012]
Happy Birthday to Mila Kunis and Halle Berry.
May your special day be sexy and extra merry.

Happy Birthday to all LEO’s celebrating the era.
I wish we could all kick-it and toast one together.

In my personal life, I’m connected to so many Leo’s.
I love them hard at their best and pump them up at their lows.

I dig them across the board on more points than a few.
Tomorrow is my birthday. Meow – I’m a Leo too. Ooo!

Happy Birthday to Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Angela Bassett as well.
What an outstanding Leo line-up. A winning prides tale.

Happy Birthday to you, your loved ones and your LEO friends too,
I’m Qui
to be humping this Tuesday from my Sunny Pride view.

Back to the grill again

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Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker

Where’s MC Search when you need him on a chilly Monday morning?

I’m up at the crack of spawn
which is usually 4 hours before dawn

bright eyed, bushy tail and yawning.

We’re Back to the grill again – whatever that means for you.

I’m not working today,
so for me it’s more play

thus I figured I’d kick it with you. Ooo!

MC Search on a Monday Morning on the way to work "the grill"
Click here to jam MC SEARCH – “BACK TO THE GRILL AGAIN”.

How was the Christmas Holiday for you? Did you get a lot of love?
Did you get a coat, a scarf, a hat or new gloves?

The Arizona weather requires none of the (materials) above.
So I gave and I received excessive amounts of love;
via kisses, extended blisses, rich wisdom and hugs.

I didn’t make a Christmas list – everything I wanted was a need.
I copped a house and a car — yielding me a few more keys.

I had my two kids by my side, (the eldest brought home a friend).
The dining score was 4:1 — as in women to men. lol!
The fun never ends

Are you going into the office, o’ workaholic honey?
Ain’t nothing sexier than those committed to making money.

Somebody’s got to do it – I just do it at a leisure pace,
I’m Qui
Back to the grill again
: Cheering you on as you run the race.

Good News

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It's what I'm into

Good News is all I want to talk about. May this column go hard.
Let’s start out with 4-1-1 on Norris J and the DOVE AWARDS.

That’s right! and Hey-ey! Norris J is on his way to Atlanta to attend the good vibe event.
He’ll also be performing a hit or two for all in view – because his lyrics are positive rent.

Nothing at all is going on with Congress for me to brag or praise about.
The deficit bill is still pending on the hill –
while for the next two weeks: Congress will be out.

So the Good News is that for the next two weeks
there’ll be no drama in DC, but we still have Ne Ne Leakes.

Are you watching The Apprentice? NeNe’s attitude is truly unruly.
But the person who ‘Got FIRED‘ Sunday night – was Mr. Gary Busey.
You see….
Gary can go on and on…
He’s brilliant but in his own zone.
He can still be Gary, but he’ll do it at home. lol!
So that was GOOD NEWS for the male team who wanted Mr. Busey gone.

I didn’t take in any of satellites “world news” during my – weekend at all.
I filmed Greenville & West End because @ opportunity: I do not stall.

I read that APPLE will be the first $1 Trillion Company to date.
that’s good to know because they’re products consume my professional plate.

GOOD NEWS resides in knowing that my yard sprinkler system works,
since TEXAS has 242 counties out 252 in wild fire danger – I’m a water saturating flirt.

It’s another Monday Morning and THAT in itself: IS GOOD NEWS,
I’m Qui
Feeling good about WE — let us inject POSITIVITY into all of our views.

PS…I’m a new Broker & Shopper of ZAMZUU too.
Click the link, roll through and SHOP GOOD like you do.
Ooo! 🙂