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Find yourself Doing HAPPY and little else.
Focus on it in your career, off-times, and health.

Worry not about wealth, for it will come to you naturally
if you commit to living authentically and happily.

It’s really all that matters when you think about it.
The sky isn’t falling but unknown times may be calling… I don’t doubt it.

So, if you’ve been sitting around waiting for “the right time” to be good to you,
today is a new day – do what you want to do.

How was your weekend and what do you have planned for the week?
Don’t put those plans in concrete until you & God speak.

That way you won’t have to worry ‘if your plans will work out.
The best laid plans are crafted to stand, but assurance beats doubt.

Feeling assured in what you’re doing and where you are going
allows you to be happy all day as you are good seed sewing.

Because no one feels strong when they are not knowing.
Good morning Monday. Provide nourishment for our growing.

We stand grateful, mindful, and healthy. God I pray that it’s catchy!
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee. Today commit to you and Doing HAPPY.

As for Tuesday…because we pray for tomorrow,
commit to Doing Happy again and each day after to stave off sorrow.

Do yours.

First Thing is First

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Freepik by: FlatArt

The first thing that I want to say is, “Good morning, and I love you.”
The next thing that follows will be a kiss on the forehead before I hug you.

Are you well? Did you sleep okay? Are you ready to start the day?
Always give more and put forth the effort to score; this after you pray.

There are many optimum ways to start the day.
Choose one and hone it; write-in-stone some time to play.

Noon will be here in a minute, don’t forget to feed your soul.
Consume raw fruit and veggies to stave off viruses and colds.

Drink lots and lots of water, for you are composed of 60% of it.
Heed life wisdom, if indeed life, you love it.

Hug every day that you awake, refreshed, and in good health. Lay low and pray for others; it’s okay to live a little stealth.

If we pray one for another, then how can we fail?
I stay in “W” mode; I’ve no time to chart an “L.”

The evening will surely come and award us another day complete.
We’ll thank God for our health and the strength to stand on our own feet.

Nothing is to be taken for granted; every second is precious and sweet.
Your time is appreciated here. Without you, there’d just be me.
I gotta’ thank thee. xo.

Monday’s are always sweet and are the perfect starting point,
I’m Qui
breakfast & love to thee at this opportunistic joint.

M is for

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Mmm, good morning, Monday. How are you today?
I’m feeling quite keen in a masterful way.

The weekend did come, but I did not play.
Like Hump Day, I stayed inside to software slay.

I’m always learning something new,
this weekend was no exception and I retain on cue.

M is for Magic, which is how I amply feel,
to have conquered uncharted ground off of determination and will.

Afterwards a sexy feeling did duly wash over me.
That’s what happens to Sapeosexual’s who are on a knowledge IV.

Mmm. I am on it indeed.
M is for motion. When I’m in it — I lead.

At the moment, I am swimming in CONTENT CREATOR mode.
My calendar is full my challenge is: goal.

My muse is my own energy; whatever I think I will birth into life.
M is for the sake of My Guests. Thank you so much for stopping by.

Mi digital casa es su digital casa. Por favor, do come back through,
I’m Qui
with lips pressed, they vibrate best: “Mmm. Morning, and ‘how do?

Rise majestically.


Timber in moisture. Merrily.