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Another Halloween is Upon Us

In Networking, Politics, Self Improvement on October 31, 2016 at 9:33 am

halloweenGather ’round sweet children, I have a tale
about a world in a hand basket going to hell…

Okay – I’m kidding, that’s not our story at all,
lest we choose the wrong President and our progress falls.

But that won’t be our tale , we’re a nation of progressive minds and good intel.
Today’s Halloween events should be sweet and not reminiscent of hell.

No scary clown costumes! Distributors pulled them from their shelves.
Because scary clown gear is basically Trump wear and is scaring folks to hell. 😀

There I go again, bringing up old Republican fables
though it seems the Dems “party-hardy” has had a switch in tables.

In my best SNL-mock Bernie Sanders voice, What’s with the damn emails?
The FBI are back on “the analyze” – and Mrs. Clinton is the targets impale.

batman__batgirlSounds like “more hell,” but we won’t accept it; for today we will just #LOVE.
I’m really trying to change the astigmatism with Another Halloween Upon Us.

Me? I’m going to costume as BAT GIRL, I’m a ‘ride or die chic’ and a fan
of the LUKE CAGE’ish fella who calls me his bella – he’ll be costumed as BATMAN.

I call him LUKE CAGE’ish because he’s black, though he’s working out to obtain “that physique.” 😀
Again, I’m the ‘ride or die chic’ riding sidecar, looking cute and passing out treats.
I’m looking to make the eve really #Sweet.

As soon as I pull my costume together, I’ll add a pic or two for your review,
I’m Qui
On the Move this Monday Morning with no slow mo’ or yawning, we’ve got FUN to get to!
Let’s DO!
after all

Another Halloween is Upon Us.

Party divider



I saw not 1 kid… WT?

The hours passed and the moon was not hid,
I, in costume with candy saw not one kid.

I cued up the haunted house tunes but never pressed play
Because the condo I moved into have fewer kids in their sway.

There are consequences to living in nice quiet spaces
My consequence is very few cute  little faces.

Oh well, for a spell I was in my adolescent mind
and purchased 400 pieces of candy – a Costco find.

Yay! They’re all mine…
What about my workout? Maintaining FINE?

Did you make it out, did you find your booty in the streets?
If somehow you fell short and are in the Phoenix port  – break and come see me!

Get EXCITED, already!

In Communication, Griot, Video on September 12, 2016 at 4:37 am


Life is good. Life is fine.
Memories mature and get better like wine.

But then again there are those times
when EXCITEMENT come in and takes over your mind.

During these times one might not contemplate.
I mean, when you know you wanna’ DO IT — WHY would you WAIT?


I’d have done the same thing. I just know it.
When I’m excited I can’t refrain the ‘SHOW IT!’

Which is good, because it’s energy, it’s positive and I pray contagious.
To not have an opportunity to express this feeling would be outrageous.

What are you excited about today? Express yourself already!
Dance like no one’s looking, be happy, like Hoppy & Betty:

Today is new and yesterday is gone, o’ sister and brother.
I suggest taking-it to the floor with a musical score
and dancing-it-out like you’re Usher.

Do that Michael Jackson move and then shake your fandangle.
And if you feel a little Zimbabwean spirit – bust out the old Bo’ Jangles.

Heck! I’d do it! In fact, I’m up on my feet and doing a little something-something right now,
I’m Qui
and Good Morning to thee, Get Excited, already – and express the HOW.

Searching for your #Purpose on this Monday?
Perhaps you could benefit from a little SOUL SUNDAY:



Day of the week photographed with vintage letterpress characters.


In Communication, Griot, News, Self Improvement on May 9, 2016 at 4:00 am

rebootDid you reboot over the weekend? Alas, it’s time to RESTART.
Open this day up with open arms, open mind and an open heart.

Learn something new – because your brain demands it. You are smart.
When foolishness approaches your presence, chart your conversation: a thwart.

Monday is a great day to RESTART, so is Tuesday through Sunday as well.
Sometimes I use the weekends to unwind and just shut down for a spell.

Though last weekend found me prancing about the city
because it was Mothers Day weekend and I was feeling pretty.

My college freshman paid for half of my weekend meals
then my guy picked up the remainder complete with gifts & frills.

I received so much love and boxes from Amazon that
I’m pretty charged up to shop for that June DAY OF DADS!
My family spoiled me so bad. ❤

The weekend was meaningful but Monday, you absolutely  own my heart
I’m Qui
and to the universe, I say, “Oui! I’m absolutely ready for a weeks NEW START.”

How was your weeks end?
Join me at the begin of another WIN!!


Good Morning Monday

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on May 2, 2016 at 7:27 am


☀️Good morning Monday. How well did you sleep?
It must have been GREAT! You slept a whole week.

☀️Good morning Monday what have you got up for me?
Besides being kind to others and loving unbiasedly?

Be good to yourself, this day belongs to you.
Open mind, open heart bid el solitary adieu.

The weekend has left you and you are now in mode: grind.
It’s a good look – you are no crook, you have a lawful behind.

You are the captain and today is your ship.
Pull a Dirk on this Monday and shoot from the hip.
Pay no mind to the naysayers lip.

Good living is key and Qui is my name
To not LIVE IT UP would be a “namesake” shame.

And ain’t nothing lame about an opportunistic day,
I’m Qui
Taking full advantage – I plan to win this Monday.

Oui! Oui! 
It’s truly a 7-day thing for me. 😌

An even HAPPIER Friday!

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on April 1, 2016 at 10:25 am

q2-25th-bday-qui-44Monday was great and Tuesday was even better.
Knowledge comprehended; game sharper – tongue wetter.

Hump Day came along and brought goodness on its back.
Smiles softened the miles covered… in the sand, I saw 2 sets of tracks.

Thursday came in briefly and quickly spent the hours of 24,
then I wake up to a beautiful weekends start. My Fridays, I do adore.

“Encore!” I honestly say that — every 7 days,
I’m Qui
Happier again and poised to win on this another awesome Friday.

What have you got up for the weekend?
Take time out to DO YOU#SelfPreserve spend.


In Comedy, Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on December 21, 2015 at 4:23 am

Entertainment. I like it. I need it.
Life can be monotonous; Entertainment – I feed it.

If I encourage you to laugh a little, please believe I heed it.
Life is what you make of it or ‘seed it.’

Entertaining NOT is the news and the headlines that precede me.
Though if it doesn’t invoke wisdom or a smile, please do stop and feed me.

Ooo wee! Today will be a day of random smiles and delights.
Today I will show face more and yield ‘ease up’ to the writes.

Though I do find a bit of excite to sit and sip jo’ with you,
so I’ve gotten up extra early so we’ve this time to do what we do.

It’s Monday baby, and it is poised atop of a week filled with love and good spirits!
Just 4-days from today and we’ll all be knee deep in merry – celebrating Christmas.

stir-fried-greensI’m ready. I’m ready. I’m not a big shopper
and since all of my fam is in Texas, I won’t be a dinner hopper.

Poo! and Oh well, my stir fried greens will have to do.
I’ve got brisket, tamale’s and spiraled ham too.

It don’t stop. I season with reason to pleasure the mouth.
I got that ‘good seasoning hand,’ I was born and fed in the South.

If Entertainment is what it’s about, then sit at my table and do indeed
Grab a plate, put in your face, inhale honey and don’t forget to breath.

Enter into this week with ease and work to wrap up the year in good cheer!
You ain’t got to jam the Nutcracker, but do put something festive in your ear.

Ease up on the egg nog and don’t let the deserts of the upcoming days rule.
Don’t covet whats on your neighbors plate and certainly don’t stare or drool.

Hang a steak in front of the hungry mule and insist that the elliptical machine can facilitate the quest.
Eat light everyday this week, knowing that Christmas dinner is coming and that calories may get wrecked.

Keep yourself in check and choose either the fat filled food or the beer.
Don’t indulge in both child, soon we’ll be celebrating the new year.

You know you want to look right. It’s just how you roll.
While you’re entertaining and being entertained – steer clear of the buffet troll.

Let your heart be on swoll and pray your waistline doesn’t binge/vent.
Do dance a lot, because cardio is hot. Heck blame it on Entertainment.

sweet-potato-pieDo belt out a laugh but don’t bust a gut having a good time every day his week,
I’m Qui
mostly talking to meGod bless me around the sweet potato pie. I’m weak.

Good Morning again o’ WEEKEND

In Communication, Griot, News on March 9, 2015 at 8:13 am

The weekend was great. The weekend was great!
Goodness and Favor is all that I ate.

Busy preparing for new projects and networking the crew
when an acceptance call for the kid, from a university came through.


It’s the first day of SPRING BREAK in ol’ Chandler, USA
and I was up early like a toddler wanting play.

I have not consumed any food, not even so much as one cup of jo’,
I’m riding high with the pre-college adolescent nigh. We’re on cloud 9 – Yo!

And there’s more good news to come still – your girl Qui is on EXCITE,
My dad and his wife are flying in to kick it with us tonight.


Could this day get any better? It’s only 7:15.
Life is a present, I love her effervescence and choose to relish in this scene.

Yow know what I mean? Today is definitely shaping up to be a high day.
I know it’s day 1, but my God, it feels like a:
happy baby

Y’all know I’m living out here in Arizona, but all of my fam is still in Texas.
Thank God for airplanes and their capacity to connect us.

It gets lonely and cold out here in the desert, without that Lone Star State warmth.
Dad can be overbearing and prone to swearing but has the biggest heart and the most charm.

Family is the best, within them we find our true friends,
I’m Qui
A happy-as-all-get-out she, living this Monday like the weekend.

Good morning dear WordPress kin –
Let’s get out there and WIN again!

Happy as all get out

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on July 7, 2014 at 12:16 pm

Why not? After all it is UP TO YOU!

HAPPY Monday

Today is your day, tomorrow is not promised to thee,
I’m Qui
Make this Monday all that you want it to be.

Me? I’m already in route,
no room for second guessing or pout.
Peace and Love! Be Happy as all get out.

AnoTheR OpporTunitY

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on March 17, 2014 at 7:40 am

opportunity knocks— Yay!!! Its Monday again! I’m up and in my good mind,
blessed with good vision – I watched the sunrise.

I’m up composing this blog and thinking of what’s to come.
I’ll be sure to include in lots of love, knowledge and fun.

I’m happy to have AnoTheR OpporTunitY to do some more good in this world.
I’m down right giddy and feeling kind of pretty – a free spirited girl.

My weekend was easy and a good time was spent –
I partied with good peeps at MAIN EVENT.

I ate cupcakes and celebrated the hubby’s birthday.
Hence, I will be dropping in on Fitness Works today.

Hooray! Hooray! It’s time to “pay” and the gym is playing the role of “the piper,”
I’m Qui
Taking AnoTheR OpporTunitY to live out loud with spunk, an open heart and vigor.

How are you spending this awesome Monday?
Don’t let the opportunity of it get away.

A Beautiful M…

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on January 28, 2013 at 6:23 am
A Beautiful Mixture of Chemistry

A Beautiful Mixture of CHEMISTRY

Whether it’s A Beautiful:

Mind, man, moment, money-wad or Monday –
once on showcase it yields (all involved) a fun day.

A Beautiful Moment is upon us and refreshingly at hand
especially if you’re in good health (body & mind) across this land.

A Beautiful Memory is in the cue of life waiting (for you) to be made,
So take a chance and step up out of your comfort of recluse shade.

A Beautiful Man is a blessing — and someone to rally behind
especially if he’s living within his purpose and enjoys his daily grind.

It’s A Beautiful Monday baby – and opportunity is ours for the taking.
Life is what you make it. Get busy moving and shaking.

Make your Mind up that this week will be beautiful,
I’m Qui
and success is yours – if you’ll just remain dutiful.

A Beautiful Me is required from the inside out
enabling me to seize all opportunity routes.
My attitude is in check and I am out!