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Wide Open Wednesday

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I had to think on it a while – pardon my expressive delay.

I enjoyed the CNN broadcast last night
and I think Sen. Warren did alright.

There were no hot topics that were cooled to the core,
and Sen. Warren did a great job at being honest and not sore.

How many times has someone said something hurtful to you with no witnesses nearby;
tho when the tale was retold, that person chose to lie and deny?

Good people say foul stuff all of the time,
and a good handshake is not an appropriate response in-kind.

At the end of the debate Sen. Warren approached Sen. Sanders (they’re friends but not the best),
so when he extended his hand to shake her’s she clasped her fingers and drew them into  her chest.

Sen. Warren began to speak; though no audio was shared with us.
Tom Steyer approached the two in talks and his face looked like “hush.”

You know?
Tom’s smile turned into an “Uh-oh.”

Who knows what Sen. Sanders and Warren were saying?
Men devaluing women isn’t a joke and Warren isn’t playing.

Why on Earth would she handshake with a friend to ‘his not being honest?
Instead she approached him civilly to broach the topic; friends be up-on-it.

Real friends lay it out on the line, on the floor and on the table.
Bernies ‘overlay for the underplay‘ was an unappreciated fable

that Elizabeth Warren wasn’t feeling. Folks need to learn:
A woman can be sharp and graceful, but if you cross her, there’ll be a burn.

Even during ‘said burn,’ Sen. Warren was lady-like; she did it right and to that, I salute.
Mika Brzezinski missed the mark on MORNING JOE;  Sen. Warren displayed her value.

She spoke according to her own truths.
No shade to Sen. Sanders, tho, I bid him adieu.

Other than that, the debate was a smooth ride,
I’m Qui
a connoisseur of insight and a lover of good minds.

In The Loop

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in-the-loop.pngA new year, the same me, the same you, and a new view.
In the spirit of yesterday’s News Peruse,
we’ll tie headlines together In The Loop.

The COWBOYS played the SEAHAWKS over the weekend and defended their playoff presence.
The EAGLES followed that cab and manifested their own “W” blessin.’

The Cowboys are slated to play the RAMS next;
each in pursuit of a Super Bowl respect.

Are you watching? Are you up on the NFL Loop?
How about the un-looping of lies; i.e, telling the truth?

I wish the White House administration could call my Aunt Ruth.
Like Jacob, she wrestled when honesty was aloof.

She wasn’t about that bull.
If you lied to her – a backhand kept you full.


Mm-mm-ughhhh. It would hurt so bad,
but it’s what was needed to curb a lying lass.

Wake up, look alive and live in the truth.
You can’t trump life’s backhand; keep honesty In The Loop.
Do it for you.

Keep excellence In The Loop; the fabric of your character is always on display.
Regardless of the government’s shutdown, employees should go out and play.

Don’t let your gig ruin your day and expend your vote at every opportunity this year.
2019 is a more awake and progressive scene and wisdom is your fishing spear.

Use it to plant seeds and use it to harvest fruit.
Whatever you do, please remain true and keep me In The Loop.

I’m crazy about you and this fresh Monday start,
I’m Qui
Tying a loop that connects to your News Peruse heart.

Let’s stay connected.
When life happens we’re all affected.

Stay tuned to this groove for the Griot scoop.
It’s objective is to duly keep us In The Loop.

PS — Here’s a little something I thought you might like to know:
EDDIE GLAUDE JR. won the debatable segment on Morning Joe. 😛

Monday Morning Rise

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newspaper-lady.jpgBetwixt the sheets and the down comforter on top
I slept quite well, dreamed deeply and drooled alot.

Good morning Monday, I slept until 4:30.
Beginnings at their best – watching the sun crest,
with opportunity I’m always flirty.

At this very moment I’m batting my eye lashes at you.
The day is early, dear Monday. What ever will we do?

Me?  Absolutely yes! I am definitely in the mood.
Aunt Stella started something and now I’m in a groove.

But it’s not quite that mono y mono touch that’s known to make a gal drool.
I tell you, Monday, everyday is a fun day; I can’t get enough of school.

You ever have a ‘jones that not too many people understood why or how?
Well call me the milk lady because I’m exposing the cash cow

to obtain a degree of science that I know will lead to new births.
When it comes to honing a picky diet, let education be my girth.

Let it increase my lobe capacity and shape both halves with a wealth of sum.
God bless me as I eat the curriculum of this degree. God bless my cerebellum.

I couldn’t help but to get up early, I anticipate the Monday Morning Rise.
I’ve got to attend lecture class – it’s always a blast.
New info is always a welcoming surprise.

Did you see Bill Maher last Friday night?
It was almost a Frum vs. The Mooch fight.

David was on panel with Bill and Donna Brazile
and before Anthony Scaramucci joined, the vibe was chill.

Though once The Mooch took his seat,
I won’t lie, he faced quite a bit of a heat.


The Friday Night Fight

First of all, the audience members booed him as he walked to join the set.
I reckon it’s something about his last job association that folks can’t forget?

I don’t know, and still it really doesn’t matter.
The Mooch and I don’t see eye-to-eye, but I can stand his chatter.

I see his angle and he’s cool. I ain’t mad.
But David Frum embodied the spirit of my dad –

David was a verbal noose for the Mooch on Friday night.
I was wondering if you’re still rocking HBO? Because we’re still tight.

DirecTV and me… we’re alright. I keep coming back for mo.’
I’m up right now sipping and half listen to Morning Joe.

If you’re wondering why I keep dipping in on them —
it’s because I’m concerned about the way the country is being hemmed.

I take all political news with a grain of salt.
I laugh and raise a brow — but my good day is not up for halt

so I keep it moving.
I may even get online and do a little AP News perusing.

I’m still in bed.
This monologue is straight from the head.

This moment is for you and me and our capacity of no limits under the skies,
I’m Qui
Excited about life, opportunity, WE and of course a good Monday Morning Rise.

What are you up for today?
S C O R E !!


Adversity isn’t an issue.

Good Morning Monday

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My morning cup of jo

Good Morning Monday and wouldn’t you know,
I woke up wee early to Morning Joe?

Oh don’t even think that I’m going to sit here and recap the political spew.
I just appreciate their chatter and the attractive Mika Brzezinski view.

Her hair, posture and messages are always on perfect cue.
I dig the power media duo – I think their coupling is cute.

Thus, I share moments of my jo with them
as I began to piece together how the day will be hemmed.

mika_joe_morning joe coupling.jpgGood morning sweetheart. I hope that you’re feeling alright.
Say your prayers and get out there – be productive straight through the night.

The days news is not new but Joe hit on something pretty hot
He is using his position to educate us about faux FOLLOWER bots.

You know your fav celebrity’s followers tally that runs into the thousands in numbers?
Well many of them aren’t real people at all, but are profiles from cyberspace, in slumber.

Corporations are now learning this and like Morning Joe said
“Celebrities please don’t let your followers ‘say’ influence your head.”

Your real followers posts are likely being drowned out by the bots.
You’re still all that, indeed!! It’s just that your followers may not.

FB is prime playground for bots. During the prez election they incited division.
There was so much social media yuck – I tuned completely out and took up network television.

I’d rather be entertained
than to focus on a runaway train.

But it used to be fun…
When nuclear war wasn’t the relative sum.

So did you see The Grammys last night?

I did not but I DVR’d.
Last night found me to be the homework star.

I got it done!
Afterwards, I sipped a cocktail sum.
It consisted of no rum,
though shortly there after – I was done.

I slept hard and dreamed well.
I awoke this morn with a new story to tell.

In short order: I better get cracking and get to it!
I’m Qui
And it’s Monday baby. Let’s have fun and blow through it.


Good Morning Monday. XOXO

Me, You and Jo

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kerry-washington-yay-coffeeThis Morning Jo is good to me —
Not that early morning broadcast on MSNBC. 🙂

It’s strong, it’s dark, robust and sweet...
The perfect point for sleep and wake to meet.

I’m awake, sitting bedside with my feet touching the flo.’
I’m sipping and dipping — watching Morning Joe.

The news has been known to blow; yet journalist are clocking it.
Like a reality show on VH1 or  Bravo – I’m tuned in and watching it.

It’s real, our reality… it’s how I start the day.
It’s also strengthening my faith – the news yields me to pray.

I say, “Amen,” stand, and go on my way.
Internally and mentally – I’m ready for the day.

I take my jo
everywhere that I go,
until I’ve sipped the last drop.

I’m kind to everyone I meet
to and fro in the street;
Acknowledging your spirit – never stops!

It’s what I do! I’m a Leo – Yo!
I’m Qui
With early morning intimacy between Me, You and Jo.

ALABAMA: This week you vote. Which way will you go?

Humping Life

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News, Politics, Self Improvement on June 28, 2017 at 4:30 am

happy-birthday-dad.jpgYesterday was my Dads birthday; the fact was embedded in my sublime.
No one called to remind me, still – all day he was on my mind.

Life is kind. I smiled and laughed aloud once I realized
It was my Dads birthday. ‘Twas a pleasant surprise.

Today upon rising I am still happy.
I slept in a silk bonnet to stave off ‘nappy.’🤣

The first thing I did was read scripture, pray and meditate,
Then I ran downstairs yo! – to fetch a cup of jo and duly start the day!

I’m happy to be alive to thrive in this vibe. Please tell me how you feel?
My dad checked out on May 3rd then my Aunt – on Monday morn. Unreal.

I was still on the heal from my Dad leaving us and now my Aunty has taken the lead.
If a broken heart was literal I’d be suffering an excessive organ bleed.

Sometimes it feels like … “Ooo wee.”
So I just keep it moving –prayerfully.

While I’m emotionally in transit dare I repeat and say,
I am still interested in you. How do you feel today?

Baby are you okay? I pray this day does treat you swell.
After all your health care was not repealed away and is doing quite well.

Whew! What a chaotic scare and the Republicans are in no way through.
In order to divvy tax cuts for the rich they’re dipping into medicades pool.

save-the-aca-protest.jpgDon’t stop showing up to those town hall meetings or those protests in the street
If healthcare for every American citizen is what you want to see.

Every time you let up from showing that you’re fed up they take your inch and stretch it a mile.
Your decency overriden and your good sense smitten while politicians play vile.

I know, dear child. I’ve already humped satellite news and early, yo!
I’ve been up since the night-to-day crux . I ushered in MORNING JOE.

And so here we go! The sun is up and we are effectively on the hump.
Today holds excitement; in my throat there’s a lump

In my solar plex; my tummy, I truly feel butterflies.
Today the limit is set pretty high – way beyond the skies.

rise-people-standup.gifSo rise kinfolk, rise! — if in you there is life
And call up that estranged fam  member and write off any strife.

Then hump on the back of this vibe that is about today,
And ride that girl like she’s yo’ own. Today is all your day!

Take life in with every breath that you draw
Today is another opportunity to move forward past Hem & Haw.

Remember them?

Gird yourself with wisdom and be kind to all that you meet,
I’m Qui
Happy Hump Day to ya, kinfolk. Life with you feels oh so sweet.


We’re gonna’ miss you Ru-Ru…


Ruth Virginia “Aunt Jean” Garnett-Alford-Clemmons Jan. 4, 1952 – June 26, 2017

Click Here for funeral information

That girl lies when the truth would sound better…

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Woman lying on a sofa looking sick

Is “that girl” still “LYING” around?

This morning on MORNING JOE, Joe said that when he was younger that his sister had a friend that would come over. Of that friend his mom would say to his sister, That girl can not come back over. “She lies when the truth would sound better.” 🤣

The moral of the story was… for the Trump Administration.


Did you watch James Comey in the wiretapping hearing yesterday?
James came to spill tea. He did not come to play.

It was gripping TV. I was glued to the tube.
I was deep in writing though this seemed more exciting –
So I stopped to cop the “dramatic fuel.”

The intelligence committee holding the hearing, ruled!
They were wise, enlightened and was not up for being fooled.

It was deep and intricate and the details were ON FIRE.
Comey and the NSA Director were birds on a wire.

The NSA Director did indeed share the direct spotlight,
But James Comey brought the juiciest details to light.

Fam, it was alright! I watched from 8am to 12:30.
I only walked away because LUNCH was flirty.

I was ‘starving like Marvin‘ at the lunch blocks latter
And enjoyed eating among associates who politics chatter.

They broke it down for me MORE – in historical reference.
Seems a lot that’s going on is treason’y and setting quick precedence.

Where’s our governing sense? How’s your health today?
I hope that you’re well before all goes to hell –
They’ll vote to repeal healthcare on Thursday.

About the media, the administration, their lack of relation and weakened tries,
I’m Qui
Laughing at Morning Joe’s reference to ‘the girl that lies.’

Is she incapable of telling the truth?

NEWS PERUSE – Morning Joe’s fuel…

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Several hours after midnight beds down
Ol’ Morning Joe comes around

bringing headlines via world news feeds
I listen to them – while taking in a local read

though I learned “the most” about the #WorldVapors
when Mika introduced the section, Morning Papers:

Syrian-Refugees-Germany-Sept2015The front-runner with the top say
is on the periodical USA TODAY

it reads “Germany imposes border control.”
They’re at their economics end for taking in migrating souls.

They’re closing down the border and halting train service,
citing survival reasons and not because they’re merciless.

The migrants are in need of assistance – they didn’t want to do this.
But more than 16,000 refugees, (this weekend alone), showed up in Munich.


Jeremy-Corbyn-Labour-Party-Elect2015The Wall Street Journal spoke of the UK and said there was shocking upset
British opposition Labour Party went totally far left on their chosen elect.

Jeremy Corbyn is their leader – he received 60% of the vote.
He vows to reverse his predecessors actions – that were crammed down the peoples throats.

Voter frustration, inequality and unnecessary poverty
is his motivation to change things. He’s got big plans for his new seat.


The Guardian reported a Taliban attack inside of an Afghan city jail
and that 355 of their 436 prisoners were freed and ran like hell.

Reports say that a suicide bomber did in fact detonate
a bomb at the prisons main entry gate.

The fire fight with the police lasted about an hour;
yielding 3 attackers and 1 officers life in sour.


Djokovics-10th-Grand-Slam2015Djokovic Wins 10th Grand Slam. His racket to opponent does singe.
This is the report of The Wall Street Journal again

Djokovic was up against Joseph Federer last night at the US Mens Open.
He kicked butt for four sets and the fine Joe F. was sent home mopin’.

The match marked the 42nd head-to-head match between the players –
they are now tied at 21 a piece. These guys are some game slayers!
….and are not likely to find any credible nay sayers. 😀


The Philadelphia Inquirer weighs in and what a pitymoses-malone-dies-60yrs
it reports: “Sixers great Moses Malone dies at 60.”

Malone was the first player in history to go pro right out of high school,
this little tid-bit is for my wagon riders who thought only Kobe and Lebron were cool.

Morning Joe’s Willie Geist read the story and quoted this,
(I didn’t want to paraphrase it and information miss):

Malone had a story career of 19-seasons, he was known as the chairman of the board and remains the all time leader in offensive rebounds. According to the New York Times when Malone was asked ‘What he would have done had he not played professional basketball and replied, “Hard to say, the Lord made some people to be engineers and some people to be doctors and me to be a great basketball player.”

And just like that – after flipping a few periodical pages the Morning Joe crew went to break.
All of this was in print, the newly awakened me was on the squint, thinking I was early to wake?

Arizona’s 4am is obviously pretty late!
I’m Qui
Good morning world! The good remains and is ours to take!

Go forth, hug someone and have a good day.
Quick question: Do you think Joe Biden should get into the race?

My Morning Jo

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News, Self Improvement on December 8, 2014 at 8:43 am

Monday 2This morning I wake up to a ROLLING STONES literal whoa —
they didn’t vet a rape story and the allegations really blow.

So many details, so juicy and so thick,
to think they could be fiction, is kind of.. well, sick.

To think they may be true and can not be confirmed
is to only tell a story for the victim to be re-burned.

A sensitive subject is quite a messy one today…
The stone stamped and rolled away before they vetted her say.

Morning Joe was talking about it — it’s all about “the vet,”Monday 3
God bless the headlines about last weeks protests.

I won’t recall the stories or why we’ve taken to the street,
but I wish someone would look deeper into the police murder heap.

I wish Dorian Johnson had been given as much belief
when he was testifying about Mike Brown dying in the street.

The Rolling Stones took a victims word and ran straight for the hills.
Dorian’s Johnsons eye witness account, said Darrin Wilson killed.

Dorian’s story was picked up by no one, who sided with him, and just ran.
Rolling Stones published the gang rape, seeking sales at newsstands.

I’m sipping my jo this morning and looking at Morning Joe,
Joe just said Ferguson documents were whitheld from court – yo!

IMG_2529Protests ruled the weekend, but not just for Michael Brown,
but every single civilian who by police brutality has gone down.

That is why we’re marching in the street, arm-in-arm.
Police are on the defense – they’ve rang the “offense alarm.”

They asked DeBlasio to apologize to the boys in blue on their NY beat,
for saying he’s concerned about his bi-racial sons well being on the street.

Really? How insensitive can you be officer, sir,
that DeBlasio should apologize during this black killing stir?

Police brutality isn’t a black issue – it will by in large, effect the majority.
But before it does, let’s eradicate the thugs wearing blue, abusing authority.

I’m with Mayor Deblasio — it’s time for an honest conversation,
and not just in NY, but all over the nation.

Yes, it’s Monday already and my morning jo, has been on point,
I’ve sipped leisurely while watching Mika and Joe’s morning joint.

Monday1Then they ran news about the FURRY convention being evacuated last night;
Joe explained the FURRY’s to Mika — she burst into laugher and ran off site.

Blushing feverishly. Do you know the furry’s story?
Full costumes parallel a more intimate glory.

I think it’s a 21+ kind of cute — but it’s not my forte. So what do I know?
I’m Qui
Glad to be alive and poised on this day to thrive – I’m starting with my morning jo.

[News Peruse]

The beauty of it is…

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News on October 31, 2014 at 6:31 am

Considering all things:

Be still for GOD
The beating heart, the steady blood pressure —
lifes highs and lows, its surprises and treasures…

Considering all things including the dangers of the highways and by-ways,
makes me believe in the greater power whose allowed life to go safely my way.

I am blessed this morning to be alive
I was happy to take breath and open my eyes.

I’m happy right now because love is in the room.
Today I feel encased, Love surrounds me like the womb,

and The beauty of it is… I didn’t do anything to deserve to feel this way,
so the happy me connects with thee, because you’re apart of my “daily mainstay.”

Hey-Hey-Hey! The weekend is upon us and I’m up @ 4 with MORNING JOE,
Cokie Roberts is a pleasant guest but the political headlines blow.

No Land’s Man is a new book on popular shelves
written by Aasif Mandvi — and it’s funny as “L”.

Me, in nightie and heels at 4 in the morning feels like “Yo!,”
I’m Qui
and The beauty of it is… Life is in progress – Lets get it. Let’s go!

For you and me, dear friend,
this day is a WIN!