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Your “I” Contribution

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Fruitfully multiply.

Birthed of the Earth you have been nourished and loved
you’ve heard of connective-tales of how you were sent from above.

You live with purpose, give the best hugs and encompass ooldes of fun.
I can tell that you have been cared for and nourished. Who’s your Mum?

You are a wonderful addition to the world; with purpose you’ve grown.
A product of your parents “contribution;” proof of love and labor sown.

You learned from them and loved like them, then you, too bore another.
You jumped the broom, and thereafter in a room, you became a Mother.

He became a father and the two of you were knighted with fruit.
Your “I” Contribution will carry your DNA and reproduce a reflective suit.


A chip off of the ol’ block.

We are all very similar, just different version of,
so when that little one acts up, like you used to — give them more love.

They are part of you; 50% is what you put in.
They are not disrespectful varmin; they are your kin.

Fruit is good; your fruit especially.
Mason them not in a jar like jelly.

What has grown in woman’s belly is a contribution to life.
Behold favor to the man that found her and made her his wife.

If you have a treasure of a mother in your sight/midst,
I pray thee rise, with wide eyes, and make her breakfast.

Are you her “I” Contribution? Or has thou made a child with her?
Either way, pay homage today – showcase her glory and worth.

Males are  born of and many enjoy her skirt. It’s called human nature.
And though the whole world may turn on you – not her; because she made ya.’

beyonce-hair-flipEvery man is to be celebrated; every man has purpose and worth.
Every man is born of woman. Today, we’ll celebrate her first.

For next month is coming soon;
We will sing a song for Dad in June.

This morning is beautiful, starting with its early morning dew.
Good morning to every “I” Contribution alive – I am just like you.

Thank God for my parents; my mothers DNA came through.
My “I” Contribution to the internet rests in this view.

I am a mother, too;
birther of poetic hues and intellectual dues.

I am birthed 2 of 4 by the same father and mother.
My purpose abounds; I’m a humanity lover.

I love you, sincerely like a mother would.
I compose griot/poetry/sonnets for your journey good.

My “I” Contribution is more than flesh.
Qui Creative Content keeps the lobes wet. check-mark

Don’t ever be dry.
This is my Contribution of “I.”

For the withal to nourish, I yield thanks my Mother’s way,
I’m Qui
Wishing every Mom in the History of man a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.

and of course,

Good Humping starts

In Communication, fitness, Griot, Networking, Self Improvement on May 4, 2016 at 7:30 am


Good Humping starts early and I started at 2:20am.
Awake and in love with quiet time – a total noise hem.

I took the opportunity to bend knees & meditate and then up to brew jo.
I lit a few candles and sat in the dark and sipped by the tv’s HD glow.

I love the mornings – yo! I truly value that alone time.
It’s a great way to start a day before engaging in any grind.

Nookie grind or corporate grind – it makes no difference.
Time for you is always due, please divvy diligence.

Yes! Be persistent. Get it in and then repeat.
I am happy on this morning. I love humping Day 3.

Sunday is holiday MOTHERS DAY and I am a mother,
I plan to spoil me all week – like I do no other.

Which is really cool, because I’m a spoiler of awesome folk,
and I hate to toot my own horn, but spoiling me could yield me broke.


Price: $850.00 by

But I won’t do. I will restrain and past test.
Really all that I’m shopping for a WELL MADE corset.

Have you seen them? Where are they? I’m looking to pay $250 or less.
Fredericks is good and waist trainers are cool, but I’m looking for the boning best.


I’ll take a full cover bodice that goes over breast.
I’d also like a full leather tie-up front corset vest.


I’m not looking for lingerie, I’m in search of flexible work gear.
When I’m wearing the proper corset, it screams “Business and Leisure: BEWARE.”

Yes honey! Yes. I am so into IT.
Mothers Day is the perfect day to be corset fit.

Please send me a shoppers prayer and a wish – it will be appreciated by me.
I’m Qui
and a Good Humping starts often times 40-minutes before 3.

I love the a.m. stillness, collecting my thoughts and sharing with thee.
Do hit me up if you’ve got the good corset 1-2-3.
Ooo wee.

Happy HUMP DAY baby!