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Keep It Moving

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Good morning sweetheart. Allow me to catch you mid-stride
and say “There’s nothing new under the sun,” — not one new vibe.

That is if the above video is indeed a relic truth.
Isn’t that what one 2016 candidate was selling me and you?

I didn’t buy it.
Many did and now many deny it.

Still according to the 1950’s black and white narrative series clip
there was one 2016 candidate who was not shooting from the hip.

Not at all – not at all.
A script from a canceled series was recalled

and now we are living out a show that the networks cut short.
So about our collective position, whilst there be any thwart?

Especially since we know that some shows should never be remade.
Good morning Monday, please Keep It Moving and thank you for the shade.

Good morning sweetheart, I missed you over the last few days.
Were you out and about being compassionate or engaging in misbehave?

We all misbehave from time to time, and hopefully, we all know when to stop.
No one can fool all of the people all of the time – regardless of your status-quo-snot.

Things have long heated up to “hot,” and I’m so glad that I didn’t choose the turtle neck.
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee, please continue to be patient whilst Karma does a check.

Keep It Moving

and pray for the man whose trials yield him vex.
It may be his day today, though tomorrow – who is next?

and everything

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And Everything
This morning I drank coffee and downed a glass of v8.
I initially ordered an omelette – but it had too much salt for my taste.

And everything is great. I went to the doc yesterday
and she reports, I’m a thinner sport and BP numbers @bay.

I said “YAY!!!

I’m not a high BP kind of gal. I rarely stress over any scene.
But last year the doc said, based on data she’d read – high bp is in my genes.

And everything is alright still – I beat the train again
so I woke up this morning, real short on yawning and began to walk this win.


Morning affirmations – I spoke my piece
and I’m still smiling, (a positive release).

I’ve been thinking of taking a dance class.
It wouldn’t hurt if I tightened up my leisure’ful sash.
Oh what? You thought I was going to say “ass” on this topic scene?
Not today. I’m on PG play, less profane and everything. 🙂

There are editing notes on my desk, of tasks needing to get done.
There are a few sales at the mall that are screaming “Qui! Come!
There’s a bank account budget, that’s pretty slim and mean.
I ain’t saying I’m going to blow it on clothes and everything.
I am not about about that low-bank-balance thing.

And everything is being sorted out in Boston as I speak;
the marathon explosions on yesterday linger on MSNBC.

Today President Obama said justice will be sought.
No one has stepped forth to claim it – as if it were done for naught.
Resources run deep; the perpetrator(s) will be caught.

Gun control laws are up for reform
and Newtown families cause cold hearts to warm.

And everything will be taken into consideration – I hope.
Your heart has got to ache for the gun-violence-surviving folk.
Their burden is not an easy yolk.

I am reminded to live each day like it is my last. To laugh and to sing.
I’m Qui
Loving the day
and the fact that you’d drop my way – and everything.
You see how I worked that in? 😉


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I’m appreciative of MSNBC
for taking a brief moment to focus on me.
I am a but a mother – I do walk the mile.
I couldn’t imagine the burden of burying a child.

I’m appreciative for the media bringing to light
Sybrina & Tracy – and their painful plight.
Can we get an arrest? Can we get one tonight?
It’s not a “black vs. white” thing but a “WRONG vs. RIGHT”.

I do appreciate TrayVon’s face
getting as much time as Natalie Holloways Case.
I know it’s not America’s usual topic of concern.
However caring for all is a lesson well learned.

I’m appreciative of all who turned out at the rallies.
I saw the plethora of races ranking high in tally.
I’m appreciative of the senators representing our good
Who chose to show up for work with their domes under hood.

I’m appreciative for Al Sharpton continuing the journey and speaking on stage
straight through his mothers death and even her burial day.
He did not waver, he did not stray.
I’m appreciative of Rev. Al Sharpton today.

I appreciate Rev. Jessie Jackson for showing up too.
For this is a civic struggle he was born to march through.

The march is still ours; Equality is still needed;
When folks take the law into their own hands and vigilantly seed it.

I’m appreciative to have the DOJ on the case – I appreciate the time.
Trayvon Benjamin Martin lost his life – to a cellophane crime.

I’m appreciative to God for giving me a chance to see
somethings change in the USA, but not enough … obviously.

I appreciate the unity of those of us that will.
I look forward to the day when a show of melanin is no right to kill.

There’s no need.
We’re all apart of Adam and Eve’s seed.

It is because of you that things will continue to change.
For it is KEY in our evolution as sure as Qui is my name.

I’m appreciative…

Increasingly Difficult

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If you think the economy is rough, and full bodied unpleasant
It will likely get worst by date: August 2nd

We really need Congress to bi-partisan rise.
We really need Repub’s to get with compromise.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult on the world… What are world creditors going to do
If the USA has to pay there debts in partial payments – like the struggling me and you?

It’s increasingly difficult to understand the wealth gap.
I appreciate the breakdown charts being forth right in that:


There’s a serious wealth gap. MSNBC has produced a graph of 2009 Polls that reflects that Whites have lost 16% of their wealth, making their median house hold worth $113K each while their hispanic counter parts have lost 66% of their financial value (house, cars, bank accounts) and are at a median $6K worth per family. Last and least on the chart is the African American graph. African Americans lost 53% of their financial value and are now at a median income of $5K each family.

Before transcribing those facts, I tried to compose them into griot format
but I just couldn’t find the right words to ‘tact the facts’ like that.
So I gave it to you flat —
wishing it weren’t true, so I could take it back.

But I can’t – so I shant. These are the cellophane times we live in:
Where compromise for the countries rise is comparable to a cardinal sin.

As this country approaches a BROWN majority – stability is fast becoming weakened.
Seems the current majority isn’t for the browner party and wishes the Apocalypse as I’m speakin’.

The Apocalypse isn’t going to happen, and the traps set for most browns to fail
will instead be redirected & counter affective – causing the rich to soon be impaled.

We will all share this sacrifice of hell – be it now or be it later
and the Repub’s can refuse all they want, KARMA is the mother gator.

It’s coming back J. Boehner, though Mitch McConnell is trying to help deflect it.
The president offered 4.7 trillion in cuts and John Boehner said, “forget it”.

Not forgotten, but duly noted and John Boehners seed will soon feel
Just what it means to defer ones dream for a journey that’s selfishly up hill.


It’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore what is so blatantly in our face
If we don’t move towards brotherly love – God’s gonna rearrange the place…
in the most karmaic way.

Obama’s in the white house, trying to balance the deficit
I’m over here doing the same with my change,
but it ain’t amounting to frick.

I’m over here working hard; Good lawd – we’re all trying to make it through,
I’m Qui
Working so much – internet time untouched, in hopes that the mortgage check will go through.
(lest I pack my things and move in with you. Ooo!)

Let’s unite & defeat these unnecessary difficulties.
Call your STATE REP & bid for COMPROMISE (Help)–
every day this week.

…August 2nd is coming…

Rachel, Lawrence & Ed

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Threesome: Political News Journalism Force

No — not exactly a threesome, but then again — yes they are.

These are the 3 political news journalist that get all of my televisions time between the hours of 7-10 pm. I enjoy each of them very much for creating the force of common sense that backs up our commander-in-chief. If it weren’t for them, I’m not sure where our presidents support would come from.

Lawrence, Rach‘, and Ed sitting in a tree
raised and pruned by MSNBC.
First comes love – for their country;
Then comes “fighting ignorances funky”.

Okay – Okay, it’s not quite the little love song we used to sing (word-for-word) when we were adolescents about two people going together — but back then who could say menage a trois? Yet today, I’m courting 3.

I’ve grown up a lot since the days of “under 21” and I’ve learned a lot about the world.
I never wanted to get into politics – I didn’t think I was that kind of girl.

Boy was I young and man was I wrong.
In an effort to progress in life, my political views became strong.

I remember turning 18 and my Mom telling me to register to vote;
I remember acting like I didn’t want to…I remember almost getting choked. lol!

I remember Regan getting elected, I was only in the fifth grade.
I remember politics being described as ‘a mud stick’
still I was taught to respect and to behave.
The same remains today.

I dealt with 8 years of Bush and watched Clintons deficit surplus ☛ go to the dogs.
Not to Medicaid and Armed Services but to the elite Wall Street FAT CATS & Snout Hogs.

Snout Hogs are equivalent to big banks banking. We all remember that.
I also remember investing in them until they went ‘belly up’ and collapse.

I remember Sen. Obama entering the scene and saying: “We can do it. YES WE CAN“.
I remember the fate of an entire country’s hope – had the audacity to rest on 1 man.

I remember some thinking he couldn’t do it. I even heard the Republicans vow to hinder.
It was just last night his BALANCED APPROACH Speech came to light –
highlighting points we must remember:

[Do the MATH]

In order for the richest 1% of the country to receive an extra $200,000 TAX BREAK:
We will need 33 Seniors each to pay $6000 more in health costs for the elitist to take.

That’s bad math.
Our country is smoking some bad schwag
. lol!

If you think that I’m wrong or you’re not a real good math sport —
I suggest you tune into Rachel, Lawrence & Ed for “calculation support”.
They’re each: a great help in the political sort.

Me? I’m Qui
and I’m obviously into this.
Who‘d have known when I got grown
I’d be into politics.

What can I say? Being American…DEMOCRACY just sticks!
Caveat to the young player — all sides play games and tricks.
But don’t let it make you sick…

Become wiser in this game:
If you don’t like what A REPRESENTATIVE is saying –
WRITE them and CALL them out by NAME.
It’s the only way I remain sane. 🙂

Your VOICE screams Your CHOICE!

Because it’s Wednesday

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Humping what's available

Okay, I haven’t been talking much because I didn’t want to be pulled in-
to the RADIATION coming out of Japan or Ghadafi’s defiant binge.

I haven’t made a NEWS PERUSE as of late, because I’m not digging the news.
I’m not down with Glen Beck & Sean Hannity or their “Obama Bashing” views.

And now you know,
I’ve been enjoying MSNBC’s : The ED Show.

Ahhhh shoot,
Last nights “political bracket mock scene” was a hoot.

Did you see it?
When the vid or transcript surfaces…I’ll feed it.

Americans are concerned about radiation residue lingering on Japanese products.
Concerned about which exotic foods from ‘the country’ may potentially contaminate us.

What do you think?
Though in an effort to not have the busine$$ dollar shrink –

I predict our markets will continue to patronize Japan & stay on task.
Shipments will be received in the U.S., shelf stocked, and sold for: YOUR CASH.

When it comes to corporations receiving their dollar – your safety is comparable to curb trash.
Corporations don’t get cancer from radiation – it’s for the consumers unknowing sash.

Also, I had been talking to a friend about the new days dawn having (of recent) been late,
& he told me, the ‘SPRING TIME FORWARD’ ritual moved up a week or two in date.

I’m not sure why – though he mumbled through something he’d heard on the radio.
I’m just glad to know I’m not the only one questioning WHY dawn’s been rising slow.
…you know?

But I did want to talk about the back lash of Charlie Sheen & Chris Browns personal LOWS:
Chris is still being called a “Rhianna Restraining Order” thug, while Charlie is held a “rebel hero”.

How is this so?
Is there a double standard of acceptable bad boy behavior in our moral flow?

As a result of Robin digging in Chris’ past, instead of interviewing his upcoming future –
GMA has a broken window, from Chris’ rage – that ‘window replacers’ will have to suture.

Oooo Child
Chris is talented and double standards are wild!

Another note of dated loss has duly been made:
Today ELIZABETH TAYLOR has exited LIFEs stage.

Because it’s Wednesday I felt that I’ve been quiet for long enough,
I’m Qui
Humping the mid week headlines – refusing to reside in the sandy rough.